Jamaica vs. Martinique


Aug 18th, 1997, 02:32 PM
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Jamaica vs. Martinique

Someone please allay my fears about Jamaica.
The horror stories I hear about muggings, aggressive
"vendors", dirty facilities, and worse, have sent me
looking for other places to go. It seems that Jamaica
is a reasonable trip but..... So I have considered
going to Martinique instead, probably the Diamant area
Any thoughts or comments you may have would be much
appreciated. Thanks. Geoff Partlow
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Aug 21st, 1997, 03:02 AM
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Hello Geoff!I think your question is a pretty good one. Since we went to both islands with my husband, here is our answer : we found Jamaica was overpriced (American tariffs...) with a difficult atmosphere due to the country's economic problems, and tourists are not always welcome.
Should you go to Martinique, prices will be more reasonable (if you can't find them, we'll give you tips) and you will be able to walk and drive around the island without any problems. And people will be more friendly, although you will have to struggle in French! And food will be better (French/creole influence...). Sorry to be nationalistic (I'm French!). Regards. Joelle
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Sep 4th, 1997, 11:41 AM
Monica Richards
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Just got back from a cruise where we stopped at Martinique and spent a week in Jamaica. I was only in Martinique for 1 day, but the main town sure isn't very nice! Jamaica was fine. We were in a villa and spent most of our time with the natives (my friend lives there now, so she showed us the ropes). Yes, you will get lots of beggars in Ocho Rios, but if you ignore them as long as you can and then say "no thanks" when you can't ignore them anymore they go away. Service is a lot slower there than here, but that's the culture ("No Problem, mon" means chill, don't rush me as often as it means OK). The countryside is beautiful there and there is lots to do. If you are familiar with being in cities and how to protect your possesions you won't have any trouble.
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