Jamaica Sucks

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To Chris Collinson - I don't recall mentioning anything about all inclusives in my post, nor do I endorse them. They are fine for some people and not fine for others. This debate is not about all inclusives but about comdemning a country for the actions of a violent few. Most Jamaicans, as in any country, are kind decent people who are happy to show you their country and talk to you if you make the effort to talk to them. I know many people who have travelled to Jamaica and not stayed at an all inclusive and had a wonderful time. I have also known people who have gone and hated it. It's not for everyone as I said before, condemning the whole country is not fair.
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I would never spend a dime of my money in Jamaica again! My husband and I ventured out of the compound @Sandals Negril. We went into a village to buy some gifts and were swarmed by the villagers who proceeded to put bracelets etc. on me and then demand money for them. When we wanted to leave, a villager was sitting on our motorcycle. I told my husband to give him an American dollar bill(worth 7 Jamaican dollars @ that time) and thank him for "watching" our bike. He said " No Mon, you give me two!!" If I had felt at all safe I would have told him to f#*@! OFF!, But we gave him the money because the "Friendly villagers had all gathered around in a hostile manner. Now, doesn't that sound like a good time??? When I travel now, its to places like Aruba, the BVI's, Key West, Hawaii and guess what?? No problems, no fear and very little worry! For your information, tourists abroad have been put "on alert" and advised NOT to go to Florida or to at least follow certain precautions. The rental car agencies changed their labeling of cars to PROTECT the tourists! I've heard nothing advising against travel to Jamaica or that they're doing anything to protect visitors!!- I think the positive experiences are the exception there and we only hear the negative ones from the people who SURVIVED their trip there. I am so sorry for Holly's experience, I'm glad she lived to tell about it. The people who read these warnings and stories and still go will not be getting much sympathy if they too fall victim. Who wants to have to "be careful" and not leave the compound and be alert on their vacation???
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I am so truly sorry to hear the problems that some of you have had in Jamaica.

My soon-to-be husband and I will be honeymooning at Sandals there, and I just first want to say that I don't think we are wimps. (well, maybe a little *smile*). But seriously, we chose Sandals because of the wonderful things we have heard about the resort, and to not have to reach into our pockets for anything is very appealing and after all the wedding planning where we are reaching into our pockets for EVERYTHING, it will be a welcome respite.

But, I do heed the warnings posted on this line. I'm still hard-headed and I still intend to venture out for at least one day. I am a curious person, curious about others' way of life, their cultures, their food, their stories and folkore. I live in the Washington, DC area, where the shooting happened at the Capital - I don't like to hear people recommending avoiding DC because of some bad incidents. If people didn't come here, they would also miss out on a lot of good things. I think in everywhere you go, there are places to go for vacation or honeymoon, and there are places to go for a learning experience.

I also just want to say that if something negative DOES happen to me, I don't think that I DESERVED it. No one deserves bad things to happen to them. But they happen, and just like if people came to DC and something bad happened to them, I would never, ever think that they *deserved* it.

My two cents - or $3.00.

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K Noel
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The way I look at it is: it's not so much that one "deserves" to get mugged, robbed, etc, but you must realize that you are taking a risk by vacationing in a place with a huge amount of crime. What I don't understand is: why take such a chance when there are so many beautiful, safe, peaceful places to visit?
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I am a white male who lived in Jamaica when I was younger. We rented a farm house at Dover Farm, near Ocho Rios.

Some of my best memories are of Jamaica.

Imagine being the only white person in the area! I actually was treated well by the locals and don't remember a single incident where I was in danger.

I wasn't a "tourist", however.

Jamaica does not have the same type of government or legislation that we are used to. There is a lot of money made there, but much of it leaves the country. The people have a very low standard of living and wages paid by these giant resorts are ridiculously low. Other than the resorts, who by the way are built for visitors, the island is lacking in basic necessities. Many islanders don't have electricity or running water. Add to that the fact that drugs will bring in a significantly larger income, while many tourists expect to be treated like royalty and you can have some problems.

The problems in Jamaica are not easy to solve. It is a very beautiful island, with great people, having in many cases, a difficult time.

If you go there, do so with an open mind and be aware that problems exist. Be cautious about where and when you go while on the island. There is crime there just like anywhere else.

If you go, have a good trip!

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For those of you who'd like to venture out of your resort and meet the real people of this great island, contact the Jamaican Tourist Board and ask about their program called "Meet the People". It will introduce you to a side of Jamaica that you might miss out on otherwise. Your host may invite you to their church service, or share the afternoon tea with them, go play golf or join a festive beach party.
Contact me if you'd like the Jamaica Tourist Board toll free number.
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It's true. Jamaica sucks.
I'm an airline pilot and avid cruiser and have been there on cruise ships and on 2 extended all inclusive vacations.
The properties are nice if you don't leave them. And for Gods sake don't.
You are guaranteed to be harassed non stop once you set foot off the compound. And not always good natured. A lot if it is drug pushing, which I find unattractive.
There are lots of islands down there. Go to one of those.
Stay away from Jamaica.
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We went to Jamaica a couple years ago stayed at a couple of small hotels in Negril. Never felt unsafe. Kind people. Yes, there were people selling drugs, but, a simple 'no thanks' and off they went.

We were never harassed. I have read that it can be unpleasant around the cruise ports when the ships are in.

I'm not a cruise person, so that would be an issue.

I'm feeling guilty for even posting here. Too bad an ancient thread got brought back up......
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This OP was posted almost 15 years ago!(1998)
Interesting to read.
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15 years or 15 days...makes no difference. I think it's (fair) to say that there will be haters of many island destinations.

My guess is that opinions like this are (usually) very close-minded, and very mis-informed. People have a bad incident, and then they must tell the whole world about their misery to maybe feel better. What's sad is that it will & does turn others away from certain places based on rumors & exagerations.

Just look at Mexico. There is at least one or two threads a week in here looking for their perfect paradise but they say that Mexico is not an option....usually because of fear of the dangers they have been mis-lead about.

I don't doubt that people have had bad experiences in Mexico, Jamaica, and all of the islands. I just wish people would do a little research before the listen to their Aunt Sally telling them that a place is dangerous because a man tried to sell them a lousy bag of weed.

I would bet that most major US cities have murder & crime rates WAY worse than most of these small islands.
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I have have enjoyed my times in Jamaica have not witnessed even a petty crime, but I mainly stay in Negril only to venture out to fish. While I knew they had a crime problem in Kingston, the Chairman of the MBJ Chamber feels it dramtically impacts Jamica GDP in tourist areas too.


""Statistics have shown that our per capita GDP (gross domestic product) would be conservatively three times what it is now and more aggressively ten times what it is now, if we didn’t have this high level of crime," the minister stated."
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I think a big problem is that people don’t know what they are getting into. They see pictures and videos online of “paradise”, yet they don’t realize that many of these destinations are developing islands. Give me a break.

We had no problems at all outside of our resort in Jamaica and we stayed in Montego Bay. Yeah, some vendors and people are pushy but they are just trying to make a living. If you don’t want something a “no thank you” usually works.

We were offered drugs numerous times but guess what, MANY tourists want them. Why wouldn’t they capitalize on that?

If you don’t want to be “annoyed” by peddlers don’t go to a developing island or don’t leave your resort.
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I really wish Fodor's would lock off ancient threads so they can't be topped a bazillion years later.

I have been to Negril many times and have only positive things to say. But then I go to Mexico every year too without difficulties.

Sometimes the problem is YOU.
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We cant verify the authenticity of what these people are saying about being mistreated in Jamaica but i can say that millions of tourist come to Jamaica each year and we treat these people with respect. Thanks Guys for highlighting the tremendous times that you experience here.i am sure that we may treat other guests better than they are treated in other countries.
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islandbookings1~ I'm guessing your heart is in the right place, but you really aren't helping Jamicaian tourism by replying to (therefore bringing back to the top of the forum) a 15 year old post with the title of "Jamaica Sucks"!
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Hey Suze, i realise the post is old but being borned and raised in Jamaica it caught my eye and i wanted immediately to dispel the notion that Jamaica sucks, cause it doesnt..i live here. i cant elaborate too much about what i do but i am in the business of showing people like you and the OP a good time when they come here. I take your point though.
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I love Jamaica, well Negril is my favorite. I was just gently suggesting maybe starting a new post about how great Jamaica is might be a better stragegy.
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"i am in the business of showing people like you and the OP a good time when they come here"

I agree w/ suze - good to participate and give advice (just watch the tread dates), but you are also treading a fine line. A couple of your other posts have bordered on advertising which is not allowed on Fodors.

So some friendly advice - join in but don't offer to book places/activities or advertise your business.
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