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I am leaving for Negril, any suggestions of things that are a must to do, don't want to spend the entire stay on the resort
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Post this on, the answers you'll get there will be very helpful.
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thanks will do, but any suggestions are welcomed
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Agree about

Don't miss the cliffs for sunset - I recommend NOT going to Rick's or the Pickled Parrot - Pirate's Cave, LTU Pub and 3 Dives are all good not-too-touristy alternatives. 3 Dives is my favorite, it's next to Xtabi. Pirate's Cave is next to the Pickled Parrot and LTU is just past Rick's.

Walk the 7 mile beach in the early-ish morning - it's beautiful, quiet and hassle-free then.

Get out on a boat of some kind and snorkel/party/cruise - something. It's awesome out there.

Have fun!!
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thanks for the info, any other suggestions, shopping etc
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Negril is fun, not much shopping
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d motl
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We just got back from two weeks in Negril. NIce place but we felt totally outnumbered by spring breakers and all the junk that goes with that. We liked the locals who were incredibly friendly. Food was somewhat expensive except for fresh lobster which at $12-15 was a screaming bargain. Also try a local meat pastry called a "patty" and fresh buns called "coacoa buns". both are very tasty and sell for well under $1. The food in the ma and pa joints was outstanding--much better than the upscale tourist joints that cater to US tastes. Try Jamaican egg sandwhiches, Peanut porridge, squash soup, curried goat and a thousand differant versions of jerk chicken. The public water comes from springs and was some of the best water we have ever had. For shopping try time square out on 7 mile beach. We bought some real nice gold at $10.80 per gram at royal shop--ask for Harry. The shopping center also has best prices on t-shirts etc. Wood carvings are a local specialty but we found them to be way over priced when compared to other places we have been. dan and ginny
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excellent, sounds like Lobster for me, loved the shopping in Ocho Rios was hoping for something like this in Negril, also I am staying at Point Village, hope it is nice
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hi there, we were looking to go to negril next march - just got back from ocho rios and want to see a different part of the island but is it overrun with collecge kids - it really looks like it!
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Word out is that every March the springbreakers are in town, so to avoid the kids avoid JA in March, we are heading down to Negril on April 9th and have been reassured the springbreakers will be gone!
Deb-Go in Feb or April, but beware no lobster in April!!!! It's breeding season!!!!

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