First timers to T&C


Feb 18th, 2014, 06:23 PM
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First timers to T&C

Hello all - we will be in Provo in 2.5 weeks and haven't had a lot of time to plan or research. We (kids age 4 and 6) parents (40 and 42) and grandfather and great grandmother (able-bodied) are heading down as an escape from our recent death in the family. We are renting a minivan a nice villa on the water near Turtle Bay and are wondering:

1) can you park a car at grace bay and walk/ swim? Other beaches too? Which do you recommend?
2) we are looking for a couple of splurge restaurants when we can get the grandparents to sit. Looks like there are no lack of those, but what do you recommend for restaurants when we take the kids? Local restaurants/casual/ on beach all appeal.
3) do you recommend a day trip that is a good value? We can all snorkel.
4) are there any safe/recommended hikes?
5) recommended for grocery store?
6) recommended liquor/food to bring?!

Thank you so much in advance and sorry for not doing my own research!
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Feb 19th, 2014, 05:11 AM
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1. There are multiple public beach accesses in Grace Bay with free parking for miles. I like the ones at Sibonne, Sands resort, leeward, and Coral Gardens (for snorkeling). Also check out Sapadilla and Taylor Bays, completely different

2. Splurge, Coco Bistro, Bsy Bistro, Le Bouchon. W/kids Tiki Hut, Da Conch Shack, Bugaloos, Big Als Burgers

3. Island Vibes excursions- snorkel out er reef, dive for conch (sometimes sand dollars) dive the "abyss" weather permuting (just jumping in water where reef drops 6000 ft. Yu float like crazy, and deep purple water makes a person glow). Stops at gorgeous Half Moon Bay reached by boat only, look for iguanas, diving board on roof

4. Walk the beach! It's 12 miles long. Safe hiking at Middle Caicos. Requires ferry tovNorth, then rental car. You might even see flamingos on the flats before it. Mudjin Harbour (Middle Caicos) is spectacular. Path on cliffs (still safe) leads to stairs and secret cave, cave ends at a private beach.

5. Fantastic grocery stores, IGA and IGA gourmet. Huge, with everything you want

6. Snacks! Expensive! Beer expensive, but costs more to bring (limited alcohol, heavy, etc). Buy Bamberra rum there in coconut, make rum punch

Do your own research! Fodor's In Focus Turks and Caicos just came out a month ago. Directions to beaches, ideas for day trips, all in 1 little pocket guide
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Feb 19th, 2014, 08:37 AM
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Great advice as always from blamona! Just one more restaurant to add that I think would be great w/ kids: LAS BRISAS on Chalk Sound. We had a wonderful lunch there in January with our older kids and saw plenty of families with younger children. Food is American casual and Spanish ( tapas, etc.) It was really good!

You might consider taking the restaurant's pontoon boat tour of the sound when you're done eating or....

Drive to Taylor Bay, which is very close to LAS BRISAS. Taylor Bay is a great beach for little kids, or big ones like me who prefer calm water. The water is shallow, and goes out a long way before getting deep.

Bring whatever snacks/cereals you can easily (??) manage, or you might experience sticker shock at the grocery store. And any pharmacy/drug store items( suntan lotion,etc) that you normally use. Particular brands can be hard to find and/or extremely expensive.
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Feb 23rd, 2014, 07:13 AM
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To add to the good advice above:

Coco Bistro--we've always seen kids there. IMO, best food, beautiful setting in the palm trees and a cat "Coco" who makes the rounds of the tables. Make reservation ahead of time as it's hard to get into. We emailed the car rental place and they reserved for us a week ahead of time--now that's service.

Bay Bistro--again hard to get in sometimes. Excellent setting on the beach.

Conch Shack--definitely fun for the kids, go for lunch. Maybe check which days have music.

Las Brisas--for lunch.

Tiki Hut at Tutle Cove--another place that always has kids, day & night.

Baci at Turtle Cove--excellent food, pizza and great dinner items, always kids(probably because of the pizza), try to reserve a table outside.

Seaside Cafe at Ocean Club West--more casual in a pretty setting right on the beach. Go for sunset, ask when there is music.

Your kids might also like a visit to the Conch Farm.

We'll be watching for your trip report.
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Feb 24th, 2014, 07:35 AM
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A million thanks to each of you! This is incredibly helpful and I will start planning this all out now. And hopefully pick up the new Fodors book. Look for a trip report!
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