Montezuma's Revenge

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Montezuma's Revenge

Several years ago husband and I went to Cancun. By the time we got home 6 days later I was so sick I spent the night in the emergency room.

We ate the same foods and he did not have any problems. We do not drink so over indulgence was not the issue. Doctor said that is was probably some "bug" common to the area that I could not tolerate. I was SICK for 2 weeks and my medical expences were much greater than our trip.

My question is--Just how common or uncommon is Montezuma's Revenge?

I would sure like to go back and try again but husband thinks it's a bad idea.
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Post in Mexico. Even though Cancun is in the Caribbean, you won't get many posts here.
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d motl
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Take one acidophilus tablet three times daily and you will be pretty much bullet proof. It is full of yougert bacteria and they over-whelm the common bacteria in the food you are eating.
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My husband and I visited Cancun for two weeks around 1990. About 4 days into our vacation, I was stricken with what I thought to be Montezuma's revenge. Two days later, I had to see a Dr. I thought I was going to die! He suggested it was guardia. I could have picked it up in the most expensive restaurant I ate at or from some sidewalk cafe I had a drink at. We were careful and used only bottle water, etc. but don't forget fruits and veggies are culprits. The Dr. said that most cases are from people handling food whom haven't wash their hands after using the bathroom. The Dr. prescribed meds that included a pill that reduced cramping. He also directed I drink only fluids, green tea and clear broth. This is to flush out the system. He also said a common mistake is to take drugs such as immodium which doesn't allow the body to flush itself of any intruders! I didn't feel well for the remainder of the trip. Immediately upon my return to Canada, I visited the emergency room and they concurred the dr's orders were fine and encouraged me to continue to flush my system for at least another two weeks. Unfortunately, the "bug" didn't just leave my system and for the next six months, I battled symptoms. By the time I saw an infectious disease expert I was so sick. He agreed it probably was guardia.

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I had a simular experience in 1998. I was in Cancun for 7 days and ate at the resort (6 Golden Apples) only used bottle water, and was careful not to eat raw fruit or vegetables that was not cooked. I don't drink and my husband and I ate the same food but he never got sick. Everything was fine until the last day. I didn't feel well and by the time we flew home that evening, I could hardly stand. I was sick for more than 2 weeks and I thought I was going to die!!! I will NEVER go back again. I think there are too many beautiful places in the world that I can visit to risk ever being sick like that again. Good Luck if you decide to go back, as for me NEVER.
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Alcohol helps!
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August 2000 my husband and I spent 8 days at a resort in Cancun. Drank bottled water and ate only at resort. My husband was terribly sick by the 3rd day and was sick thoughout the rest of our trip. I think he lost close to 10 pounds. I agree with previous poster who wrote that there are enough beautiful places to visit without risking the illnesses. Have no desire to go back to's not so pretty there anymore anyway.
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Tanya, the protozoan you allude to is call Giardia. It is spread though fecal contamination. Why didn't they test you, I wonder? This organism is easily detected in a stool sample. I suggest that anyone ask to be tested when faced with ilness. Sorry to hear about your experience!
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Have been to Mexico several times but never Cancun staying in places that are more isolated and rural. Not one time did I have a problem. Drank bottled water especially careful where the tap water was non-potable to brush teeth, make coffee, etc with the bottled water. The resorts had potable water trucked in and used it for all cooking, washing veggies, etc. Altho one can get a "bug" anywhere, you are not guaranted to get sick going to Mexico. It is a wonderful destination, rich with history, lovely people especially along the Mayan Riviera, and good eating. People anywhere don't wash hands after using the facilities and one shouldn't eliminate any destination because some people do get sick for whatever reason! And I still am amazed that there is not more sickness and food posioning at all those buffets out in the heat with everyone grazing, touching, coughing over, sneezing into and sampling from them! And I bet they don't wash their hands before every trip for refills either!
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You all are very quick to blame Mexico for all your woes. Do you realize that this can happen to you on ANY of the islands? It isn't just a Mexican thing. You can actually pick up Montezuma here at home as well.
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anon II
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I have yet to know someone who got Montezuma's revenge in their hometowns. If they get sick, chances are it's not the same thing.
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I agree with Linda. If Giardia is suspected you have to be tested by stool sample & sometimes a few times to get the right time the eggs..or whatever... hatch. I contracted it several years ago & the doctor said I could have gotten it in LA as easily as in Mexico. In fact he said it was rare in Mexico since it is most likely from beaver fecal matter! Well enough medicial stuff...then I had to take Flagyl for 7 days to get rid of it. It is not just Montezuma's revenge & you can not flush it out of your system. I had to insist the doctor test me. He thought it was some allergy at first. There are no guarantees but I have traveled extensively & never had a bad experience again. Just returned from Belize & ate many different places. No problem...knock on wood...
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Another problem with Mexico is that the E coli which inhabit their systems has a plasmid which is different than the E coli we harbor. What makes us ill will not affect the locals.
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Hello, I have the worst stomach in the world and after getting very sick in Jamaica, I asked my doctor what to do. He advised me to go to a health food store and get Yogurt pills(asodophalos) and take one before each meal. I did that and it worked like a charm, no trouble. Try it!
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