Eleuthera - cheaper than Hawaii!

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Eleuthera - cheaper than Hawaii!

Considering a vacation in either Eleuthera or Hawaii. Being Canadian, our money doesn't go that far, so which place would be cheapest (but just as nice)
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Judy, <BR> <BR>The answer to your question depends, in some part, on where in Canada you are traveling from. If you are in Vancouver, the airfare to the Bahamas could be very costly. However, in general, Eleuthera is a modestly-priced destination, though you may expect to pay more for food than you do at home (a lot of it is shipped from off-island, but you can do well with local foods like fish, conch, pineapple). Accomodation prices vary; we stayed at the Rainbow Inn -- which is kind of rustic and not directly on a beach --several years ago and didn't pay all that much for room or food (we ate almost all of our meals there). The only reason we haven't gone back is that the time we spent there was so magical, we've been afraid to be disappointed by not being able to re-capture it.
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Judy, I agree with the other posting, and I have been to Hawaii (Ohau, twice) and the Bahamas LOTS of times. <BR> <BR>I would check with a local travel agent on package deals from your area, sometimes you can get better prices on package deals than you can do on your own. <BR> <BR>There are some nice places to stay that won't break your budget in both places, but for beautiful relaxing vacations, I would pick the Bahamas over Hawaii. <BR> <BR>Funny thing is I am leaving for the Bahamas on the 19th and heading to Hawaii for Business in April. <BR> <BR>Good luck with you vacation planning. <BR> <BR>tweedy
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Hawaii is FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL than the Bahamas could ever hope to be (especially Oahu)!! And the standard of living is the same that you are quite used to in Canada! Don't be foolish and waste your money in a place like the Bahamas! Contact Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays for a good deal on your trip (and NO, I don't work for them)!
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Mike does raise a good point about beauty. If you are expecting lush, green, exotic beauty, Eleuthera is probably not the place for you. But if your focus is price, then it could well be. Bear in mind, too, that Eleuthera can be quite rustic (when I was there, for example, the power was known to go out at any time). The compensation was miles and miles of deserted pink sand beaches, warm and friendly natives, and a feeling of safety and trust (where else would the car rental guy give you HIS personal car until he could scare another one up for you? where else do the hotel rooms not have keys, because there's no need to lock up?)

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