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kmd & dad
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Any advice on the following please!!!......
Best Jamaican drink?
Bug spray...is it needed?
Best food to try?
Best tours to take?
What's the beaches like?
Cab or tour bus...which way to go?
Airport...hassle or breeze to go through?
FYI....we're staying in Falmouth, going in early January. Thanks to all who reply, and Happy Holidays!
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I'm assuming you are a newcomer. There is a mound of information already on this site. If you use the text search seen at the top of the page - type in jamaica and you will have more than enough info! If you have something more specific try typing that eg "insect repellent" or "Falmouth".If you still need more info you could then type in a more specific question. Hope this helps to get you started! Enjoy your holiday!
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Best drink - got to at least try Red Strip the local beer. Otherwise, a Hummingbird or Sip Sop are good.

We never needed bug spray.

Food would be the Blue Mountain Coffee and Jerk Chicken or Patties.

I wouild aviod Dunn's River Falls - really neat to see but over crowded and has gotten very dirty the past few years. Negril is a great area to go to.

Ariport - My suggestion is to request a seat in the front of the plane so you can get off first and walk fast to the costumes line as they get long. Luggage comes out fairly fast - not to much of a hassle.
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YOu mean we have to dress in costume to get into the country?

Couldn't resist.
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to anon, stop being such a smart alec...how old are you?
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DRINK:Father Esau's 'Love Potion' or Irish Moss
BUG SPRAYeet,only if you go hiking into the bush
FOOD:Mannish water, Bammy or ortanique juice,passionfruit plucked from the vine
(see Carolyn Barrett on jamaicaescapes.com) and AVOID bus tours.
BEACHES:Treasure Beach to Farquhars on South Coast or Long Bay outside Port Antonio
AIRPORTong process but just chill
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kmd & dad
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thanks to all for your replies...anyone else?
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Jamaican food: jerk chicken, jerk pork. If it still exists, go to the Pork Pit in MOntego Bay. If they have breadfruit, have that too.

If you travel around, go to Boston Bay near Port Antonio which is where jerk chicken & jerk pork really come from.

If you go the other way, toward Negril, the food at a little spa on the water called Jackie's on the Reef is wonderful. I think you can only have lunch there if you're not staying there.
I recommend a visit to Jackie's for a massage and lunch, maybe a pedicure as well. Massages are given right by the sea on a coral reef.
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Thanks for the laugh anon. In these times we all need a daily dose. It brings a smile to think of the "costumes" line in Jamaica.
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Agree jerk chicken or pork is wonderful. Red Stripe is good beer. Our favorite mixed drink was the hummingbird in face we make them now at home....yummiw.

I have to disagree with the snotty comment about Dunn's River Falls. We were there in June this year and it was extremely clean and neat, and while crowded was still great fun to climb the falls. If this person thinks the Falls were dirty I wonder how she handled the other parts of Jamaica that are dirty? If you have never been I STRONGLY recommend a climb up the falls. Plus, if you can make a stop in Ocho Rios for shopping it is worth while too.

Jamaica is wonderful (well I must say that Falmouth the town is pretty grim but you will be at the resort)...learn to look past some of the more unpleasant sights and just appreciate the wonderful people of Jamaica.
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I do not beleive that my comment about Dunn's River Falls was snotty - just a personal opinion and believe that is why people post on this board - to give opinions and experiences.

I actually have been to Jamaica 7 times and while we have been all over the Caribbean, it is still my favorite island. I feel the people of Jamaica are very friendly and yes, the island is dirty and there is a fair share of poverty but I feel it gives a tropical island feel that is not found in many of the other islands. If you will read my others posts on this board, I recommend Jamaica more so then any other island. I personally have just seen a decline in the conditions at Dunn's.

But thank you for allowing people to give their opinions - it is greatly appreciated!!
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kmd & dad
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WOW!!! Thanks all for the great info! It'll really help us out a lot. Having been to the Dominican Republic, I can understand the poverty these people live with daily. The PEOPLE are what make the island memorable for us, and that's the way we all should look at it. Thanks again, everyone!
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Hi kmd and dad. Since you're staying in Falmouth I think you should have someone drive you to Time n Place- it's a rustic eatery/bar right on the beach next to the FDR Pebbles Resort not far from Falmouth. Beautiful place.
Also, Dunn's River Falls is not far from you, and although it's touristy it's also beautiful and will allow you to go to ocho rios for a day. Try and go on a sunday when it's less crowded (no cruise ships in port) or just go with the flow if there is a ship.
Rafting on the Martha Brae is also close to where you're staying and is fun.

One note on Bug Spray- I went with a friend who never got a mosquito bite while I was SORRY I didn't take the spray! Off Skintastic isn't strong enough- get the OFF in the orange can- the green one (deep woods) is too greasy.

Mannish Water Tiverton?? Honestly- tell them what that is- it's goat's head soup and is REALLY stinky!
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Best beach bar none is Negril. best drink is hummingbird with appleton's rum. also, I needed a ton of bug spray. i would bring it!!
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Hear mi now,Jen...Nuh nasty! LOL
Manish water is hearty and fortifying stew/soup, not greasy, if it's made right with a goat's jawbone,not head ,and not thrown together like some infernal ital rundown -- it's a Jamaican celebration food--just don't look too closely--you'd surely find a duppie in there. Happy Christmas and Boxing Day!
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Best Drink: All of them
Bug Spray: never needed any
Best Food to try: Jerk chicken
Best tour to takelack River Safari
Best Beach: Negril
tour bus you meet really cool people
Air port Hassel: soso
January is fine, weather is always in the 80's
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Go horsebacking riding through a sugar plantation and then take the horses out into the ocean where they gallop. It really was a lot of fun
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kmd & dad
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thanks to all for the additional information. found out a week ago we're now staying at the Breezes Runaway Bay. (had to be relocated) I think I will be taking the bug spray after all...just in case.
Anyone else with opinions?
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Had to add my input:

Runaway Bay is verrrry quiet so you may find yourselves day-tripping a lot to Ocho Rios. In Runaway Bay, please make sure to visit the Green Grotto Caves located about 6 mins from your hotel "you will thank me for doing so".

A river rafting trip is a "must" in Jamaica. Your hotel should be able to arrange this. There 2 Granddaddy of Rafting trips in Jamaica...a)Black River Rafting and b) Rio Grande Rafting.

For those with the time to make the journey, I have always recommended Port Antonio for some great vistas. The Blue mountain journey is most memorable. On the way to Port Antonio there's the property of "Firefly" (located in Port Maria) which was home to former British poet Noel Coward. The views from up there is jaw-dropping.
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Gotta go with the hummingbird.. practicly lived on them when we stayed at Sandals Mo Bay... also anything with the Jamacian rum in it!

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