I need help soon... I'm leaving Jan.13th.

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I need help soon... I'm leaving Jan.13th.

I would appreciate anyone who can help. A group of 6 adults are leaving for our cruise on Royal Carribean Jan. 13th. Ship will dock in Aruba, Curacao, St. Martin, and St. Thomas(we've been to St. Thomas,& would like to take a ferry to St John). We will have one day on each of these islands. Any suggestions on MUST DO or MUST SEE(beaches, snorkeling, resturants, shopping,sightseeing etc). on any or all of these islands. Thanks for your help.
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In Aruba, I would spend the day at Eagle Beach. You can be dropped off there (I suggest near La Cabana Resort) and eat lunch nearby. There is an Outback Steakhouse you can walk to from Eagle Beach near La Cabana, also lots of other restaurants at resorts nearby. Water sports also. There is not much shopping in Aruba, I would shop in St. Thomas. I think Aruba has the nicest beaches of all your destinations so make that your beach day!
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Am sure that your cruise ship will have excursions to St. John and usually they are to Trunk Bay. However, you can do it on your own, taxiing either to the Waterfront for the 45 minute ferry or taxiing to Red Hook for the 15 minute ride. The Red Hook ferry runs hourly and the CA one less frequently. Check www.st-thomas.com/week/ferry for schedules and see how the coincide with your docking. Once on St. John, you can pick up a picnic lunch at Mongoose Jct Deli (and maybe a trinket from Patton Jewelers and the necessary Local Color t-hirt) and head to many of the great beaches. Taxis are readily avilable. Hawksnest is wonderful and the easiest to get to as it is the first out of Cruz Bay ... but Honeymoon is another great one! Well, there's hardly a not great one on the island!! Don't know that the new Cafe Wahoo (in the old Pussers) is doing lunch but it is a great location overlooking the "harbour" but it is a great spot for dinner ... depends on the time of your departure.
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In Aruba we took a ship's excursion which was a jeep safari . A tour guide led and everyone followed in jeeps with four people in each. What a great fun way to see the island. It was followed by GREAT snorkeling off of DePalm Island. In St. Martin we love Orient Beach. Wonderful fine sand. You don't have to wander all the way down to the nude end of the beach (unless you want to). Curacao--we just walked across the pontoon bridge and explored the adorable town on our own.
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If you are not certified divers and want a little adventure, the Animal Encounters excursion in Curacao is great. You get the chance to try scuba diving in 12 feet of water. The area is stocked with all kinds of fish and they give you a container of food so you can feed them. They even have sharks and turtles behind enclosures and the members of your group that don't want to dive can watch & take pictures from a submerged viewing area (they are called "Bubble Watchers and don't pay as much as the divers. The Encounters people video the whole dive and you can buy the tape and have it delivered to the ship later. My husband and son did this one last time and I watched but the next time we go I am doing it too! There were people of all ages diving, no one had a problem and everyone was in their share of the video. Since none of us had ever been diving before, it made a great souvenir. Take the early excursion. The fish are hungriest then and it makes them friendlier. <BR> <BR>It is also a lot of fun to walk across the floating bridge and look around the shopping district. It was an easy walk from the ship. <BR> <BR>As far as Aruba goes, Eagle Beach as mentioned earlier is great. You can get your own taxi there and just hang out on the beach. It is gorgeous and was one of my favorite days of our cruise. I found a mat on the beach and just floated the entire time, the guys rented a Ski-doo (don't take the first one, you can barter). <BR> <BR>The only problem we had (and it was minor) was finding a cab back. We had just missed the bus and didn't know when the next one would be coming. This time I will find out the bus schedule in advance as taxis seemed to be few when leaving. I must admit we were a little nervous because up until then we had stuck to the excursions offered by the ship and didn't want to miss the boat but we got back in plenty of time and it was the cheapest and one of the best days of our trip. (Don't take any kind of portable CD player, the sand blows quite a bit and my daughter ruined hers.) <BR> <BR>You must be on Grandeur. I've never been on this particular cruise but I am sure you will have a great trip! <BR> <BR>
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Hi Krista: Aruba for sure is a great place for a beach day. However, the beach to go to for the day would be Palm beach. Start at the Holiday Inn and walk along the board walk you will find beach bars watersports ect and you can walk quite awhile. The Hyatt has wonderful grounds with swans ect and a nice beach bar, there is always entertainment on this stretch. If you are just looking for a beach to sun on then you only need to go as far as Manchebo beach which has the widest stretch of beach and a topless area if so desired. We stayed at LaCabana on Eagle Beach and it is nice but the Palm Beach has more folige, more activities. At Manchebo beach there is also a restaurant ect. Snorkling at De Palm island is nice but not as good as Trunk Bay in ST. John. We took an excursion to Trunk Bay and luckily we did as the ferry was late and the cruise was held becuse we were on a shore excursion. Magen's Bay in St Thomas is lovely also. In St Martin we rented a car on one of our trips and this was great we were able to go to Marigot and to Baie Rouge and Cupocoey beach, Guana Bay ect. it was a great day. We rented ahead from Bobby's Marina. On another trip to St. Martins we went to Orient Bay which was nice but windy and I found food very pricey there. We went for a cool drink at the Holland Beach Hotel in Phillipsburg this place looked like nothing from the front but once through the lobby you get to a beautiful patio bar overlooking the ocean and your ship. We also rented a car in Curacao and went to Knip bay ect. Many people went to the sea aquarium and said the beach there was good. Curacao is a good shopping place. Also go to the old fort area for a drink along the waterfront it is awesome. we stopped at a small casino near the dock and gave a donation also. Have a great holiday.Karen
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My husband and I will be on your ship...we're really excited!! Been on several cruises and love them. Friends just came back on Saturday from the Grandeur and said it was great...as for shopping...St. Martin was the best. <BR>See ya.

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