Shark Attacks

Old Aug 7th, 2001, 08:18 AM
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Shark Attacks

Should snorkelers be scared about snorkeling now that there have been several attacks in the carribean in recent weeks?

I'm planning a trip and will be snorkeling for the first time,so I'm somewhat apprehensive.
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From what I understand, shark attacks in the Caribbean are still pretty uncommon. Supposedly, most are cases of mistaken identity (i.e. you look too much like a seal!) There are things you can do though, to improve your odds. Saw these tips in a recent Time magazine article. You should try not to swim alone, as sharks are more likely to atack a lone swimmer than someone in a group. Also, don't swim at dawn or at dusk as these are feeding times. Areas where the water is cloudy (i.e. poor visibility) increase the chances that you will be mistaken for food. Avoid wearing shiny jewelery in the water, swimsuits that have brightly contrasting colors or suits that are yellow (don't ask me why, but supposedly sharks are attracted to the color yellow). Since sharks can detect incredibly minute amounts of blood in the water, most experts also say to avoid going in if you are bleeding. I believe sharks are more likely to hang out in areas near underwater cliffs or ledges. Remember though, not all kinds of sharks are dangerous to humans. Lots of snorkelers report seeing nurse sharks, but my understanding is that they pose no threat to us. Overall, I wouldn't worry. You're still more likely to be struck by lightening than bitten by a shark!
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Saw it in the news last night that a man was attacked by a shark in the Bahamas. His leg was extremely mangled and had to be amputated. The newscast also said that these shark attacks are VERY RARE. The reason why they are stirring so much news is because you don't hear much of shark attacks. Don't be apprehensive, just be aware of what's around you and the currents.
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Where are you going in the Caribbean? Some places seem to have much fewer shark sitings than others.
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I would approach snorkeling the same way you do when you get behind the wheel of a car, walk out into the street, fly on an airplane, etc. Life's a bumper sticker!

In the whole scheme of things, shark attacks are rare.
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I have been Snorkeling and diving for most of my life . I live on Miami Beach. I have been diving in the Caribbean and Bahamas . Most time sharks will stay away from you and it is a delight to actually see them under water, they are definitely a rare sitting. Go snorkel!, you will find it astonishing ,and enjoy your newly discovered world! . Forget the publicity which is given to this annomalous circumstances.

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