Mt. Cinnamon or Maca Bana?

Mar 19th, 2009, 12:18 PM
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Mt. Cinnamon or Maca Bana?

How are these resorts in Grenada? Steep climbs from beach or pool to rooms? We are looking for 2-bedroom accommodations for family trip (couple with adult children).
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Mar 19th, 2009, 01:45 PM
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Well, it's a real hike to the beach from either place. If that's an issue, try looking at some of the other resorts or consider renting a villa. Both places you're considering are on the expensive side, so consider your needs carefully if being on the beach is important to you.
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Mar 19th, 2009, 02:06 PM
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To ejcrowe, mymoosie, other Grenada experts -- we really appreciate your advice here -- we want to be on Grand Anse beach so not interested in the Rex -- the Spice Island, LaLuna and Calabash are too expensive, Coyaba looks great at medium-prices level but only has regular hotel rooms, Flamboyant is cheaper but has steep hill, Allamanda and Grenada Grand also are reasonably priced but both look just OK for quality (although with their lower rates I guess we could get two beachfront rooms or a beachfront 2-BR suite at the Grenada Grand, for example, which also has large pool) -- any recommendations or advice?
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Mar 19th, 2009, 04:43 PM
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Neither Mt cinnamon nor Maca Bana are right on Grand Anse, they are way up on the hill overlooking the beach...I would check either Coyoba or Grenada Grand for the "nicer" rooms right on the beach...the Coyaba was rebuilt very nicely after Ivan. Nice pool with swim up bar and private loungers right on the beach. The Grand is also right on the beach, but I have not seen their rooms...
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Mar 19th, 2009, 06:16 PM
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It's true that Maca Bana is on Magazine beach, not Grand Anse, but it's as lovely as stretch of sand as any I've seen. It's also the same beach as the Rex, so if that hotel appeals to you and you like Maca Bana's location, it might be a good choice.

I'm surprised you say that Calabash has higher rates than MacaBana or Mount Cinammon, as the last time I checked out those places for a stay I was considering they were too much money for my budget.

Have you considered Blue Horizons? Their rooms are more reasonable, you get charging privileges and beach chair access at Spice Island, and I think a 10% discount on food at Spice Island. It's not on the beach, true, and you'd have to walk across the street to get to Spice Island, but it's a level walk, not uphill.

I've never been inside Coyaba or Allamanda, but I've known folks who stayed at both and were pleased for the value they offered.

Would you consider renting a villa and then getting a rental car to go to all of the great beaches & restaurants while you're there? If so, take a look at, which has some great prices on very nice villas. These would provide you and your adult children some more space and privacy, plus amenties like your own kitchen and private swimming pool. Nick Hughes is the owner/manager on that site and he's great--he lives on the island and knows all of his properties very well--he can advise you on good locations for your family. I can personally recommend the Tradewinds Pavilion on his site, which would suit your family's needs.

When's your trip? I'm putting the finalizing touches for my trip in June.
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Mar 19th, 2009, 07:00 PM
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Of the two, Maca Bana will have the steepest steps from what I've seen on my friend's photos. Mt. Cinnamon seems a little bit more manageable in terms of the steps. Since Mt. Cinnamon bills itself as a luxury resort, they might have like a golf cart or some form of transportation to take you around their property and to their beach faciities. *Might* being the operative word, as I don't know for sure.

Grenada is still very low key in terms of hotel development, compared to other islands. That's what attracts most of us who love it there (besides the wonderful people). Let's see, on Grand Anse, the hotels from what I can recall are:

Flamboyant - up on a hill, great views, but more along an older Holiday Inn level

Mt Cinnamon - new, next to Flamboyant lower on the hill, supposed to be luxurious

Spice Island - luxurious, right on Grand Anse

Coyaba - middle of the road, right on Grand Anse, centrally located

Allamanda, Grenada Grand - older properties, along the level of an older Holiday Inn

Jenny's Place - on the north end of Grand Anse, clean but pretty basic. It's getting not so good reviews recently due to some drama surrounding its owners.

Grand Beach Palace - right next to Jenny's on the north end of the beach. It gets very good reviews, but again, it is along the lines of an older Holiday Inn level

That's pretty much your choices right on Grand Anse. Here's the rest of the hotel zones in the southern part of the island...

Prickly Bay Beach - has the Calabash and LAE Cottages. The sand is darker and it's not quite Grand Anse. It is more peaceful.

Calabash - upscale, quiet property

LAE Cottages - reasonably priced, but it's not going to make everyone happy as they don't have tvs in their room. And it is not luxe by any means.

There is a yellow villa at the end of Prickly Bay beach which looks very nice. It's new. Pricey though, when I had looked at their rates.

Farther into Lance Aux Epines there is 12 Degrees North. They have their own beach, quiet setting as it is adults only.

Much farther into LAE is Coral Cove Cottages - similar to LAE Cottages. I believe their beach is a bit rockier than Prickly Bay.

True Blue Bay - no real beach to speak of

Rex on Magazine Beach - this Rex reminds me of the one in Antigua. Definitely not luxurious.

Maca Bana on Magazine Beach - steep steps up to the cottages!!

La Source on Pink Gin Beach - newly rebuilt, beautiful grounds, luxurious. Nice sand on the beach, but the water is rough on this side of the island, although they put in big boulders a few yards out to manage the waves.

Le Phare Bleu in Petit Calivigny - new property, it's getting really good reviews and looks beautiful. Has the boutique hotel feel to it.

Petit Bacaye - looks nice but I keep reading about mosquitoes due to how their cottages are designed to have a more natural feel

La Sagesse - dark sand beach, relatively isolated. Rooms are again, not luxurious.

Don't just go by the rates posted on the websites. Call or email the hotels directly and ask about any unpublished specials or deals they can provide. The tourism industry is hurting due to the world economy and flights being cut, so you will find that they will probably be willing to work out some kind of a deal. At least that is what one of my friends is telling me who works at one of the hotels on the island.

Ok, that is all that my brain can remember! Whew!
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Mar 20th, 2009, 05:10 AM
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thanks for the responses!
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