Bringing presents to kids in Cuba...

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Bringing presents to kids in Cuba...

I will be going to Havana for the first time in March, 2000. My cousin, who has become somewhat of an ex-pat, lives there part-time, and has a lover in Havana who is pregnant w/ their second child. I asked..."Well, what can I bring you from the States?" His answer: "We need everything." Is it true they need basics like soap, teddy bears, clothes??? I want to visit them and bring a little package from the States but I don't know what would be appropriste. I certainly don't want to offend anyone w/ "Yankee Charity"...does anyone have some suggestions which I can tuck into a suitcase for a 2 week visit? We will be lving like the fancy hotels or all inclusives.
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When we were there the parents seemed to want for their kids:
Felt marking pens(you know-the scented,crazy colored, etc. variety )
Stuff for their kids-soap, bubble bath, kids candy, erasers, pens.

running shoes
bubbble gum
"game boys"
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Yes it is true. They will very much appreciate anything. We took many things. Soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, little toys, hair bands and barets. the women really enjoy getting lipstick, nail polish.etc.
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Parrot Mom
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Just go into a drugstore and stand in front of the baby products and take one or two of everything from baby powder, shampoo,baby wipes, creams for diaper rash...washclothes, lotions, thermometer, you get the point.... I'd say disposable diapers, but that would make too big a package unless you would like to take an extra folding suitcase. Even though you aren't taking a about having a folding stoller(you can buy a great used one at a resale shop) part of your luggage Since there is another child a few toys would be more than appropriate. Your staying there for two weeks may be a financial hardship for these people, but they will never say.. For can bring t-shirts and leave what clothes you are going to take....wash everything first so the customs will think they are used.. lso toss in peanut butter, and cans of tuna...
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All the items mentioned above are great. If the child is a boy, you may also want to consider a deflated soccer ball or a baseball.

Just to give you an idea of the cost of things, a cheap bottle of shampoo we would buy here for a $1 US or less was selling for about $6 US.

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