Marriott or Hyatt: Aruba??

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Marriott or Hyatt: Aruba??

We are going to Aruba & can't decide b/t
Hyatt and Marriott! Please help by offering pros & cons for each! We are leaning toward
Hyatt but have heard that the balconies there are not great. We like to sit on our balcony
late at night & early in the morning over
a second cup of coffee. How do the 2 compare:
Room appointment (size/decor)? Which hotel is closer to beach? Which beach is less crowded?
Which hotel has better pool? Better Restaurants?
Which hotel is bigger?
Anything else you can use as a basis of comparison?
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The three 5 star hotels are Marriott, Hyatt and Radisson. All are located directly on Palm Beach. The Marriott is set off a bit from the other hotels so if affords more privacy. The Hyatt just has french balconies where you can only just about stand but cannot put chairs to sit.

Here's a site with good rates:
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We had similar "dilema" and just returned from a week at the Mariott. We had stayed (last year) at the Hyatt in Kauai, Hawaii and really were turned off from the way the Hyatt catered to corporate conventioners and not individual vacationers. One European said when we were there, that the Hyatt is a bit "Disneylandish" with its elaborate pool areas. This became evident after a few days at the Hawaii Hyatt. At first it was so impressive, but it lost the authentic island feel. We made our Aruba decision by the fact that we wanted a larger room with a balcony. The balcony was our most favorite part of our room. We spent many mornings and evenings sitting there with coffee or drinks. Our balcony faced the pool area and ocean and it was quite romantic sitting there in the evenings listening to the pool bar entertainer who sang and played music for a few hours. Many couples had room service breakfast or dinner on their balcony's and there was plenty of room for the table, chairs and extra space! We liked the Mariott's location better too, at the end of the beach so you could walk towards the other hotels and people, or walk up shore, where there were no hotels. Both hotels are in the same proximity to the beach. Both seemed to be as crowded, as were all of the hotels on the strip. The pool at the Hyatt is more elaborate with a water slide, but the one at the Mariott is very nice. The Mariott definately had better food at the dinner restaurant Tuscany's. The restaurants at the Hyatt were romantic and nice in atmosphere, but the dinners we had there were not as good. One thing to remember, is that it is a fairly short walk (we were told 12 minutes at a leisurely pace) between hotels so you can enjoy the restaurants at both hotels easily. One really cool thing we saw at the Hyatt is that in the evenings, there were two tables actually set up on the beach in the sand, with your own wait service---very romantic for honeymooners. There is a beach restaurant at the Mariott at nights that is similar, but with more tables, the beach atmosphere under candlelight is great, but the food wasn't the best there. The only other thing I can add from our experience, is that the room at the Mariott was quite large with a great balcony and bathroom, but the floors were white tile with one throw rug. The floor was cold on your feet getting out of bed in the morning, but it also made the room above you very easy to hear. There was a lady above us who seemed to want to walk around in heels all the time, and we heard every footstep. Of course this could be avoided by getting a room on the top (8th) floor. We personally felt we made the right choice. We would choose Mariott again over Hyatt when we go back, after "checking out" both places. A couple we spoke to who stayed at the Hyatt (honeymooners)said they were not that impressed with their room--it was regular hotel room, and only walk out balcony. As for the other post about the WESTIN---I think they may have meant the WYNDHAM--I am not aware of any westin in aruba. Good luck...As an aside, we loved Aruba, but had been twice to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui) and Hawaii beat Aruba hands down!
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There is no Westin Hotel n Aruba.
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The Hyatt is the most wonderful vacation spot we've ever encountered. The staff is attentive and friendly. The grounds are truely magnificent and the beach is as well. Don't even think about any other hotel.
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In a nutshell, the Marriott is quite clearly the SUPERIOR hotel (and I'm generally NOT a fan of Marriotts)! The rooms ARE larger and much nicer with a beautiful, large balcony (there are NO balconies at the Hyatt), and much better food! (And Susan, the Hyatt Regency on Kauai is superior to BOTH the Hyatt and Marriott put together!!)
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Hi, I have stayed at both hotels and would recommend the Hyatt over the Marriott. They are both on the same beach. Palm Beach. The Hyatt is in the middle of Palm Beach and the Marriott is at the end of Palm Beach. The restaurants in the Hyatt were excellent. The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel. By far, it is the prettier hotel. The Marriott is the newer hotel. If I had to pick between the two, I would go to the Hyatt, without question.

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