Peter Island?

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Peter Island?

Would anybody like to sing the praises of Peter Island to me? My fiancee and I are considering going there in July of 2000 for our honeymoon. I want to know about the beach (is it good for swimming, too shelly, pretty sand, ect.) the rooms (are they nice-unique or Holiday inn style) the food (good selection, large portions) and the nightlife. Websites and brochures can be deceiving sometimes-but there's looks great. I hope its for real. I would hate to get there and be disappointed. Anyway, I'd love some feedback. THanks
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Dear Kendall: Although I personally have never been to Peter Island, I understand it is very upscale, very beautiful and mucho expensive! Whatever you choose....have fun!
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Kendall: <BR> <BR>I suggest you check out for some info about Peter Island. I came across this Lady's website and it is wonderful. She travels quite extensively and has very detailed trip reports and resort reviews as well as beautil pictures. Hope this helps.
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I'd suggest Biras Creek over PI. Both have a very high degree of privacy from the standpoint that PI has its own island and BC has no road in or out. <BR>My choice of BC reflects these things: BC is very intimate. If you seek intimacy, BC has a degree of charm and beauty that I've never seen elsewhere in an upscale resort. PI is, as you fear, a little more Holiday Innish, a little more "2 o'clock for volleyball" (an exaggeration to make the point)and a bit more slick. <BR>PI is also owned by AMWAY and I've been twice told that it is used for some of their gatherings, as perks for salespersons, etc. I wouldn't want to be #2 at the resort I chose because #1 was an employee of the resort's parent company. <BR>Biras is also on SCUBAMOM which I found to be completely accurate. I was there in May. Biras is quite a world unto itself. It's on an isthmus (bet you haven't seen that word since 4th grade Geography class) between Gorda Sound, Deep Bay and Bercher's Bay. All the guest lodging is on Bercher's, the swimming beach is on Deep and their small marina is on the Sound. In the center is a hill on which the main building has been built,an awesomely beautiful and original stone structure where the restaurant, bar, and various patios and walkways make a delightful, intimate common area. It is a favorite of couples judging by what we saw. It was entirely adult without any children at that time.
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Two other suggestions, Kendall. The first is high-end and that's Guana Island. I haven't been there but I know a well-travelled person who has and it is Biras taken to the next level. As it happens, it is also on SCUBAMOM <BR>The last is my favorite. It's in the mid-range price bracket, Frenchman's Cay on Tortola. The advantages to it are fabulous view, a bit more informal than the others, very personal service, occupancy limited to a max of 60 persons, and you get a whole separate 2 story villa to ramble around in. <BR>Another difference between FC and the others is that it is at the end of land on Tortola so you get very high privacy, yet have all the beaches, restaurants and recreation to be had on Tortola at your disposal. A 4WD is a must-have and comes with some of the packages. Guana, BC, and PI are very lovely and, due to being isolated, offer many more services. FC offers the same intimate atmosphere, but with Tortola on hand, is more of an adventure. There's a lot to do on Tortola and few tourists to muck it up. Been there 4 times now.
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Hi Kendell, <BR>I think Peter Island is a great choice for a honeymoon. We were there last July after the renovations. The resort public areas and rooms are elegantly furnished. We felt very special from the moment we arrived. We were greeted at the ferry dock by staff members. They helped us off the ferry and welcomed us to paradise. We were given a full tour of the island and introduced to a few managers and staff members. Everybody was friendly and eagar to help in any way. The island has seven beautiful beaches. They will drop you off at any beach and pick you up when your ready. My husband and I had a 1/4 mile white sand beach to ourselves. When your ready to go back all you have to do is radio back and they come and get you. There is a lot of day trips you can take. You can go snorkeling at the Baths on Virgin Gorda, shopping on St. Thomas or take a day trip to Tortola. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Peter Island. Everything on their website and in their brochure is true if anything it looks better. I especially enjoyed their welcome gifts. His and hers Peter Island beach sandals and the Peter Island CD. The CD is filled with songs named after the beaches on Peter Island. That was a nice touch and it brings back great memories everytime we play it. Hope this information helps. <BR>Laurie
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Kendell, I recently had the exact same dilemma for my honeymoon and I chose Biras over P.I. and here's my thinking: <BR>1)It's about $1000 cheaper for similar experience <BR>2)I've heard Biras attracts slightly younger clientel, I'm 26 so I'd rather meet some other young newlyweds. <BR>3)The food and wine selection at Biras is supposed to be amazing. <BR>4)You have access to you own Whaler to cruise around the sound and snorkel or just hang out on private beach. <BR> <BR>The only things that swayed me towards P.I. was that the beaches right in front of the cottages look nicer with better views (mountains rather than open ocean) and the closer proximity to St. Thomas and Tortola for day trips. Good luck buddy.
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We have stayed at Peter Island, Guana Island, Drakes Anchorage, Little Dix, <BR>Cooper Island, Marina Cay, Tradewinds (now part of Bitter End), Yost Van Dyke, and Anegada. We also have visited Frenchmans Cay, and Biras Creek (it was closed at the time for referbishment. <BR> <BR>From our point of view we would answer your question about Peter Island as follows: <BR> <BR>The largest and closest beach is sandy and good for swimming but not snorkeling. To get to a snorkeling beach you need to take transportation to one of their beaches on the other side of the island. Here the snorkeling is so-so or at least it was when we were there. <BR> <BR>Due to one of the later hurricanes, the rooms have been rebuilt since be were there. However, following the past characteristics, they should be pleasant with colorful furnishings and lots of wood. They are not motel style. <BR> <BR>I would rate the food as good, not exceptional, with moderate size portions. <BR> <BR>I don't know what you would be seeking but there is very little night life throughout the BVI. PI, however, might bring in music one or two nights. I don't remember anything in the way of night life during the week we were there. At Little Dix they had dancing a night or two and brought in some entertainment such a steel band. <BR> <BR>In general, PI has some of the flavor of a U.S. style resort. This is one of the reasons lots of people like it very much. The island itself is not very lush and there are more scenic islands in the BVI. We found the help to be efficient but rather cold compared to other place in the islands. It is definitely the type of place one uses to reward top producers in Amway. Unless they have changed, you will find their products in the room. <BR> <BR>In the Peter Island price range and perhaps somewhat less in July is Guana Island. Their Web site is For our tastes this is the most unique and exceptional place in all of the Virgin Islands. The rooms are not the most luxurious, the food is not as good as Little Dix or as Biras Creek so I have heard. However, from sheer beauty and enjoyment this is the place we will alway remember. This is where we would go on our honeymoon. Everything about the place is what one wants in the Carribean in the way of flora and fauna. It has lovely secluded beaches and hikes. Dinner is informal fun with perhaps some very interesting people. We will always remember snorkeling with about 150 pelicans diving for schools of small fish around us. Also, my wife loved a small school of squid which changed color on a whim. There is no night life that you don't make on your own. The view is exceptional. Everything is very easy and informal. They do have a tennis court. However, tennis somehow doesn't seem to fit the weather in the Caribbean. I hope this helps. All of the places people have mentioned here are good and Frenchmans Cay is the best value. If you stay there you can save some money for a down payment on a house. One good thing July is in the low season in all areas where prices are the lowest and there are the least people. July is not far enough into the hurricane season to be of major concern. <BR> <BR>
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Kendell, <BR> <BR>My husband and I went to Peter Island for our May honeymoon. I can understand your situation - you want everything to be perfect and you are hoping that the website and brochures don't deceive. <BR> <BR>Well, I will tell you - we LOVED it there! We thought everything on their site and brochures were accurate. It is beautiful! We had an oceanfront room - I highly recommend that location as the other rooms are near the restaurant and pool. If you are a beach person, you have an uphill walk to get there. The beachfront rooms were fabulous - with wood furniture and a huge bathroom (stone, quite unique) with great amentities. The balconies are furnished with a table and comfortable lounge chair (still have fond memories of peaceful breakfasts on the balcony - by the way, all included just like all of the food). Very much "non holiday innish"! You should be able to take advantage of the "Paradise Now" package (off season) rates in July - we found them very good. <BR> <BR>The beaches (deadman's - which we spent the most time on, which is right outside the beachfront rooms; and white's bay, where we went one day and had a picnic brought out to us; and of course, honeymoon beach. we kayaked out to it and spent a little bit of time - it is very small - to say we were there) are nice. The sand is very clean, not rocky - water clear blue. The beaches were great for swimming and floating on one of their wonderful mats, at least when we were there in May. <BR> <BR>The food is excellent. Good selection - dinners generally at the main restaurant (although the one beach picnic night at the beach restaurant was really good and fun), lunches at the beachfront restaurant. The portions I guess are not really large, but since meal plan is all inclusive, you can always request another portion. Jean Kelly is in charge of breakfasts and lunches - she is a jewel! Really takes interest in each of the guests and follows up to make sure you enjoy your meal. Her choco chip cookies at lunchtime are to die for! <BR> <BR>Nightlife: well, this is one thing that PI doesn't have much of. That was fine for us as we were tired after all of the wedding festivities and happy to have low key. We ate dinner late every night to take in as much of the days/beach time as we could. So, we just had a late, relaxing dinner, listened to the music, and sometimes stayed around the open air lounge near the entertainment for a drink afterwards. They did have steel bands a couple of nights at dinner and other music generally every night at dinner. Otherwise, unless you take the ferry into Tortola, you will not find nightlife. (moonlit walks on the beach avail. every night <BR> <BR>Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. We loved PI for a relaxing, pampered, beautiful honeymoon! <BR>p.s. Ironically, our wedding reception was with Amway Corp, too - just a coincidence - we held it at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI. Their food and staff, etc. is top notch - both at their hotel and at PI. Their catering staff at the hotel raves about the opportunities (if they get them) to work at PI - and rightfully so! <BR>
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I will gladly sing away! Peter Island is lovely and one of the perfect spots for a honeymoon. I have not been since the latest "redo" but has and can give you the latest scoops. Deadman's is lovely to beach the day away. You will also want to hike or be transported to White Bay (and have your lunch delivered). It is very private with few couples taking advantage of it! The Beachfront rooms are far from Holiday Innish but the original A-frames down by the marina (Ocean/Gardenview) are reminiscent of an early history as a marina not as a Beach Resort. I would definately choose beachfront! Nitelife ... watching the stars and enjoying the Caribb Music at dinner, a little dancing! Food, the last time we were there, dinner was disappointing but Luigi, the food and beverage manager has moved on to Caneel and hopefully it is better now! The new resident manager just came from Cap Juluca (seems he made a very timely move!). The staff is exceptionally warm and accomodating and we had the pleasure of the meeting Mr and Mrs Amway and all the little ones including G'ma when we were there! The Amway hangup is undeserved ... it is very unlike many Marriott's or other "chains" that depend on corporate functions and cater to them ignoring the paying guests! We had actually scheduled a repeat visit, something that I seldom do, but were blown out last year by Georges. Biras is comprable and lovely as well but I found that the bike ride to the beach three quarters of a mile from the room not to my liking! My ONLY complaint, other than the service at dinner, was the a/c units next to the rooms ... I did not like the thumping of the compressors ... but then I had all windows and doors open to the air and do not use the a/c. I think that next time I would request an upstairs rooms to see if that eliminates some of that problem altho I prefer walking out the door onto the sand and into the water! Some of my best memories of many years in the Caribb are of Peter Island!

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