cancun or cozumel?

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cancun or cozumel?

We are considering going to Cancun or Cozumel, but aren't sure which would be better? Would also like advice at which hotel to stay at. We want to stay on a nice beach for sure. Is one place less expensive than the other? Also, I heard your suppose to bargain when paying for a taxi or buying a souviener. Do people bargain at restaurants also? Any other advice?
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Cozumel is much cheaper than Cancun. Went to Cozumel for diving the 1st week of June. As far as Bargaining, if you are buying gifts or souveneers, definatly bargain. As far as taxis and meals, all are so resonable -DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Taxi fares are set by gov't I believe. I spent $69/ nite at the Fiesta Inn and it was fine. No real beach just a small beach across street. I understand there are some beautiful beaches on the eastern side but we didn't get over there. We were there for diving and the reefs are all on the SW side of Cozumel.
It is a very safe island and no beggers, etc. We are definatly going back.
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Hi Jodi,
I've never been to Cancun, but just got back from Cozumel. It was beautiful! We stayed at an all-inclusive called the Paradisus, which is the northernmost hotel on the island. There was some decent snorkeling a short walk from the hotel. In general though, compared to Hawaii, we were disappointed in the snorkeling. Diving was great, however. We liked the all inclusive with our children. It was nice that they could eat and drink anything at anytime. If they didn't like some new food they tried - no worries! There was alot of activities to take part in at no extra cost; we snorkeled daily, rode bikes to town, kayaked, tennis, weight room, 2 pools, horseback riding (we didn't do this though because of mosquitos). The food choices were extensive buffets, snack bars (burgers, hot dogs, etc), or a gourmet restaurant where you had to make reservations and dress a bit nicer. Every night the staff put on pretty amazing shows. We did do extra activities, like diving, a snorkel boat trip, visited Tulum, parasailing, and rented a jeep and toured the island one day. One thing to beware of: we got taken by a Mexican cop in town. It turned out to be a scam (we heard other people talking about the same thing happening to them), but we had to pay this guy off (a small amount - 50 pesos, but it was a scary time). We got stopped for going down a one-way street the wrong way (after asking directions and being told to go down that street). The cop clearly wanted a payoff. Oh well, live and learn. The water over by Tulum was gorgeous and the little town of Playa del Carmen looked quaint and nice. The water was beautiful there. You may want to consider it.
I have probably given you way more info thayou wanted. Have fun wherever you go!
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Just visited all the ones mentioned. Cozumel is nice, but beaches are better in Cancun. Playa del Carmen is my recommendation, unless you are really into a lot of nightlife and fancy shopping (then go to one of the other two). Playa has superb beaches, is much quieter than Cancun, is only an hour from Cancun so you can visit there, and is only 30 minutes by ferry from Cozumel.
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im going to cozumel on8/6/98.ive been to cancun twice and loved it until the workers at my hotel(oasis)were begging for tips.i gave it to them to come to find out that i had to tip the hotel when i left.that was on top of the tips i gave the workers!
I loved the Royal Solaris its all-inclusive and worth the money!
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Cozmel is better by far. We took a private plane to Cancun for a day trip & it was like any other city in the U.S. Fast food and malls everywhere. It you're looking for laid back try one of the small hotels in Cozmel. We didn't stay on the beach but you need to get something to eat more often than you need to get to the beach. We also checked out a couple of the big fancy hotels & they were teaming with people even in the off season. Try villa del rey if you want privacy within walking distance of restaurants and a really good price. I'm going this November & thats where I'll always stay.
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Also the government dones set the taxi prices and your hotel should be able to tell you how much to pay before you leave to go somewhere. Or some hotels have the prices posted.

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