Baby on Board??

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Baby on Board??

We are planning a 4 day family cruise to the Bahamas in Oct and unplanned was the baby being born in July. My Daughter in Law really wants to make the trip, but no one is sure how practicle taking a 2 month old on a trip like this would be. Any one out there had any experience like this?
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Do yourself and the other passengers a favor and leave the baby with grandma.
Old Jun 3rd, 1998, 10:22 AM
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I second that opinion, leave the baby at home, why ruin your holiday and everyone else's who has to put up with a crying, screaming baby.
Old Jun 6th, 1998, 08:07 AM
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As an experienced traveler with babies I would say take the Baby! We have been everywhere with our children since 4 months old without problems or complaints. I think your daughter-in-law is more
deserving of a vacation after child birth then anyone else on the ship!
Old Jun 9th, 1998, 08:42 PM
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I say without a doubt, take the baby! At two months, the baby is a perfect age to take. They still sleep a lot, they don't crawl so you don't have to worry about babyproofing anything, the parents will just be starting to feel more comfortable with their parenting skills so it will be a good time for them to relax a little and for a change of pace, someone else will be cooking dinner and making the beds. Forget that "screaming baby" remark. Trust me most people will probably never know you even have a child with you.
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TAKE THE BABY!!! My husband and I took our 6 month old on a Caribbean cruise and everyone had a great time! If you think about it, there are a lot of grandparents who take cruises and they love to see the little babies!! Even if the baby is crying in the main dining room there is enough background noise that no one will hear your baby cry. Many cruise lines offer babysitting services as well. Believe me, this is the perfect time because once they can crawl or walk and become toddlers it becomes more difficult and complicated. Good luck!
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Perhaps you should check with the cruise line before making any plans with your infant. Some lines will not allow children under 18 months. I for one would not be too happy if a crying baby was in the cabin next to me. After all, I paid for the cruise also with my hard earned money. I would be the first one to complain to the hotel manager, purser, cruise director, or any one who would listen to me if that wcenario unfolded, and demand my money back or be moved to another cabin. Which is why some lines don't allow infants. So, again, please do yourself and the other passengers a favor and check into the age restrictions.

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I'm for taking the baby.. you will probably have a better time with your new little one close by...maybe you could take grandma with you... that's what we're doing next month.. then if the baby is upset you will have some back up and it won't have to ruin anyone's good time.
I would consider waiting if the baby is a fussy cryer at night.. so as not to disturb others sleep.
Best of luck and hope you have a wonderful trip!
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I say leave the baby at home. This is not because i hate babies or children or think they are an inonvenience to other passenges but bcause as someone earlier said, "your daughter in law needs the cruise more than anyone" She needs rest and relaxation maybe some time to reconnect with her husband. The pressures of life changes and schedule changes can be very taxing on a young maried couple who still need time together. I love my two children (daughter 2 and son 6) but every year, I make it a point to get away with my husband alone to keep sane. In addition, taking the new baby may limit your daughter in-law's enjoyment. it would seem a waste of money to pay for a cruise when she may end up spending lot of time in the cabin with the sleeping baby (at 2 mo. old, he will sleep ALOT) She proably won't be able to take shore excursions as children are not allowed and it wouldn't be conducive to baby's schedule anyway. I also want to second what another poster said about children having to be at least 18mo. on most cruise lines.

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