Hotels in Cancun

Oct 14th, 1997, 04:55 PM
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Hotels in Cancun

I am looking for some information about a couple of hotels in Cancun. Has anyone stayed at the Marriott, Melia Cancun or the Caesar Park Cancun. Are there other hotels that would be comparable. Any info would be appreciated.
Oct 14th, 1997, 06:35 PM
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Just to let you know Cancun is fabulous. We have been twice and I would not hesitate returning once again. Your choice of the Melia Cancun is excellent. You can also try the Melia Turquesa. I personnally stayed at the Sheraton and the Continental Villas Plaza. The villas plaza has a very small beach but the amenities are excellent. The Sheraton has one of the best beaches in Cancun but it isn't an all-inclusive. Try and get an all inclusive. The food is excellent in Cancun but the cost is quite high. Dont worry about getting "tourista" because if your the least bit picky about where you eat, then you will have no problem.
Good Luck.

Oct 14th, 1997, 11:31 PM
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I just went trough the same trouble recently and this is what I found out : the Ritz-Carlton seems to be the highest ranking hotel in Cancun and comments are more than good. Then the Caesar Park Beach, Marriott Casa Magna, Hyatt Cancun Caribe and Fiesta Americana hotels seem to get good reviews by their customers. Regarding all-inclusives, it appears that Cancun has many, many restaurants and offers a wide selection among various types of cuisines. So I would not advise to take an all-inclusive, as you can wander around and try new places all the time. Specially if you happen to discover on site that the food or service in your resort are so-so.
Oct 15th, 1997, 05:33 PM
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Nicole--We stayed at both the Melia Cancun ('95) and the Caesar Park ('96). We loved them both. We also really enjoyed Cancun's beautiful beaches and the gorgeous warm water. The Melia was beautiful--we ate brunch every morning at their restaurant "The Quetzal"--excellent. The workout facilities were fabulous. The rooms were clean, and the service was wonderful. The next year my husband wanted to golf so we went to the Caesar Park. Also, GORGEOUS. We did the all-inclusive at the Caesar Park and wish we hadn't 'cus there are so many fun places to go in Cancun that we felt a bit stifled. But nothing against the Caesar's food--it was great--especially the morning brunch. We visited the Ritz, and found it very nice, but it seemed European rather than Mexican, and we like the Mexican flavor of the Melia and Caesar Park. Both places are wonderful. I guess I liked the fitness ctr. better at the Melia, and I liked the totally private balconies at the Melia also. We were never in the pools 'cus we stayed on the beach at both places. Please write if you have any more questions. Have a great vacation!
Oct 15th, 1997, 05:38 PM
judy bowen
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I have stayed at the Royal Caribbean and the Royal Islander Both are timeshares but can also be rented. I have a friend that is giving up her 2nd week in February, it is a beautiful resort I have been there the last 3 years. If your interested just E-mail me, you will not be disappointed!!
Oct 17th, 1997, 11:10 AM
Mary H
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We were in Cancun last March and loved it. We are going back in December and have "sort of" selected the TucanCun as the resort we will be staying at. We haven't been able to find out much about it tho, and so any info would be appreciated. We stayed at the Continental Villa Plaza and were pleased with it, but thought we'd like to try an all-inclusive this time
Oct 23rd, 1997, 03:05 PM
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I agree with not going all inclusive unless you have a family that you need to feed and entertain. Otherwise there is way too much to do, see, and eat in Cancun.. There are tons of different places with different styles and food. You really need to try them to get the full effect of the culture in Mexico. Camino Real is also a very nice hotel to stay at. It is a 6 star hotel in all respects.
Oct 24th, 1997, 02:31 PM
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I have stayed at Sheraton, and Royal Solaris Caribe the times I have been in Cancun. We are going to stay at Tucancun in January, so I would like to hear from Mary H.,[email protected]
after she is there in December.
Oct 25th, 1997, 11:44 AM
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Did you have any trouble with "tourista" ie. getting violently sick! while in Cancun? I've heard that it is not a problem there like it is elsewhere in Mexico?
Oct 25th, 1997, 05:25 PM
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Sickness in Mexico is not a big thing anymore. We haven't gotten sick at all. Stay away from downtown street vendors. Hotel food, water etc. is fine. You will not get sick there. Restaurants are also just fine. only thing to watch is street vendors! enjoy.
Nov 10th, 1997, 01:48 PM
Jean E. Bowers
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I have stayed at the Westin and the Continental Villas. I enjoyed both. Friends have stayed at the Melia, and Melia Tourquesta and thought them wonderful. There are so many good restaurants in and around Cancul that I feel that an all-inclusive would too limiting. In comparing the price of food in Mexico and the Caribbean, Mexico is by for the less expensive and better quality. For instance the breakfast buffet at Captains Cove Cancun is $7.95 and the same buffet in Jamaica would be over $20.00. I agree that in MEXICO STAY AWAY FROM STREET VENDORS. Other than that you can eat and drink anything in the area. If you take a tour the guide will inform the group where you can and can't get "fresh" drinking water. There are some little towns in the mountains that you can not even brush your teeth with tap water.
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