Just returned from a week at Ladera

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PART I: Hi. After tons of research, my husband and I decided to stay at Ladera for 10 days in May and June of this year. Let me just say that it was absolutely incredible. We had Unit X, which is the very last unit. It is a deluxe, and unlike others, the plunge pool (larger than other deluxes, but not as large as a villa), was upstairs and totally secluded. The views were incredible. Absolute paradise.
Dasheene (the restaurant): phenomenal. Slower service that we're used to in the D.C. area, but we didn't mind at all. Our pace totally slowed while we were there, so the service matched our new-found relaxed personnas.
Breakfast: never, ever in all my vacationing years have I ever made it to a free buffet breakfast -- until Ladera! I think it was our favorite meal of the day. My husband drank coconut milk out of a coconut, I fell in love with soursupp juice, and it was just so peaceful to look out across the Pitons. The birds are hysterical -- they really will steal your food, so do the buddy system when going up for seconds. Also, the gekkos and lizards are a fascinating side show.
Rooms: DO upgrade for a deluxe. One night we had a smaller room (due to an unfortuante incident with our room) and there was NO cross breeze, which you really do need to keep cool.

See my next post for info on beaches, restaurants and personal security in your room.

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Part II

The beaches are great. You do sort of feel like the "redheaded stepchild" because you can't use the covered lounge chairs at the Hilton or the cool huts at Anse Chastanet. When it rains, it can be a bit of a bummer. A drizzle wasn't a big deal -- cooled us off. We just stayed in the plastic chairs that Ladera supplied. During harder rains, we tended to snorkle. During the bigger storms, we just hung out at the bars. So it works out.
The best thing about going to Anse was Elvis the boat driver. He was funny and very informative.
Snorkling is much better at Anse Ch. than the Hilton, fyi.
Restaurants: Go to the Bang, on the grounds of the Hilton, but only on Wednesday. That's the night of the great floor show with rowdy acrobats. My husband ate fire! We made the mistake of going another nite, and there were only two couples (and a friendly dog). Totally dead nite. But the show night was great. More expensive than the other nite b/c it's a fixed menu.
Hummingbird also was delicious. We heard good and bad things about Captain Hook, but never made it there ourselves. Also heard good things about Old Courthouse.
Make sure you eat at Ladera on the night they offer the buffet (Monday). Yummy!

Trips: went to Castries for the day (with Elvis). Coulda done without that. Elvis was great, but Castries was boring. Typical junk sold at replica stores. The Ladera gift shop has much better items.
Rainforest was also fabulous. I highly recommend it, but only with the Ladera-approved tour guide (whose name is escaping me...dang).
We went horseback riding at the Morne Courbaril estate. Great two hours! We went through the volcano, so we managed to merge two trips into one.
Did the art auction. Didn't buy anything during the actual auction, but then bought a great piece after at the suggestion of two fantastically nice families from Texas that we befriended. Whee!!
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Jean -- I'm so glad you liked it!

They must have changed the beach chair situation since we were there -- too bad. When we were there we were allowed to use the chairs and huts at Jalousie.
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Part III -- geez, I have a lot to say!

A note about safety: Ladera is very safe, and the beaches are also safe. YOu will not be accosted by strange folk. However, be aware that you are staying near Soufriere, which has almost 45% unemployment. Also, remember that the rooms do not have fourth walls, so there is an inherent vulnerability. Please, please, please always use the room safes. If your items don't fit, ask the wonderful folks at reception to put items in their larger safe. Ladera really does feel like paradise, so you might be lulled into a false sense of security. But remember: it is a hotel and petty crime does occur, albeit rarely. Use your room safe for ANYTHING OF VALUE: cameras, film, money, jewelry, etc.

There; now back to the fun stuff:
The staff is exceptional. They will bend over backwards for you. I, unfortunately, contracted a UTI while on vacation. I needed cranberry juice and it was a holiday. One gal at reception called her HOME and asked her mother if they had any there that I could have! I guess they found some, b/c when I returned from the beach, there was cranberry juice in the fridge!

In a nutshell:
Rooms: gorgeous; Food: Yummy; Views: unbeatable; Service: fantastic;

We'll go again.
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I was just wondering if you could hear your neighbors at this hotel, since there is an open 4th 'wall'. I too am considering this place for my honeymoon with my fiance', but want to make sure it is private
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Dear Keely;

During the week we were at Ladrea for our honeymoon, there was a night or two in which we did hear our neighbors. But, this was easily remedied by turning on the plunge pool which drowns out all noise. Enjoy Ladera- it is truly paradise.
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We are planning on going to Ladera in April and I am curious about car rentals. Has anyone rented a car or do they have mopeds? How far is it to Castries? I am also curious if you think you absolutely need travel guides for the rainforests, etc. My finace and I are avid hikers and were wondering if this is something we could do on our on?
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Hi Shawn:

My husband and I spent our honeymoon in St. Lucia last summer. We rent a jeep from Cool Breezes and had a blast driving it around the island all week. Now the roads are not for the faint hearted. THey are narrwo and twisty turny and you do drive on the other side of the road. We did not see anyone on mopeds. We stayed at Ladera in the south part of the island and drove up to Casteries. It took us about 3 hours. It is a very pretty drive though. If you have more specific questions you can e-mail me and I will lgive you my husbands e-mail as he did all the driving. also I do ahve a trip report and pictures on my web site www.seashelltravel.com.
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Of all the Caribbean Is. I would have to say that St. Lucia is right there on top!
We were there about 6 yrs. ago. I would love to go back but I can't talk my husband into it. One-because the roads were pretty bad. Two-the only golf course was 9 holes and it was private.
My questions are: Is the course open to the public now? Is it still 9 holes?
Are the roads in better condition now? We were there after some bad rain storms and about the ony way you get to Soufriere was by jeep. I believe the road into it from the north was closed because of slides.
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to the top for you

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