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Mar 5th, 1998, 05:40 AM
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Throughout this discussion, no one has brought up the crime statistics for Jamaica. No one has brought up the US State Dept reports on the crime in the country.

Why don't you compare the per capita crime rate in Jamaica to that of New York City? Why don't you compare the rate of crime against tourists in Jamaica to that of other countries? Statistics do not lie, folks, and Jamaica is not a safe place to visit.

Yes, I have been there. Yes, the landscape is breathtaking. Yes, the people were warm and friendly. Yes, I enjoyed my trips there! But to deny the crime problems in Jamaica is ignorant.

Mar 10th, 1998, 06:53 PM
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Of all the places I have travelled, I never received the problems and insults, as in Jamaica, when I left the holiday premises. I now see the Fordor's Caribbean Guide cautions, on p.380, not to leave the beaten path in Jamaica. Now I know. Never again.
Mar 17th, 1998, 04:11 AM
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I see the U.S. State Dept Counsular Advisory on Jamaica warns "crime is a serious problem in Jamaica" ..."criminal acts can rapidly turn violent"...areas of Kingston have been subject to curfew"...caution is advised when traveling from the airport via Mountain View Avenue..and Windward Road especially after dark"..."not to use buses"...
Mar 17th, 1998, 04:21 AM
Bob Morton
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This ain't new info about Jamaica. My wife and I went on our honeymoon there in 1973, and stayed at the Richmond Inn on Montego Bay. The day we left, I innocently mentioned to a man that I had some money left, but not much, about $24.89(or whatever) but I stated an exact amount. I was overheard by the manager of the Richmond Inn, and guess what?? He called me into the office as our cab rolled up to transport us to the airport(which we had to pay for) and stated that an "island departure and gratuity tax of $24.89 was due). We didn't have time to argue, since our plane was departing in 45 minutes. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, the Jamaican people and economy will suffer. We've been to the Caribbean dozens of times since then, and believe me, not one has been back to Jamaica. We like to meet island people and get to know them. We've made many friends in the Bahamas, including outer islands. Forget Jamaica. Bob Morton
Apr 27th, 1998, 04:51 PM
Thomas Finn
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We just returned from Montego Bay on 4/18/98.Our past vacations to Aruba,Hawaii,Manzanillo(Mexico)
and Ireland were individually enjoyable experiences.
However Jamacia came up short.The hotel staff did not display earnest hospitality and showed a lack of supervision.Bartenders typically ignored the guests
when they chose to and the service was in disorder.
Diarrhea was our home coming gift from Jamaica.
Jamacians do not appear to be interested in serving the guests with the right atitude.
Apr 28th, 1998, 06:35 AM
David Ta
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We just returned from Holiday Inn Sunspree Montego Bay on April 26, 98.

Having read this posting since Feb '98 and exchanged e-mail w/ others who's been there, I thought I should chip in my opinion.

Relative to other vacation places we've been through in this area, Cancun, Sosua..., the Mo Bay experience is a pleasant memorable one!

Here's a short list of most impressed things:
1. Hotel check-in right at the airport, w/ wrist band and room key.

There was no waiting in-line at the hotel just to check in!
(Holiday IInn Crown Plaza in Cancun, way back when, check in was terribly long waiting!)

2. A 4-digit code Safe Box in the room, w/ no key to carry. You just insert the key room into the slot, and program, or re-program a 4-digit code.

3. Staff & service in HI is professional. Service at waited areas (Mo Bay Festival) was adequately quick, and professional).

4.Contacts w/ local merchant in downtown Mo Bay, and w/ others within the resort (tuesday night art/craft) was positive.

Local contacts at Ocho Rios Dunn's River Falls was also positive. We feel safe enough to ask a lifeguard on-duty to look after our 2 kids for about 15, 20 minutes, enough for us to climb half way up and had some experience w/ the Falls. The Lifeguard usual expression is Yeah Mon! and No problem Mon!

We drank water from the Mo Bay Festival food court's drinkink water tap and had no problem (did dare to try the tap in the bathroom, although someone emailed me she had no proble!)

Actually, my 2 young kids "were" a tad of a problem. They didn't want to join the Kids Club to free up Mom and Dad. But then, it 's no problem, too! (not either


Jun 9th, 1998, 04:26 PM
Pam Ignatio
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Thanks for the tip on this situation.
Jun 9th, 1998, 05:56 PM
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Hi I plan to go to Ocho Rios soon and I am staying at Sand Castle hotel. Do you know anything about that hotel and the beach near it. We don't have a large budget and we are going to attend a Wedding, so we need inexpensive things to do any sugestions? I was reading about the meet the people tour on the internet and was wondering if that would be a good way to really get the best out of our trip.
Thanks, I would be greatful for any information.
Jun 10th, 1998, 07:15 AM
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My husband and I spent our anniversary in Jamaica last summer and found that it was just great! We feel as a lot of you feel, the problems with beggers and drugs is no bigger than anywhere else and a simple NO will do. The people in Jamaica were extremely friendly to us and the sights were spectacular. We plan on going back again in the NEAR future because Jaimaca is IRIE with us.
Jun 11th, 1998, 09:20 AM
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It is so inhumane when people comment about being hassled by shell boys who wait in the ocean off resorts to try to sell you shells they pretend to have just found. You know what? They are trying to survive and it won't kill any of us to give them $1 US for a pretty shell. It can make a significant difference in their existence at that moment. So, to complain about being pestered while on vacation by something so benign is a ridiculous example of being self absorbed and uncaring. But for the grace of God, you might be living in one of those metal shacks instead of vactioning at the Grand Lido. Look at the bigger picture and be decent to the natives. They are not beneath you. They are only less fortunate financially.
Jun 13th, 1998, 06:51 AM
Rod & Jen
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Where are the good waterfalls at?
Jun 13th, 1998, 07:05 AM
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The falls that you're asking about are in Ocho Rios, enjoy . By the way, read the post above yours and don't forget the shells for a buck, in Ocho Rios you 'll come home with about a thousand shells ,booooo Jamaica and being hassled!!
Jun 13th, 1998, 01:41 PM
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I am surprised at the number of people who have not enjoyed their stay in Jamacia
. I am from England and have booked to go to runaway bay late Sept. I have a few friends in England who have famil in Jamacia
They advise travellers to be aware of the finacial situation and also it is no different to any other country struggling with it's economy. I went to can cun last year and found it a wonderful country.
I am interested if anyone (who likes Jamacia )has been to any particular places of interest that are not widely advertised by the tourist board and I have hired a car any tips?
Jul 8th, 1998, 06:56 AM
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I went to Jamaica in 1994 and it was the worst vacation of my life. We stayed at the Jack Tar Resort - a huge mistake. It was rundown and the locals would pop up out of the water (private beach) and shove drugs at you. They would also hang on the resort fence and yell. We were completely ripped off on a bus tour to Ocho Rios, (no a/c as promised, crammed up against strangers for $60 per person) and the bus driver stopped to make several drug deals on the way - one of them in an abandoned church! The people who ran Jack Tar also blatantly lied to us on several occasions and smirked when we confronted them. You couldn't pay me to go back.

Jul 16th, 1998, 07:12 PM
Laura Swauger
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I have been to Jamaica seven times and have enjoyed every visit. I have traveled around the island and favor some locations over others, but have never always enjoyed myself. I personally have avoided Kingston and Montego Bay because they are crowded and there are areas that I do not feel safe in. But I accept that as I do in most major cities, there are always going to be parts of town to avoid for safety reasons. Yes, I do agree that the street peddlers can be aggressive, but I always smile, and say no thank you, and I don't have any trouble. They are just trying to make a living. Jamaica is a beautiful country, you have to get out of Montego Bay to some of the other parts of the island to appreciate it. The people are lots of fun, treat them with respect and they'll treat you with respect. We plan another trip to the island in the near future and we're sure to have an irie time.
Jul 19th, 1998, 05:38 AM
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Being Jamaican, there are a few " haunts " that I visit any chance I get and which my husband, children and myself throughly enjoy !! They are away
from the " tourist centres ", have virtually no vending ( or are in a strictly controlled enviroment), and apart from being beautiful are truly relaxing. The first and favourite is Silver Sands resort in Falmouth/Trelawny, which is a secluded area of villas with THE most beautiful beach ( my opinion of course ! ). Access to the beach would depend on if you're staying at a villa there. The next is YS falls in St. Elizabeth which is incredible with wonderful grounds and absolutely no vendors. Privately run and worth a visit ! During the rainy season the water can look a little cloudy.
The last is Port Antonio ( just for the laid back ) which is a wonderful area with some lovely beaches (most are private )and a few falls(Reach/Somerset).I personally love a place called Frenchmans Cove (again only one or two controlled vendors ). Enjoy your visit and as is true with everywhere, there are places away from the "typical" tourist centres that are wonderful, you just need to find out about them!
Jul 21st, 1998, 10:48 AM
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anyone had any experiences (positive or negative) with Grand Lido Negril? I'm planning to have my
honeymoon there. I still have 2 weeks to cancel my trip before I'm penalized. Thanks for responses!
Jul 26th, 1998, 08:30 AM
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Going to Ocho Rios from Kingston airport; renting a car and traveling A4 E along coast instead of thru Kingston and north thru mountains. Have heard not to take bus. Any tips or comments much appreciated, thanks
Jul 26th, 1998, 11:00 AM
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Grand Lido looks alright, but if you could switch to Swept Away you would be delighted. It's a much more intimate resort on a nicer stretch of beach with fabulous facilities for activities. Grand Lido was more of "Las Vegas" in Jamaica, very glitzy...pretty but glitzy. Negril Beach is a wonderful stretch of beach in the Caribbean, and I've seen a lot of them after going to the area for 10 years in a row. I don't think you would be disappointed in Grand Lido, Swept Away is just my preference. Have a great honeymoon.
Jul 26th, 1998, 04:19 PM
Connie Baumeister
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I plan on going to Negril Jamaica in November for 4 days and 3 nights. Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to stay on the 7 mile beach?

Some place nice but not too expensive?

Anything else you can tell me about Negril would be appreciated.

You can EMAIL ME if you want.


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