Jamacia/Dominican Republic???

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Could it also be that cruiseship passengers are fed such a line of BS, that they are expecing (and looking) for trouble. They are afraid of the islands, and are kept that way by the cruiselines. The cruise companys have to let you off on the islands, but can at least make sure you are a bit afriad, so you will do a cruise next year (and not a trip to the islands you have visited during your cruise).

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WOW!!! Some of the comments on this site are scaring the hell out of me.
5 of us are traveling to DR over the Xmas holidays.I'm not sure from all the comments that we'll be safe there.
I'm thinking maybe we should have gone to the USA where the foods all good,there's no dead bodies, and no one ever hassles you. Happy Holidays
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To Jane: You are obviously someone who has never been to Jamaica and is speaking entirely on the basis of what you have read or what you have been told - therefore you have no authority to speak and should really just shut your trap! You are ignorant and quite frankly, I am embarrassed for you.

To the original poster: if you want an all inclusive that does not serve buffet food and bottom shelf liquor (in Jamaica) I would suggest the Half Moon Bay Resort in Montego Bay - they offer different sorts of accomodation and meal plans - and its a beautiful resort complete with its own golf course, tennis and squash courts, several restuarants on property so you can dine around, a nice shopping plaza, a spa etc

Have never been to DR but have several friends who have been and they love it - beautiful culture and people. I am not aware that it has a reputation for being dangerous - none of my friends ever mentioned that particular concern.

Whaatever you do, go on and have a good time! And please do not take on those idiot that keep trying to steer you away from JA and its violence - I have been at least 6 times - and have never had a second thought about my safety. I freely visited all over and have some very fond memories of the place and its people.
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Everybody raves about the Dominican Republic as compared to Jamaica. But have you ever been to Santo Domingo? This city is far dirtier than any I have seen in Jamaica with children begging in the streets.

To be fair, the majority of the people in both Jamaica and the DR are very friendly. The Domincans have not been exposed to as many tourists as the Jamaicans. I have not had any problems with Jamaicans because I try to treat them with dignity, like I do when I travel anywhere. I have spent time in Paris, which also has a reputation for rudeness. But I have not had any problems there because I was very respectful of the Parisians. I have seen American tourist be rude without being aware of it, and thus they get a rude response.

As far as the vendors, the most intense vendors in the Caribbean are at Royal Caribbean's Labadee private beach.

You also have to realize that these people are struggling to make a living. So I always bring a little money and buy some crafts and then I tell the other vendors "I have no more money", which is true. Then they leave me alone.

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Bo's comments are right on the mark. I have not visited Jamaica yet. We will be there in November. I have traveled all over the Carribean and Europe and find that if you take the time to talk with people and treat them with respect, by looking them in the eye and responding negatively, if necessary, you will be treated fine. You must, of course use common sense when touring. You avoid dark alleys and places where there are not many people, just as you would in any city in the states. Enjoy and get to know the people. This will make your trip all the more enjoyable.
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Been to Jamaica. Lovely country. Danger? Only for fools. Like the others said, use standard precautions and all is well. Out of all the Caribbean, all the islands, Jamaicans are the most friendly of all.
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Hi: we have just returned from our first trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We have also been to Ochos Rios and Montego Bay Jamaica. Both are very beautiful countries, and I am sure that there are people in each country that you would not want to meet and places that you would not want to go. You could say that about almost any where in the world. However, for your vacation dollar I do not think you can do better than the Dominican Republic. The people are both friendly and polite and will take no for an answer. There is still a very Caribbean feel to the island. I felt less pestered in the DR than Jamaica and also more welcomed. Punta Cana is diffently a beach destination and in this regards is far superior to alot of Caribbean islands. The Secrets Excellence Punta Cana in Uvero Alto area is a top notch Adults only resort. We visited that area and it is a beautiful beach resort a bit secluded. It has 7 al a carte restaurants. The Iberostar was also on a nice stretch as was the Paridisus which has a casino, they are both 5 star resorts in Punta Cana. We stayed at Occidental Flamenco which was wonderful but maybe not as top notch as you are looking for and the nightlife was pretty laid back. We thought it was a far superior resort to Sandal Royal Caribbean or Sandals Montego Bay which are both showing wear. I will admit that I did enjoy more of my meals in Jamaica though.But again it was nearly twice as much. Hope this helps, Karen
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