St John or Nevis?

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St John or Nevis?

We are thinking about renting a villa on one of these islands. Most people who post on this site report about the 4 Seasons--any first hand info avail from folks who have been to Nevis and not stayed at the 4S? We need to decide real soon and can't make up our minds...
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We have stayed at both Four Seasons and rented a villa on Nevis, and I much preferred the villa stay.
We found that we tended to spend too much time at the resort (it IS beautiful and 'luxe!)
We really got much more of a taste for the island by shopping for food and also eating out at the great restaurants.
I highly recommend a villa stay.
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i am the one who posted this question.
i still cant decide which island to go to. i know the beaches are far nicer on st john (but maybe that's all), but feel that there you miss the real west indies island experience. no local flavor so it seems. it is a long way to nevis for us and want to know that it will be worth the long air travel. st john, on the otherhand is much easier to get to.
help! where to go.....
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I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you miss the "real west indies island experience" in St. John. I've been to many islands and St. John has lots of local flavor. It is home to only around 3000 people but I don't view that as a drawback. So much of the island has been preserved, I'm grateful to be able to experience alot of the environment the way it was before all us tourists started flocking there!
I would also suggest visiting the restaurants the local population frequents...strike up conversations.... ask polite genuine interest, you'll get all the local flavor you want!
I love the Caribbean, every single island has something to recommend it. Isn't it a fabulous place?!!
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I agree with Maire, each island has something the others don't, that's what great about the Caribbean.

St. John is definitely a much more westernized/less west indian experience than many of the other islands, after all it is part of the US Virgin Islands so what can you expect. But that's not necessarily a bad thing - it all depends what you're looking for. I know my tastes have changed over the years, and to my surprise I now prefer islands I wouldn't have even tried years ago.
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Hi Sara,
I think it depends on what you are looking for in your vacation to decide between these two.
If you want a more active vacation, with lots of places to go and interesting people to see, I would recommend Nevis. You can go over to St. Kitts for a day trip, and there are simply more things to do in town and the like.
St. John is a beautiful and restful place with plenty of things to do - just not quite as much "action" - if that's your cup of tea. Not that there are not great people there too, you simply have more of a chance of running across an invite to a party it seems on Nevis. They are two very different types of places.
We prefer Nevis - mainly because we like to have a lot of options in dining and socializing.
Don't fret over it too much - you can always pick one place and go to the other next time! You will enjoy either one.
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we want to head to nevis. and staying in a villa. are the beaches nice? wanting remote sometimes. are the beaches topless?

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