Safety for women alone in the Caribbean

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Safety for women alone in the Caribbean

Some friends and I want to visit the Caribbean. We have 10 days and will probably visit several islands. Our budget doesn't exclude any of the more expensive islands, but a major concern is crime and safety. We are experienced travellers, but would prefer to select an island(s)that safe and women-friendly. We would like to hear from travellers that can give us some contrasting views of islands they have visited. We would particularly, but not exclusively, like to hear from other ladies. Note that we've ruled out cruises and guided tours. We like to go it on our own. Thank you all for your help!
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Ann, my wife and I have always been impressed with the BVI. In 5 or 6 visits to Tortola and Virgin Gorda we've never met an unfriendly person and have been extended unlooked for courtesy by many. We have naturally gravitated toward leaving our car unlocked, though we try to remember to do so. We've travelled to 28 countries and our view is we feel safer in the BVI than anywhere on Earth.
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Decent Tropical
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The BVI are indeed considered by many to be one of the safest places in the Caribbean.

You might also want to visit Saba which is supposed to be virtually crime-free.

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Probably THE safest island in the Caribbean would be Anguilla. When I was in St. Maartin in June a taxi driver told us the crime rate in Anguilla was almost zero. I have been there twice and always felt safe. It's a beautiful island and the people are very friendly.
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I just returned from a trip to St. Thomas and St. John.We stayed at the Wyndam on St. Thomas. I felt very safe on these islands.I would highly recommend the U.S.V.I.
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While I enjoyed USVI on my honeymoon, a burglar broke into our room while we were in bed. Fortunately, my wife woke and scared him off. I called the desk and reported it. The resort didn't even drop by to investigate. Later we discovered they did not report it to the police. About 5 years later 2 men from our state were murdered on St. Thomas. I haven't been back. Switched to the BVI, only 15 or so miles away but on a different planet compared to St. Thomas. Others have told me that St. John is getting to be as bad. I'd sooner spend a night in the Bronx...
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A little common sense goes a long way anywhere you travel. I have no problem traveling alone and staying on St. Thomas alone and one of the best experiences was camping with two other women on St. John. Do not be put off by the "crime" stories on the USVI ... they are a good economical spot to base trips to many other islands, both USVI and BVI and transferring between is easy and economical. Look for signifigant price increases on St. John and even more in the BVI's.
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Just returned from 2 weeks on Grand Cayman. I have never felt as safe anywhere else in the Carribean. They don't lock their doors and no one worries. If you can afford the high prices you would enjoy a stop there.
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Joe Raphael
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Two rules of thumb. Remember that you are visiting far more conservative peoples. After 7.00 P.M. your dress code should be less beachy. Stay together and avoid getting drunk in out of the way bars. Most islands are very safe, but I would avoid Jamaica, unless you're inside an all inclusive resort. Aruba, St. Barts, St. Lucia, the Virgin Islands, and San Juan. A combo of San Juan and St.Thomas and St. John sounds like a variety of fun. You really can't go wrong whatever you choose.
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The safest and my fave island in the Caribbean is St. Barth. Very womwn friendly. A good fun safe combo vacation could include St. Barth, Saba, Anguilla and maybe St. Martin.
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My wife and I enjoy Aruba and St Martin, both are very women friendly. The last time we were in Aruba I saw many women
taking leisurely walks on the beach and
no one bothered them. ENJOY!!!
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I'd have to agree with BVI. I've been to Tortola four times and always felt very comfortable. The people are very polite. Also, I think if you practice the same common sense on the islands as at home, you will be fine.

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