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First, thanks to the replies I got on the safe snorkeling around Tobago. I am planning on going in May and need to know approximately how much it will cost. Can I find clean safe accomodations for $20 US per night? Do I need a car on Tobago or can we take taxis? If we have a kitchen is it expensive to buy food to cook or is it cheaper to eat out? Need to know because I am Canadian and our dollar sucks and eveything is in American dollars. Thanks for all and any info you can offer.
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$20 dollars a night??<BR><BR>I hope this was a typo!
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Don't know about Tobago but there are plenty of places to stay in Jamaica for that price. I assume Tobago has them too.<BR><BR>Usually they are pretty basic - board cottages, fans, no A/C, maybe no hot water (or only solar-heated water) and/or you share a bathroom. Sometimes they aren't that basic but are in areas that not that many tourists go to.
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Yes there are cheap places. Just got back and talked to canadians and Americans who stayed in local guest houses for $10-$15 per person per night. They are basic accommodations and usually in a small village but nothing is very far from the ocean. Great little island. The fresh local food is great.
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Debby,<BR>I am sure you can find places for 20.00 U.S. a night, for example Surfside Guest House which is close to Store Bay and Pigeon Point, however, the accomodations are very basic.<BR><BR>A nice small hotel is Coconut Inn, they offer a Guest House where you share the kitchen and the bathrooms. It's 18.00 US double and 32.00 single. They also have Apartments for 36.00 double.<BR>The Hotel is situated about five minute from the airport in a residential area, they are close to a supermarket, and a 15 minute walk to Store Bay. But, they have a shuttle that takes you to Pigeon Point daily, except Sundays and they meet you at the airport. There is a restaurant on the premises and one of Tobago's most popular Bars,Copratray even though a friend of mine went recently and said it was very quiet.<BR><BR>here is the url:<BR><BR>http://www.caribbean-connexion.com/tobago/coconut.htm<BR><BR>Also, look at my friend's Scurly Trinidad and Tobago Page at Virtual Tourist, he stayed there in Tobago.<BR><BR>http://www.virtualtourist.com/m/.203603/144/?s=F<BR><BR>You can take route taxis to get you around by day, they are cheap and service most areas of Tobago. Getting around at night however is a bit more difficult as Tobago is a quiet Island, you may need to call a taxi for that one and the Taxi Service is a bit pricey. I suggest you rent a soft top jeep, they are around 40.00 US a day.<BR><BR>Here are a few search results on Car Rentals in Tobago<BR><BR>http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=jeep+rental+in+Tobago+&btnG=Google+ Search<BR><BR>The grocery stores in Tobago are a bit more expensive that in Trinidad because they have to ship the goods over, but you would find most things cheap. Just compare prices before you buy,items like sunblock can be pretty expensive.<BR><BR>Local food is cheap, and you get a complete meal for 4.00 U.S. at the vendor's at Store Bay. Try curry crab amd dumpling, roti,the local Sunday Lunch. Some restaurants are cheap, like at Toucan Inn you can get a good dinner for around 20.00 U.S.<BR><BR>Hope this helps <BR><BR>

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