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Trip Report go but DO NOT stay here

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We recently vacationed to St.lucia for our honeymoon for 5 weeks staying at 5 different resorts, one week at each including all 3 sandals. Our first 2 weeks were absolutally amazing at little local non all inclusive places. Then came our 3rd week at Sandals latoc it was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Let me start by saying that it took us years to save for this trip as it was so long and that we really do not have money so we are not high class picky people we are actually the complete opposite. I'm also going to say that we understand stuff happens and that's okay we would normally understand and are usually pretty easy going about the stuff that happens. Now sandals is supposed to be a 5 star resort and when im done posting our week here at latoc please feel free to tell me how 5 starish this seems to you.
So day one- check out time at our other hotel is 11 am and check in time at sandals is 4 pm so we go anyways and completally understand that our room is not ready yet and that the tour of the property is not until 5 pm when all the guests are able to arrive so we say we understand and we are going to go have lunch and tour a bit of the property ourselves while we wait. so we do this and go back to front desk around 2 pm to check how our room is going and its ready so they take us and its great almost looked like what i paid for however it was ground floor but had a living room in one room, bedroom in another very spacious a little dark and dreary as the furniture was really out dated and half the lights DID NOT WORK. however there was our own little pool right out the balcony door which we did not expect so ok cool. now we hear this noise coming from the bathroom so we go and take a look and the ceiling is leaking, not a big deal but we figure we should go tell front desk. We get to front desk and tell them what the issue is and they say ok why dont you go for a drink come back in a half hour and i will have someone look at it. so we did and we come back in a half hour and they say oh there has still been noone to look at your room so why dont you go have supper and then come back we are sure to have someone look at it by then, so 2 yes 2 HOURS later we go back and they tell us that there has still been noone up to look at our room, but do not unpack your things because we might move you tonight, so without making this ridiculously long we were told that evening we might move you, we are not moving you about 3 times so finally the last time we are told we are NOT being moved until morning we go to the room to unpack our things for the night and go have a drink, when someone shows up at the door and says we are moving you right now. I'm like what?,,, so we have to pack up all our things AGAIN so that we can be moved. Okay sorry i need to add this before i go on, we paid for according to the website a second floor villa suite, 4 post mahogany king size bed,a sitting area,all rooms overlooking the gardens. When we get to our new room we are surprised to know that it is OUTSIDE OF THE SECURITY GATE, i put that in big letters i dont want anyone to miss it. it is small like a closet there is no sitting area what so ever it however does have a DOUBLE BED in which the blankets smelt BURNT. it had a balcony which did not look out to the gardens it was actually facing another persons suite and there pool. By this time we are now tired and just want to go to sleep so we say we will deal with it in the morning.
So day two- We get up in the morning and since we are out side of the security gate which is about a 20 minute walk to the lobby we call for a shuttle to come pick us up, when we have finally had enough because we were waiting 45 minutes we decided to walk. we get to front desk and ask when our new room will be ready and they now tell us that they are all full so they still can not move us until the following day. and at this point we are now talking to the second manager who now tells us not to talk to anyone but him he is THE GUY to talk to. so we leave it not being very picky people.
So now day three- We get up my husband calls front desk and asks to talk to a manager a little angry, they say that he is busy at the moment and asks how long he is going to be in the room, so he says i will be in my room until i show up at your front desk, not but 2 minutes later were we getting a phone call from the manager asking us to come to the office. So we go down to talk to him now let me add that when we moved to sandals i had brought a bottle of wine with me that we BOUGHT from a previous place as well we met a couple from the states that told us that $105 was stolen from there room. Okay so we are telling him about our issues and said look we are willing to pay for the room we have but it is nowhere near what we have paid for, and he has the nerve to tell us that the room we are in is to them equivalent to what we have paid for. WE ARE NOW REALLY UPSET! we pull up what the internet tells us we have paid for and show him that what we have is most deffinitally NOT that and demand a refund or to be put in the MILLIONAIRES SUITE. he says oh well we cant put you in that suite and i cant help you with the refund you will have to talk to my manager. WHAT THERES ANOTHER MANAGER????????? so now there is an appointment being made to talk to now the third manager. We get in to talk to him and he apologises until he's blue in the face like everyone else there i cant count on my fingers and toes how many times i heard I'M SORRY. so he offers us 2 free nights at sandals for the 2 nights that were messed up, okay so we will use them at the end of our stay rather than going back to the local place we were going. Then he offers us a $200 credit as well as a candle light dinner on the beach which runs about $160ish. okay thats fine for all the headache so far. We are also told that they will replace our bottle of wine, okay now we are all good and our new room will be ready at 1pm if we can come back at that time. Well we had to go ahead and say you know what we actually HAVE NOT SEEN THE BEACH OR THE POOL YET. so we will go and do that and come back around 4 since we have been running for sandals on our honeymoon and not ourselves. So at 4 we go to front desk to see if our room is ready they say it is and that someone has already moved our luggage to the new room. Ok cool but we need to get our things out of the safe, so front desk gives us the keys to our old room back and tells us to go get it, so we get there and walk in the room freely with no escorts and what do we see but they have already moved someone else into that room as there luggage is in there. well so first of all our stuff could have been stolen from the safe, we could have taken this persons belongings and noone would know any different and what if we walked in on a couple doing something dirty. Anyways we make our way to our new room and we are happy with it it is exactly what we paid for we are good, BUT WHAT NOW YOU ASK...... (ha just when you thought it was over) we can hear a rustle in the ceiling and now a squeak well yes i'm sure you have guessed it right there were about 50 BATS in the ceiling. Well now my husband wants to go freak out again and say his peice but i stopped him i said you know what they are not inside they are not bothering us lets just leave it theres no other problem with the room and for as much time as we will even be here who cares. so he left it. (THIS IS WHAT I MEAN ABOUT NOT BEING PICKY PEOPLE) so we finally get a couple good days there no problems at all, all the playmakers and bar staff are amazing props to all of them for keeping sandals alive because if it were left to management there would be no sandals.
So now day 6 - today happens to be February 13th and i go to the bathroom when my husband goes to order me flowers at very OUTRAGEOUS price i might add i would never want him to spend that kind of money on flowers ever i did not even spend that on flowers for our wedding.(HOW PATHETIC) so anyways he says he wants these delivered at midnight they say they cant because they are not open that late so he says well what can you do they said 7 pm he said okay that works we have dinner reservations so i will get her out by that time and keep her out until midnight. Oh let me tell you my husbands name is MIKE and when we got back to the room and i seen my flowers i went to read the card and it said HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LOVE NATHAN.(who the is nathan?) . Now we are super upset and needless to say we did not pay for the flowers. This is now the end of our stay at sandals latoc and after asking everyday about the candlelight dinner and bottle of wine we still have NOT seen either. We did however stay at sandals grande it was OK there we walked in and talked to a manager before anyone could even touch our luggage. We went on the following week to sandals halcyon which was actually really good. but i will say we will more than likely NEVER stay at a sandals resort EVER AGAIN. We continued to call sandals latoc to find out where exactly we were spending our last 2 nights and funny how it took right up until our check out time for them to figure that out and alls i can say about that is that THANK GOODNESS IT WAS NOT SPENT AT LATOC.however it was spent at 2 different places so we had to move twice again. we are now home and 3 weeks later and still have NOT received our candlelight dinner nor my bottle of wine. NOT IMPRESSED WITH THIS PLACE AT ALL. I am so thankfull that we were lucky enough to have such a long holiday because if we were like most people and that was our only week in st.lucia we would never go back there and that would really be unfortunate as the island is absolutally amazing and the st,lucians are all so very friendly and amazing people as well. GO TO ST.LUCIA HOWEVER DO NOT STAY AT SANDALS LA TOC

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