BVI hotel recommendation

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BVI hotel recommendation

Can someone recommend a hotel anywhere in BVI that's a good spot finish the last few nights of 2 weeks in the virgin islands. I'm looking to make day trips to different locations in BVI, and come back to a hotel with restauants and bars within walking distance. Delux accommodations are not required...

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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I think i need to be more specific with my intentions for my stay in BVIs. I have 4 nights--2 of which i'd like to stay in Tortola, and 2 in VG. I am looking for affordable places that have some options for night life activities within walking distance. I'll explore interesting sites during the day, but want to have easy access to entertainment at night. Any suggestions?
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On Tortola, I would recommend something either in Cane Garden Bay, where you have a few choices right there on the beach for dining and beach bars (no specific rec, however), or that you stay at either Sebastian's or the Sugar Mill. From either Seb or SM you can walk to the restaurant at the other, as well as the Palm's Delight and Coco Plums, two nice local joints, the Bomba Shack for nightlife/partying, or for a longer walk, the restaurants at Long Bay Resort.

However, I might suggest that you spend all 4 nights in one place and take a daytrip or two to the other.

Where else will you have been by the time you get to Tortola or VG? From what island will you depart to go back home? These will all make differences in what I might suggest to you. But it sounds like you've got a great trip ahead of you!
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Thanks for the advice. For 7 days prior, my fiancee and I are renting a villa in St. John. Here we'll have plenty of privacy, and peace and quiet. So for the last few days we're interested in more activity at night. We don't want anything fancy really--looking for close proximity to beach bars and live music (at night).

We'll end up flying out of St Thomas, so we plan on staying our last night there.

Does this change your recommendation?

Thanks again!

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Well, I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with short stays at places, having to pack & unpack, and keeping in mind travel time in transit between islands.

I'd still recommend staying put on either Tortola or Virgin Gorda for 4 nights rather than 2 nights for each one. I don't have any personal experience in the area because I wanted a bit more quiet than what you're looking for (and thus stayed at Sugar Mill), but I do think that the Cane Garden Bay area would suit you nicely. Take a look at the Lighthouse Villas and Myett's. There's at least one other guesthouse/inn there but I can't recall the name(s).

I think you'd enjoy a daytrip to Jost Van Dyke for beach time and barhopping. A daytrip to Virgin Gorda for the Baths would also be good if you want to sample as many islands as possible. I can't think of any place on VG that would satisfy all of your requirements of having a variety of places within walking distance for both dining and nightlife or live music.
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ejcrowe gives very sound advice. Check out this website to get more of a feel of what each island has to offer. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it offers info on the different islands, restaurants, bars and some sccomodations. I think Tortola or Jost Van Dyke have more of what you are looking for than Virgin Gorda. I agree with staying on one island for 4 nights and day tripping from there. It is simple to do. Cane Garden Bay area on Tortola, White bay on Jost Van Dyke would probably be what you are looking for. I would stay on Tortola given your scenario.
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I am really sorry to say that Cane Garden Bay has become a depot for cruise shippers. If you are looking for peace and quiet, steer clear of staying in this area. Sebastien's Sea Side villas, Sugar Mill, Long Bay are better choices.
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Coconut Point is great! In Carrot Bay. Close to Sebastians, closer to Bomba's and even closer to Palm's Delight.

Peace, Greenie!
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I'm with Emily (ejcrowe) on this.

If you will be on island outside of the major cruise schedule, or when there are no big ships in Road Town, Cane Garden Bay is probably your best bet for being within walking distance of dining and entertainment.

But, it wouldn't be my personal recommendation. Like Emily, I would highly recommend staying in Apple Bay for a more truly "ilons" time. Stay at Sebastions or Sugar Mill. Dine at Palm's Delight and Banankeet. You will come away enchanted with the BVIs and Tortola!

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Linda, you just used a word that's new to me: ilons. I get the meaning from context, but can you tell me anything else about it? Is it short for something? Derived from something?

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I'm not sure what the history is (or indeed, if there is one). I suppose it's a transposition from the vernacular pronunciation of "islands" used on many of the "ilons". Kind of like "mon" vs "man".

I picked it up in many many posts on TTOL and it's just become a permanent part of my vocabulary.

Somehow, saying "Chill, - You in de ilons now, mon!" has a whole lot more magic and power to seduce than saying "Relax, you are in the islands now, man!".

It's like hearing a steel pan band - gets me every time. Brings me instantly to a more civilized, gentler and community oriented sensibility. Talking about "going back to the ilons" makes me feel like I'm going home again. Unfortunately, DH and I have established such a love affair with the BVIs and Tortola and the BVI people that I need to win a lottery to sustain and treat the withdrawal symptoms when we leave.

To iso_sun, if you are looking for lower cost accomodations, you might try Heritage Inn on Windy Hill (over-looking Carrot Bay, in between Apple Bay and Cane Garden Bay). This is home to Bananakeet Restaurant (great views and food). However, unless you are extremely fit - it's a long walk into CGB. Not bad to Carrot Bay and Apple Bay. Since Bananakeet and Palm's Delight in Carrot Bay are my faves on Tortola, this would serve well for a couple of days for sure.

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