Grand Lido Negril

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Grand Lido Negril

My guy and I are heading to GLN in late May. We saw some of the responses to the message board regarding service, conditions, food, etc. Some didn't look very good and we are getting a bit worried. This is a pricey trip for us and the 1st time to Jamaica and a all-inclusive. Please tell us that we made a good choice. IS GNL worth it?
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One of our best vacation memories. Gorgeous beach, great food. Book your dinner reservations at the fancy restaurants as soon as you arrive! The staff was very nice. A great place to do nothing -- Enjoy!!!
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I went to GLN Feb 2001 to get married. We had a large group of problem!
GLN is an incredible resort. Their beaches are THE BEST!
We found our rooms to be fairly nice. The bathroom was starting to look a little worn, but it was spotlessly clean. It was also quite large. I was told that they are starting bathroom rennovations soon.
We stayed in a junior suite. It was a nice size room, with a step down area that was a small sitting area.
I had no complaints with the food. We ate at all of the restaurants except the new Jerk restaurant. We found the food to be plentiful and quite good. I am a notoriously picky eater, and I stuffed myself every day.
We had no problems with the service. Of course, I'm not one that expects people to wait on me hand and foot. I want a clean room, a beautiful resort and some decent food....not nessecarily in that order.
We did find some of the workers to be more friendly than others. That's going to be true almost anywhere. Those individuals really made our trip special. We made sure to put their names on the comment card that they gave us when we checked in. I have been told that the employee gets a bonus if they receive a good comment.
Not every resort is going to please every person. Believe me, I had some sleepless nights planning my trip. Between the 14 of us, we spent $20,000 on this trip! That's a lot of money to our families! Once we got to GLN, I realized my fears were groundless. We all had a fabulous trip, and we are already planning our next trip there.
Don't worry about anyone's negative experiences. Go with a great attitude and you'll have a great time!
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Check for GLN trip reports and other GLN information.
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This place was definitely not very good and not worth the huge amount of money they ask for. Going to Jamaica also means a tough atmosphere, unless you want to spend your vacation inside the resort. There are other places in the Carribeans where you will find cheaper prices and a nice atmosphere.
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Can you trust everything your read on Internet? There is no resort that can please everyone in the world. When you see the negative comments from someone, you should check them out if they are real. Are there supporting facts? If so, see how much they affect your stay.

We have been to GLN couple times and don't mind to go back at all. We think GLN is worth it.

The strong points are the ground, beaches, food, service, entertainment, equipment. The list is very long, for example:
A cello player accompanied by a classical guitar plays at breakfast and lunch. Piano is played at dinner. Every half hour or so, the bar staff check everyone on beach if they need food or drinks. Food is prepared to almost perfection using top quailty ingrediants. You can order food or drink 24 hours a day. They have replaced all beach chairs and now use 5" foam pads instead of 2".

The negative points are:
The room decor is dark. The sunken sitting area could be a hazzard. If you are on the second floor, the balcony is too small. There are not enough guests participating activities. They should have run the yacht morning, afternoon and evening 7 days a week. As in all places, there are always individuals get out the wrong side of the bed that affects others.
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We vacationed at the GLN 3 years ago and thought it was great!! We are heading back there again, late in May.
The food, service and staff are wonderful. Don't be afraid to use all the services that are available such as room service (great after a long day at the beach) and the watersports. We ordered a bottle of champagne and took it with us on the kayaks. People are friendly and felt completed relaxed going to the au naturel beach for the first time...Have a great time, maybe we will see you there!!!
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Read a posting recently stating that the property was about to renovate all of the bathrooms. You might want to check when the work is scheduled to begin and end and if it will impact your stay.
Also, does anyone know the current state of the "new" road from MoBay to Negril. Have they paved and opened any sections?
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When I was there this Feb, the road was somewhat done. There were areas where it was better, and areas where it was terrible.
It was still a 2 hour drive.
On the way there, it was interesting. You're all excited because your trip is just starting.
On the way back to the airport, I was so exhausted that I slept.
So, either way, the drive didn't bother me all that much.

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