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jalousie hilton

have booked a week at jalousie hilton for a honeymoon but after reading all the messages about Ladera I'm starting to wonder if we made the wrong decision. Has anyone been to jalousie hilton? Was it any good? Someone please reassure me that we made an OK decision!
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In reviewing info, I found that there was some comment about a lot of bugs at Ladera, "do not turn on a light at night"
Can I ask you where you booked your trip, we are looking at going to the Jalousie as well.
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craig snider
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We stayed at Ladera for a week in late June. It was the greatest vacation in many years. We did not have any problems with bugs. The night breezes kept most away. Each room has mosquito netting that you wrap around your bed when you retire for the evening.

I had discussions with a few people at Anse Chastenet and they had many complaints about bugs. With Ladera you are up on a ridge where there is a slight breeze. Both the Hilton and Chastenet are right on the water where the night breezes aren't the same.

I think you made the right decision.

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Debbie: While we stayed at Ladera last November and absolutely loved it, we did go to Jalousie Hilton's beach on three afternoons while we were there and really enjoyed that too. The beachside restaurant was very good -- we ate lunch there 3 days and dinner one night. The service was excellent. They have a nice pool, and there is a dive/snorkel shop on the beach where you can rent kayaks, pedal boats, etc. We just snorkelled right off the beach while we were there. The snorkeling was not nearly as good at Jalousie as it was at Anse Chastanet, but we liked the beach better at Jalousie so we went to both several times while we were there. Frankly, being able to stay at Ladera and have free access to the beaches at Jalousie and Anse Chastanet was the best of all three worlds, in our opinion. The people we met on the beach who were staying at Jalousie Hilton seemed to like their rooms very much, so I'm sure you made an OK decision. We were glad we were staying at Ladera though because of the open-air rooms and because it seemed to be smaller and have more privacy. I think the two places are just very different and only you can know which one you will like best. If you like air conditioning, TV, VCR, phone, etc. in your room, then you will want the Hilton. If you want to be able to lie in bed and hear the sounds of the rainforest, see the stars and feel the breeze off the Caribbean, then you want Ladera. By the way, Walter: we had no problem with bugs at Ladera at all. At night if you leave lights on, you may attract a few moths but that was it. We never saw a single mosquito, probably because there was a substantial breeze the whole time we were there. You will see an occasional lizard or butterfly or bird in your room, but they are part of the charm and the sense of being a part of your environment rather than being cut off from it as you are in most resorts.
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We stayed at the Jalousie for our honeymoon last September. I was wonderful, on every single level. The manager even gave us a ride back to our room after dinner one night. We had a beautiful cottage room up in the hills. The cottages are scattered over about 100-200 acres (the resort owns over 400), so I don't understand the comment about the breezes. Trust me, it was worth every penny, and I would move there if I could. If you have any specific questions, let me know. (By the way I have heard reviews that it is one of the top 5 resorts in the Caribbean.)
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My boyfriend and I stayed at Ladera for three days and the Jalousie Hilton for six days in May. I loved the Ladera because it was very rustic and natural, but still very comfortable and kind of elegant in its own way. We had some moths at night if we read with the lights on, and a mosquito or two, but nothing troublesome. The mosquito netting keeps anything annoying away from you while you sleep. As Lisa said, you do get the occasional bird or lizard, but we actually really liked that. The views from Ladera can't be beat, and the restaurant (they say) is the best on the island. The Jalousie Hilton was lovely in a completely different way. The little cottages are very nice and clean. You don't have the open fresh air quality of Ladera, but you do have air conditioning, which some people really like (like my boyfriend). It's nice to be able to just walk down to the beach or take one of the little shuttle buses.

The one thing I would caution you about is that the Jalousie Hilton is full of hidden costs. Elsewhere on this site, I think sometime in May or June, I wrote a long rant about how the same half-day island tour that we took from Ladera for $24 (I think) costed over $200 for the people who took it from the Hilton. Hard to believe, but true. Another example is that for room service, there is not only the expensive breakfast itself but there is a gratuity, a service charge and I think a delivery charge. Croissants and orange juice was going to come out to $21 a person or something like that. In other words, be careful.

The other shortcoming of the Jalousie Hilton is that the food isn't great. It's certainly fine, but don't have any great expectations. The fancy restaurant isn't really any more expensive than the restaurant by the water (that one has a different buffet every night), but the food is much better. Eat at Dasheene at Ladera one night, make your reservations for half an hour before sunset, and ask for a table by the edge.

If you are nature lovers, you might want to change your booking to spend a few days at Ladera at one end or the other of your trip. Waking up outside with that spectacular view of the carribean and a little bird singing on your coffee table can't be beat. If you are not nature lovers, then I'm sure you'll be fine in the more controlled environment of the Jalousie Hilton. The Jalousie Hilton is a lovely property.

By the way, directly next to the Jalousie Hilton down by the beach is a fun little island restaurant/bar called Bang. Definitely at least go for drinks one night and a little dancing.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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My wife and I spent a week at Sandals St. Lucia for our honeymoon but then stayed three days at Jalousie Hilton. We loved both on different levels. Sandals had everything going on (which is not always a good thing--i.e. loud pool activities when you want to be left alone). We loved Jalousie, it is beautiful and closer to the airport. Sandals was so far it was annoying (the roads are awful). Two tips for Jalousie
1. You may have to take a shuttle to the pool below which is no big deal (they run constantly). If you have to take it, call in advance and it will be there when you are ready.
2. If you got a room with a plunge pool, call the hotel directly before you leave and request that they put you in a room with a more private plunge pool. The room we had (per our request) was a little higher so we could have fun without anyone being able to look in.

The food wasn't bad, but it's your honeymoon, everything will taste a little better.

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We have recently returned from Jalousie where we had a brilliant two week holiday. We were very very glad that we had a room with four walls and efficient air conditioning at this time of year [ie late August early Sept]. This is perhaps not the best time of year to visit St Lucia weather wise as although the days were really nice with breezes and long periods of wonderful sunshine and blus skies the nights were hot and muggy with almost no breeze. We would not have enjoyed an open air room at al although I imagine from other posts that in other months open air living might have more attractions. The rooms at Jalousie are huge, attractively furnished, seriously clean with a separate dressing area. Ours had a very private terrace and plunge pool so got the best of both worlds. We had an all inclusive deal that was very well priced and an exceptional deal for children of five and under [from UK based virgin holidays] well worth consiidering.
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Jane: Thanks for sharing this info; it's good to know. Glad you had a good time! I can picture that beautiful beach now...

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