Clothing Attire for First Caribbean Vacation

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Clothing Attire for First Caribbean Vacation

My girlfriend and myself are going on our very first vacation to the caribbean. We are traveling to St. Thomas this fall and have no idea what to take along for clothing. We have heard various stories about how I need a dinner jacket and she needs to purchase evening attire. I am beginning to think we will be spending more on the clothes than the trip! My idea of a beach vacation is shorts and swim suit, unfortunately my girlfriend looks for reasons to shop. She has already purchased about 10 new dresses. PLEASE HELP!
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I haven`t been in St. Thomas yet, but I live in the Cayman Islands and there you can go in shorts and t-shirt or in a nice dress to a restaurant. I am sure there are some cashual places to go, so don`t you worry and enjoy the sun and the beaches, that`s what it`s all about. It is very relaxed in the Caribean.
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Delphine Folweiler
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I received a wonderful list of notes
from someone thru this forum and you do
not need anything more than casual. No
jackets unless you're dining @RITZ. We
are also going for first time in October
and a few sundresses/skirts is about all
I plan to take. I do know most dining
places do not allow beachwear. Tell
your girlfriend to take a sweater, as
some places are cool from aircondition-
ers. Have a great time!
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I have read that on most islands, it is preferred by locals (who aren't running around in swimsuits daily like tourists are) not to see you in your swimsuits in restaurants or in town shopping.

Other than that, who cares! At your resort by all means hang out is swim suits, t-shirt and shorts. Just be a little more discreet in restaurants (unless it's a beach bar type place) and public places away from resorts. From what I've heard Puerto Rico is the only place where people get really decked out for the nightlife. Have a wonderful time!
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Joe Raphael
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Sam, the English speaking islands are more nite-time shorts oriented. Puerto Rico is a place that the locals dress up after 7:00 P.M. You might feel very underdressed or not allowed to enter many a place. Always bring 100% cotton clothing. Avoid silk, and long sleeve shirts during the day. Also wear t-shirts under your shirt. It will keep you cooler and drier. Avoid mid-day'll be SORRY!!!
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My suggestion is to pack light and to mix and match as much as you can. A couple of t-shirts, a good shirt, one pair of "dress" shorts, and a pair of long pants for men (some restaurants require long pants at night). As far a 10 dresses are concerned, I think that is exagerating! And since you'll be spending a lot of time in the sun, don't forget a hat. Enjoy!
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By all means take a few long sleeve shirts as many restaurants require
long sleeves after 7PM. You might also
bring a light sport jacket just too
be safe. The english islands are more
likely to require a more formal dress
code. Many places do not allow shorts
at dinner so be sure to bring some
long pants. I was refused service at
a bar in Antigua for being in shorts.
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I live in South Florida where the weather pretty much mirrors that of the Caribbean. I have a few easy suggestions for you.

For you, purchase a few Guyaberra shirts. They're beautifully simple, stylish, button down shirts that originated in Cuba but can be purchased anywhere. They come in long sleeves or short (I prefer short) and all colors. It is truly the universal shirt. Young men, old, fat, slender, etc. It is impossible to look bad in one. Leave the dinner jacket at home. Guyaberra shirts dress up well with slacks and nice shoes; and they dress down with shorts and flip flops.

For your girlfriend, I would suggest leaving those 10 dresses at home. Take maybe three -- short and long -- that can be paired with different tops. My strongest suggestion would be for her to invest in a sarong that will serve as a beach cover, long skirt, short skirt and dress. Tell her to take some cute, strappy sandals for night time and don't worry about jewelry.

Less is truly more when you're headed to the Islands.
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Sam - don't forget shoes. At some resturants they don't allow men to wear sandals.

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