Moon Palace-Cancun or Hilton Cancun??

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Moon Palace-Cancun or Hilton Cancun??

Has anyone stayed at either? I am trying to decide where to stay. Is Cancun considered safe from water and crime? Are these hotels good choices?
Old Jul 16th, 2001, 06:32 AM
cousin oliver
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Depends on what you call crime. Every place, no matter how pretty it is has crime so you should use the same judgement on vacation as you do at home. As far as the water is concerned, if you have a glass stomach, bring some Immodium AD and you should be fine. The water is actually considered safe but Americans aren't used to the minerals that's in it. Mexicans sometimes have the same problems when they visit the U.S. Both hotels are good excellent choices in my book but are located differently. The Moon Palace is about 40 miles south of Cancun so you get away from the party atmosphere but you can always get a shuttle into Cancun. The Hilton (formerly the Caesar Park)is also a gorgeous property. I think the Hilton has a better beach though. Anyone else?
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Was at the former Caeser Park three years ago and it is a beautiful hotel and the beach is excellent. Saw the Moon Palace when picking up people for a snorkel adventure and it looked very nice. However, the Moon Palace was at minimum a 30 minute bus ride to the hotel zone in Cancun. Depends on what you plan to do and where you want to be located. My husband and I both got sick from the water.
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You might want to be more specific about the hilton, I think there are 2 in cancun. I may be confusing Hilton and Hyatt but I don't think so. At any rate there is the one that used to be Ceasar Park and a brand new one they were finishing when I was there in Oct. I believe it was due to open Thanksgiving. If you mean the new one, it was gorgeous and was next door to the Cancun Palace where we stayed. The beach in that area is much nicer. I personally did not like the food of Palace resorts, we visted Cancun Palae and Sun Palace which had almost the same food and I would think Moon Palace would be similar. As far as the water goes, 3 out of our party of 4 got sick and we never ate or drank off the resort. I think the water is "safe" however it contains different bacteria (yes ours in US contains bacteria too) and people with easily upset stomachs will need the Pepto or Immodium. Cancun is very safe in the hotel Zone and you should have no problem with that!
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Thank you all for responding. It seems as if you cant avoid getting sick from the water. I think I am more interested in staying closer to everything other hotels, etc. Thanks for telling me about the food at Moon Palace, etc. Good to know, are there any resorts in Cancun that are considered to have good food and clean?
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We went to Cancun with a group of 8 and stood at the Grande Caribe. It is a beautiful resort. The entertainment was exciting and the activities group did a nice job with keeping things fun around the resort if you were interested. You should look into it if you want a very nice vacation.
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We never got sick in Cancun. We bought bottled water to drink in our room, but drank water served at restaurants. You have to be careful of fresh (uncooked) vegetables and fruits.

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