st.john/caneel bay

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st.john/caneel bay

We are thirty somethings going on our honeymoon at Caneel. Love to relax and eat good food - any restaurant suggestions?
Also - can anyone tell me why we should take the shuttle to the resort for $65 when we can take the public shuttle to Cruz Bay for $3 or $7 and catch a cab? Why spend the extra $100 for the two of us just for a ferry ride? I know that we are spending tons of $$ at Caneel, but lets not lose sight of reality here.
Finally, has anyone ever stayed in the Tennis Garden rooms? It seems like everyone goes all out and gets the $1,000/night rooms, but we just can't spend that kind of money right now. Any comments?
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the advantage of the Caneel "ferry" is that once you arrive at the airport and go to their private area, you need not worry about cabs or luggage. It's all done for you. You taxi to the ferry, ferry it and then taxi to Caneel. Sure it may be cheaper to do the public ferry but Caneel does meet their guests and no waiting and no schlepping! You also have unlimited access to the ferry if you want to go back to STT also. And, since the departures do coordinate with the airlines, you may find yourself with those few extra minutes at Caneel. They used to drag me from the water as the boat was departing! But, it all depends on when you arrive and IF the courtesy room is open too - have done it both ways and love that water approach! Other restaurants to try are Morgan's Mango, Stone Terrace, Asolare (if you are into the fusion theme thingy) for great views at sunset, Chateau Bordeaux and Cafe Wahoo. I don't care for Paridiso and others love Lime Inn and the barbque at Uncle Joe's. (Lime Inn is okay and people seem to love that peel it yourself shrimp!) Vie's for lunch if she's cooking is a must with a swim at her "private" beach! And if the shopping bug has gotten to you and you are in Charlotte Amalie at lunch time, Cuzzins on Back Street for local cusine. Frankly as a tennis player, the tennis rooms always appealed but I have never stayed in one. You will have a bit of a walk to the beaches or you can use the shuttle that runs 'round the property. Be sure to walk down to Honeymoon Beach by the dock. It's one of my favorites on STJ.
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Save your money. It is so easy to get a cab in Cruz Bay that it doesn't make sense to spend the $65 on the Caneel ferry. Also, the ride is very short from Cruz to Caneel(5-10 min.)and will cost about $5 per person. Have a great trip at a wonderful resort.
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Hi Mary-Lots of people at Caneel stay in the Garden rooms. Very nice area, and I think they have the stone showers that are shown in the brochure. They might also be some of the newer rooms in the complex! Have been to this hotel many times and feel it is very nice, but their prices have gotten outrageous! It is very easy to go to a different beach each day-or stay at your favorite! Enjoy! It is a very tranquill place!
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Morgan's Mango is fun and casual, and our dinner was great.
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You'll love St John! We just returned last night from a week's stay. It was fantastic.
We also debated about the $65 ferry & opted for the public ferry instead. It's very easy & convenient.
We loved Asolare, Lime Inn & Morgan's Mango.
Best advice: Be sure to rent a Jeep while you're there to get out & explore all parts of the island.
Have a great time!
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We were in STJ in November. We took a taxi to Charlotte Amalie where we met a family having a drink at an outside bar waiting to get on the Caneel ferry, which was literally anchored right next to the public ferry. We happened to board at the same time and it got me thinking why pay the extra? So you have to take a taxi -- which btw will be right at the end of the public ferry dock. I don't like to be inconvienced and usually pay extra to not be, but it is definately not worth an extra $100. I don't care how much money you have.
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Thanks for the tips! I think that we will opt for the public ferry & use the extra $100 bucks for dinner! Sounds like we picked the perfect spot for lazy days and good food. Thanks again everyone.

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