Nassau Beach hotel is a dump

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Nassau Beach hotel is a dump

The Nassau Beach hotel is a dump. The rooms were dirty and we never got maid service before 5pm sometime not until 9pm! The hotel staff were rude and acted like we were a bother by being there. The "free" non motorized water sports is a joke. You could get float mats and snorkle gear but you only get them for 1/2 hour if you can get them at all. I was able to get a float mat 1 day and I never was ablle to get snorkle gear, I was there for 8 days and I asked about the gear 2-3 times a day for 8 days. The lady running the stand said there was only 10 sets of gear. For 440 rooms that is ridculious. Some of the restaurants at the hotel were closed for good and the pool bar was closed for good also. My husband and I were ready to go home after our first day there. It was awful.
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Jennifer: I guess that I can't completely agree with your opinion of the hotel. We have stayed there twice and are planning on a quick "jaunt" down there every other year. Both times we stayed at the Nassau Beach.

The rooms need updating, that I agree with, but I look at it like this: they are inexpensive and we don't spend much time in them anyway. We request a corner room for the best view (#658 last time) and ours was cleaned every day. You have a better opportunity to get them cleaned if you leave in the AM for breakfast and the beach, and if possible let the maid know you won't return until 2:00 PM or so. It works a lot better.

The beach is very nice, you must admit. We bring our own snorkel gear and only used the floating mats once, so we had no problems. I don't want to use snorkel gear that everyone else uses anyway and the quality will probably be marginal also.

I like the Johnny Canoe restaurant. I thought that the food and service are always good and it's not expensive. We also stopped down the road at Dickey Moe's, another great spot.

The hotel desk staff are not very excitable. Let's face it, they deal day to day with hundreds of guests and although that's not a reason to not be couteous, I've seen some guests being really outrageous. Deal with that every day.

Maybe it's because I lived in Jamaica as a teenager and I know how to get along with the islanders because of it, I don't know. I know that we Americans tend to want everything and want it in a hurry and they don't quite follow that methodology.

I'm not saying that you did anything wrong, I'm just saying that we had a great time on both occasions.
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I guess you can say that americans are very impaitent people. But one of the biggest complaints my husband and I have is the staff were rude. Tourist are the hand that feed these people and if it were not for them they wouldnt have a job. I have worked in customer service for years and know how to treat a customer. I went the front desk and requested that someone look at our airconditioning system in our room because it was not working. It took 2 days. That room got to 85 degrees. I have asmtha and had a hard time breathing because it was so hot. I let the people at the front desk know this and there response was so what. We made reservations 7 months in advance and we reserved a room with a ocean view and a king sized bed and we recieved neither. When I questioned it the hotel clerk said that there arent any other rooms available and that was my problem. I couldnt believe poeple in customer service would talk to a guest that way. And it wasnt only on staff member that way, all of them were that way. I also couldnt believe the conditon of the hotel itself. Peices of the building were falling off and paint was peeling. The rrom had bugs, peeling paint and rusty bathroom fixtures. I know that our room wasnt the only one that way because a group of us went and they were all they way. Also my husband and I a privacy please sign on our door and on serveral occasions the maid knocked any way. Dont get me wrong I was not expecting the Ritz but I have gotten better service and seen a nicer hotel at a Motel 6. Johnny Canoes was not that bad. The food was good but the service stunk. I think the servers think because the tip is included that they dont have to work for the tips. We ate there on sdeveral occasions and never received good service once. One time it took 40 minutes to get our check and then another 30 minutes to get change. That is crazy.
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Jennifer: It certainly sounds like the staff was not considerate of your needs, which were modest. In light of this, I would contact the hotel owner(s) and also the Bahamian "Chamber of Commerce" by letter, being explicit about your visit and treatment. Spare no details as it was not right for you to not get the room you requested (or some semblance of it), not have the A/C repaired of at least offer to move you. They could have reduced the rate, something to make your stay a little better. As far as getting your check in a restaurant, I found Europe and Brazil to be the same way. When you order your desert, last drink, etc., ask for your check then or you may not get it for an hour.

I recently stayed at a Marroitt in Kansas City on business and it was not pretty, so I wrote a letter and gave 'em hell about it. Probably nothing will happen, but they won't get any more of my business.

I suggest that you let them know of your disappointment with the hotel. Best of luck.
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Sounds like you had a bad time. Aside from a door that was hard closing and some furniture that needed replacment our stay at the NBH July5-11,2000 was just fine. Paid for standard room and they had upgraded to ocean front first floor in the east wing at no charge. No prblems with service or desk. What gives!
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Funny that the overwhelming number of postings about the Nassau Beach have been positive, they've supposedly recently completed a major renovation project that took nearly a year to complete, all amenities of the Marriott next door are available to guests of the Nassau Beach, and Johnnie Canoe's has a reputation as one of the outstanding restaurants on New Providence. We stayed there three years ago for New Year's Eve, before the takeover by the Marriott or the renovations, and it wasn't anything like you describe. Things must really have gone to hell in a handbasket overnight.

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We are planning a trip to Bahamas in July, how was the weather? Was there much rain?
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I've been to the Bahamas many times in July. It will be HOT and you may have a brief shower each afternoon. They usually don't last all day.

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