Have I Goofed??

Old Feb 10th, 2001, 02:06 PM
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Have I Goofed??

I've made plans to take my girlfriend to Bermuda in mid-March for a week. Thought I got great prices but now I'm afraid it's because that is OFF season. We thought we would be spending time cycling, water sports, and laying by the pool or on the beach. Will it be too cold? What else is there to do? I think I may be stuck with my decision but would like to know what to expect.
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We just booked our June honeymoon in Bermuda, so the whole weather issue is fresh in my mind. According to the Fodor's Bermuda guide , December -late March is cool, with daytime highs in low 60's-70. It might be too cool to swim, but in a sheltered place you could certainly catch some rays. I'm sure you will be able to find other activities, ie. golf, tennis, etc.. Enjoy your trip !
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It may be cool statistically, but maybe you'll end up having higher than normal temperatures. The mopeds are the best and we spents day tooling around Bermuda. You'll love it. By the way, where are you staying? Do you golf??
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Keith, don't take a chance and "hope" for better weather as it probably won't happen! Take my advice, CANCEL the trip and go much later in the Summer. I went in the middle of May and could NOT get into the water as it was far too cold even then!!
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Ray Snow
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Hi Keith,

Bermuda is a wonderful place to visit anytime of the year. I've been there just about every month of the year. But Dale is right. If you are interested mainly in the pool, the beach, swimming, and water sports, you would be much better off postponing your trip until at least May. Lianne is right about the air temperture being mostly in the 60s for the high. The ocean will run about 68 to 70 degrees. That's pretty cool to swim in. Some big resorts will have indoor heated pools, but hey we have them at the Y and the recreation center here. The biggest problem will be the winds blowing off the ocean. Riding a moped around the island in March is a chilling experience. I've done it. If you find it too chilly to ride scooters or mopeds, there is a very good public bus system compared to most places down in the Caribbean.

But the beaches will be almost deserted and you will have no trouble getting seated in the restaurants which are open. There are lots of museums and historical places to visit in St. George's, in Hamilton, and at the Royal Naval Dockyard at the West End. Seveal unique old churches and graveyards are spread all over Bermuda. There is excellent shopping on Front Street in Hamilton. There is a kilting ceremony including bagpipes and drums at Fort Hamilton on Mondays at noon in March. There is the Pefumery, Crystal Caves, and a glsss blowing factory to visit in Hamilton Parrish or the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo in Smith's Parrish. You could also tour the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget Parrish. And you can go up to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton Parrish for tea and the most awesome view you can imagine. As Lianne hinted, there are several excellent and beautiful golf courses on Bermuda. So there is alot to do and see in March. Some of which might not be as much fun in the summer heat. But don't expect beach weather. Dress warmly and bring a good windbreaker. Maybe if you can't postpone your trip, you'll see how beautiful and wonderful this isand is and return in the summer for the watersports.


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