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I am interested in comments/feedback from anyone who has been to Anegada. I am in question of where to stay, snorkeling and fishing.
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Some years ago we spent a few days there. I believe the Wheatleys still own the major place there. The rooms are cement block motel like and they need air conditioners since there is no cross ventilation. Their conditioners were very noisy when we were there. As you may know there is no shade or elevation on Anagada. The major place is the Wheatleys and I consider it a little pricy for what it is but it is the best place to eat on the island. There are 3 or 4 other places to rent which include kitchens at around $100/day and one of the owners rents jeeps for about $50/day. You need this to get accross the island to the main snorkeling and diving area which has also a food stand during the day. The snorkeling and diving is the best that you will find in BVI. Wheatleys has tanks and air. Also bone fishing is on that side of the island. I understand that is one of the best spots in the Caribbean. Spiny lobster is the thing to eat on Anegada. You also need lots of "off" in the evenings since you eat mostly out of doors. There are a few modest places to eat on the island. This is an island where for people that are adventursome, who love water activities such as fishing, diving and snorkeling. There is no real luxury there. However, we have eaten the best lobster in our lives there which had been pen fed on nurse shark meat and cooked out doors over local scrub wood. However, we are the type where we have found Little Dix a little boring and remember our times in Haiti and Anegada even though they were not the most pleasant every minute. The highs offset the lows. This what makes life fun.
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Susan: I did reply but you need to look as the Fodors is a little confused right now.
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Anegada is gem. It is truly one of the few remaining "undiscovered islands," and I pray that it will remain that way. I'm hesitant to even recommend it, as I'd rather have it to myself and those few in-the-know. There are no self-contained resorts here, and that's fine with me. It's basically for the "eco-tourist." The airport is a joke. The Anegada Reef Hotel is the main hotel, and it is expensive for what you get. I did not stay there, but I had several superb lobster dinners there, and they couldn't have been more welcoming of a non-guest. The rooms appear to be quite basic motel-style rooms. You come here for the island, not the place where you temporarily rest your head. Although the Reef Hotel is basic accomodation, the guests tended to be sophisticated yachty types, and everyone was there for the beauty of the island. I stayed at a very basic place called the Ocean Range, which was quite cheap but not on the beach. An ugly place, but new construction and your basic clean hotel sized room. Anegada has the most spectacular beaches I have ever seen. True pink sand beaches that strectch into the distance, deserted, excellent snorkeling and diving on the reefs ringing this small island. And the folks who live on the island could not be lovelier or more welcoming. They are very charming, trusting and welcoming--they haven't been soured by over-development or pushy rich tourists or cultural conflicts. Everything is on the honor system--signs in the rental cars actually encourage you to leave the keys in the car, so you don't lose them in the middle of nowhere! The food-lobster, fish and chicken-- is delicious, fresh, and generally grilled to perfection. Anegada is a very special place to truly get away from everything, in a place full of natural beauty. (It is very dry and flat--the beauitful part is the beaches, water, fishing diving and snorkeling.) MAKE SURE you bring cash or travelers checks, plastic is basically not accepted except at the main Anegada Reef Hotel. Try the Big Bamboo restaurant and beach while you're there. Also, make sure you reserve a jeep, the "roads" can get quite sandy. Bring strong sun block and mosquito repellent (they come out at night). I believe the Anegada Reef Hotel now offers a nice new private cottage, but it's expensive. There's also a guy named Wilfred Creque who offers 2 small cottages on the beach. The are VERY basic, but they are clean, absolutely secluded, and the beach, like all beaches on Anegada, is gorgeous. If you go to Anegada, please try to keep it a secret!
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Louis and Patrick have done a bang-up job paying Anegada its due. I can't add anything to their description of the island, but I can give you a very good alternative to actually spending the night there. My wife and I have been going to the BVI yearly for the past 4 (or is it 5) years. Based on feedback we got here at Fodors from, among others, Louis, we decided to take the day package offered by Fly BVI. They fly you by puddlejumper from Road Town to Anegada, have a taxi waiting for you, you are then transported to Loblolly Bay where the best snorkeling is (although I'm not sure there is anyplace on this coast that it's bad), feed you FRESH lobster, beer, etc. right at the beach, and tote you back to the plane in the late afternoon. The whole thing for the two of us was $220.00. Definitely worth it.
To my tastes, Anegada is a phenomenon, I wanted to see it, the experience was unforgettable, but I don't think I would have enjoyed spending the night. There is value though in spending the night, even if I chose not to. It is in the unique opportunity to look out over an open sea or a flat, bleak island composed of scrub bushes and know that you're really away from it all. Anegada is as primitive as you can get with concrete blocks and corrugated tin.
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Uh-Oh! I am very worried that Anegada is popping up on the Fodors website! It is so wonderfully unspoiled -- the Caribbean of a totally different era. Totally safe, friendly, gorgeous, relaxing. No nightlife or even daylife to worry about. Just an endless stretch of dazzling sea and white powder beaches. Lobster grilled over driftwood in the sand every night. It is a wonder in today's world, and even more of a wonder given its proximity to major tourist destinations. I pray it is never "discovered" by the masses nor the rich. Either group would ruin it.
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Hi. To those of you who want Anegada to remain undiscovered, I am afraid the word is out. I did the day trip that Joel mentioned in his post when I went to Tortola last month and I learned a lot from Tony, our taxi driver. There a new hotel which has almost completed construction. Also, the amount of daytrippers to the island has increased significantly, sometimes as many as 200 people visit the island for the day.

It's a worthwhile visit.

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