Biras Creek on Virgin Gorda?

Feb 10th, 2013, 12:01 PM
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Biras Creek on Virgin Gorda?

My wife and my recent experience. Stay away:

Five Stars? You must be kidding

We arrived 1/31/13 to stay for 9 days. We have previously stayed at other first-class resorts in the Caribbean over the past ten years. This was a new spot, having received great reviews. We elected to stay in the “Grand Suite” so we had a “living room” separate bedroom, separate bathroom, outdoor, private shower, and our own private pool. In the first two hours in our room to following became readily evident: 1) the pool had not been cleaned for some time, the water was slightly oily; 2) all the window screens splines, essentially ALL, had some loose from their frames resulting in the screens flapping in the wind and being useless; 3) ALL, yes, actually all, the bright, locally painted pictures which had been hanging on the walls in the pictures of our bedroom had been removed (the wall hangars were still there, but had been painted over), 4) the double screen door to our pool kept coming off the track and was very difficult to open; 5) the white bed curtains to the canopy bed, which were so nicely prevalent in the pictures, were no where to be seen – the hooks for them were on the bed posts, but no curtains. Obviously there had been no evaluative preparation of our room before we arrived.

We notified management of the above. The following were the results: 1) the pool was cleaned and fresh water was put in; 2) the window screen splines were fixed (for the most part – but read on); 3) door double screen door to our pool was fixed (for a day – read on for the next step with this); 4) and 5) management said they would “look into” the issue with the pictures and bed hangings and get back to us.

The window screen splines stayed in place for about 5 days before they started coming out again. The double screen door kept coming off its track. I removed the door from its track, turned it upside down and discovered that the front guide wheel was frozen due to the salt air. Management took the door to their shop and fixed it – me discovering this problem and telling them what was wrong is not what I paid $1,300 a night for.

On our last day there I noted to management that the pool filter pump appeared to not be working again.

The pictures and bed hangings: I told my wife after a couple of days that the attention of the management of this resort “appeared to be elsewhere.” You did not have to look far. We learned later from a reliable source that the pictures and bed hangings had been taken by management to decorate the sample house of “Oil Nut Bay,” the northern-most piece of real estate on Virgin Gorda which is being developed by the Biras creek owners.

We met four very nice couples while we were there. One of the first questions there was unanimity on was “Would you come back.” The answer always was “No.”
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Feb 11th, 2013, 05:54 AM
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I'm sorry you had such a bad time. I've been to Biras and liked it (many years ago), but I agree that $1300 per night is a crazy rate, even for high season. That kind of price sets up expectations that are difficult for a resort to meet, especially in more remote locations. Sounds like their attention is indeed elsewhere.
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Feb 17th, 2013, 04:28 PM
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UncleRuddy: I'm sorry you had such a terrible time. I promise they didn't put fresh water in the pool. Generally they fix a filtration problem or adjust the chemicals. Water is way too dear in the Caribbean to replace a pool full.
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Mar 8th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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I've been to Biras several times. The first 2 times were the best which was before Victor International Corp bought it & ruined it. Initially, it was a wonderful place to visit, very natural, the staff were friendly & happy, the Brits managed the place & were so much fun. After Victor International bought it, everything changed. They did renovate the rooms which was nice, but the staff lost their joy & began answering everything the same as they were "trained." Over the next few years as Oil Nut Bay was being built, it became evident that Biras was an after thought & the developers were going for the big money with Oil Nut Bay.

There used to be a great little grotto to walk thru or bike which had a stream of water & plants growing on a rock wall, shaded. Often, it would be full of hummingbirds which was magical. The last time I was at Biras, the wall had been removed mainly so the golf carts carrying the Oil Nut mangers could drive faster around the corner. One day riding my bike around the corner on the left side (British Virgin islands, NOT US Virgin islands), I was hit by an Oil Nut Bay marketer driving fast on the US side of the road. I was banged up pretty badly & basically told I could sign a waiver & they would comp the rest of our trip & give us a voucher for the days we had already paid for to be used at a later date OR I could deal with the court system in Tortola. Now, Victor International has a big presence, so what chance did I have in a Tortola court?

I've had that voucher for 2 years now & am so ambivalent about using it. It's so sad what has happened to Biras & also to the staff.
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Mar 9th, 2013, 10:25 AM
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topeater: US Virgins also drive on the left. ;-)
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