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I'm considering a trip to Cancun or Bermuda towards end of summer. Price is not a consideration. What I want to know is which place would be more worthwhile to visit (1st time to either one). Has anyone been to both places and if so, could you give me a comparison of the two? Let me know which location you felt the safest in, were the beaches clean, and which of the two places was the most beautiful, etc.
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One answer for all your questions ---BERMUDA , BERMUDA , BERMUDA !!!!!!!!! IMHO there's few places safer , cleaner or more enjoyable .
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Don / Boston
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Hi: If price is not a consideration I would vote for Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda it is beautiful elegant and on a gorgeous beach. I have been to Cancun twice in the last twelve months it is fun with good nightlife and nice beaches. It is much more commercialized than Bermuda (kind of like Miami Beach). I consider Cancun probably the best value I have found in the Carribean. But if price is no object it is hard to beat Bermuda (but Bermuda is pricey). Bermuda is elegant low key, and very romantic ( nightlife is minimal however). While Cancun is kind of like the Disney World / Miami Beach of the Caribean. Both are fun!! I enjoyed both Island immensely but if money is not a consideration Bermuda is hard to beat !! Email me if you have any more questions !!
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I think Charlie said it best.... Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda!!!
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Parrot Mom
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For class you can’t beat Bermuda-expensive for dining out–We will be cruising there for the 4th time in August—The Bermudians are friendly and helpful. Don‘t miss the lovely village of St. George— Just read a funny article about eating in Bermuda—brings lots of $$$—but shopping is great. Loads of beaches and things to see– For more info please write me.—
Oh yes, went to Cancun years ago and it;s pretty touristy and commercial. You won’t see a MacDonalds or Taco Bells in Bermuda–not allowed.....
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Never been to Bermuda, but Cancun is too touristy. If going to Mexico stay on the island of Cozumel. S.E. of Cancun. Less Touristy, but just enough for a relaxing vacation.
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If price is not a consideration, then Bermuda
wins hands down. It is more beautiful, more
interesting (lots of history), cleaner, less
commercial, and the weather is better. If you
want beaches, be sure to stay on the side of
the island where they are so you don't have to
travel everytime you want to go to the beach.
Elbow Beach (only the cottages are available
now, they are renovating) is in the perfect

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We've spent a lot of time at both. We've spent a lot of time at most of the islands. In a contest anywhere or Bermuda, Bermuda wins hands down, no contest. And with careful planning, it's frequently not as expensive as any other island and not much more expensive than Cancun. When it comes to friendly people, Cancun runs second to Bermuda and that's saying something for Cancun.
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Connie Baumeister
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I've been to Bermuda and Cancun and if I had my choice again, it would be hard to choose. Bermuda is more laid back and very very expensive unless you book and all inclusive hotel. The beaches were breathtaking, the shopping was expensive. They drive on the wrong side of the street....but I would go back.

Cancun is definitely Americanized. The beachese are beautiful and it's very inexpensive (I thought). We stayed at the FIESTA AMERICANA CANCUN. You can either lay back of party party party. The night life is wild and does not get started unitl 11 PM. Some of the bars close down at 5 or 6 in the morning. So sleep all day and party all night (haha).

Have fun!
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Never been to Cancun, but have been to many other places. Bermuda is by far the most beautiful and safest place to go.
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Since Elbow Beach is being worked on -where else do you suggest I consider? Are there budget places to eat?
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Look at to see info on some of Bermuda's best small hotels. We like The Reefs (you'll see positive posts here), but all are very good. The smaller places tend to have mostly long term, permanent staffs who are better able to treat you as an individual. You will pay more because these places do not have air fare package deals, but will likely have a better experience. Enjoy your trip!
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Posts: n/a check it out !! Have a great trip, which is easy to do in Bermuda.

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