Cozumel - any info appreciated!

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Cozumel - any info appreciated!

After a lot of researching, my husband and I have decided to spend our vacation in Cozumel. We are going on August 14th, and staying at the Presidente Inter-Continental. I know it is somewhat far from the town, but we will probably be renting a Jeep so we don't mind that. We avoided an all-inclusive because we like to discover new restaurants. Any suggestions on restaurants in San Miguel? What about food safety? We would like to visit some of the ruins, and possibly take a day trip into Cancun, so any suggestions on these ideas would also be appreciated. We have snorkeled, and are looking forward to that, but don't have any experience with scuba diving. If we hook up with the dive team at the hotel, will be able to get certified?

Thanks in advance for any info.
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For information on the ruins see earlier postings on this and the Latin America site - I posted about Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Coba, and Tulum. There are three major sites that can be visited from Cozumel on day trips. You may want to consider a day at Playa del Carmen since it is only a ferry ride away. Walk north away from the ferry dock, and you will come to lots of less populated beaches. A great one is Coco beach, about 20 minutes walk. There you can rent snorkel equip., rent chairs for the beach with umbrellas, and there is a bar there. A good place to relax for the day. To reach Cancun, go to Playa del Carmen and take a first class bus on one of the buslines that services the main bus station, which is very near the ferry dock. It takes about an hour to get to the main bus station downtown. Then maybe half an hour to get out to Cancun Island on a city bus (the ones marked Hoteles - Downtown). You may be able to get a decent price on a cab if you want to go straight to Cancun Island.
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Tracey: Iíve gone to Cancun/Cozumel/Isla Mujeres nine times. Maybe I can help. First, glad to hear you avoided the all-inclusive. You wonít regret it. Also, it's funny that youíre staying at the Presidente. I just posted a message a few below yours asking if anyone has actually stayed there. Too bad youíll get back too late to tell me if it was worth the extra money. Anyway, places to eat that I enjoy include Pizza Rolandi (thin, Swiss-style pizza served in a romantic indoor courtyard Ė gets quite busy at night), Prima for Italian and seafood (the restaurant itself is a second-story open-air rooftop affair) and La Mission for seafood. I didnít care too much for Ernestoís Fajita Factory, often touted by people who have visited. Too expensive for too little food. I also didnít think La Choza was all that itís made out to be, but I only ate there once. Others have said good things about El Moro (way back in town, a little hard to find) and the Lobster House, which is across from the Paradisus, but itís only open from something like 6-11 p.m. If you want more suggestions, get a copy of Fodorís í98 guide to Cancun/Cozumel. Itís a great resource.

As for food safety, Cozumel isnít the Cancun hotel zone, so I would avoid salads, and uncooked vegetables and fruits that have been washed in local water. Of course, better restaurants use bottled water, so you can always inquire. Iíd be especially careful about buying food at small, family-run food stands. Donít get me wrong, I do it all the time (my favorite is a huge hot ham and cheese with onions that I get at this orange building on the way to the other side of island for $1.25), but be careful about lettuce on sandwiches, etc. Also, I didnít know this until this past spring, but the water in your hotel is probably not purified. At least thatís what staff at my timeshare (Paradisus) told me. I was shocked. Iíd been drinking the water for four years with no problem.

I personally havenít been to any ruins, although I plan to this September. You might check out this Web site for cheap deals:

You can day-trip it to Cancun by taking the ferry over to Playa del Carmen and then taking the bus to Cancun. The ferry is $10/person roundtrip. I believe the bus is $2.50/person. Sorry I canít tell you exactly where to catch the bus, as itís been several years since I visited Playa and itís grown somewhat. Ask someone when you disembark the ferry.

You can get certified in scuba while youíre there. My fiance did it a couple years ago. Me, I got a migraine and couldnít continue (and have yet to finish). It costs about $350 per person and takes four days to complete the whole course. Just remember that much of your mornings and early afternoons will be taken up with diving, which doesnít leave a lot of time to do much else.

Finally, you didnít ask, but as long as youíre renting a Jeep, donít miss the back side of the island. Thereís the Celerain Lighthouse, the Paradise Cafť, Playa Bonita, Chen Rio (my favorite beach), Coconuts at the old abandoned hotel, Mezcalitos and a couple other beaches/outdoor restaurants/bars Iím forgetting. A great way to laze away the day. Sorry for taking up so much bandwith, Fodorís. If you have any other questions, itís probably best to e-mail me since I donít check the board too often. Have a great vacation!
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Hey Tracey, Im going to Cozumel on Thursday 8/6
and Ill be staying at the Fiesta Americana Coral Reef.If I can catch you I'll tell you how it is.I come home 8/13.

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Be very careful if you rent a jeep. They drive like crazy down there. I also saw someone having a big problem because the rental company was trying to charge them a huge fee for slight damage that was already on their moped. Also watch out for the water. It seems like a joke but I was sick for a day from brushing my teeth with unfilter water from the sink. Have a good trip. We loved it despite the water.

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