Atlantis-just back

Jun 10th, 2000, 04:22 PM
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Atlantis-just back

Returned from Atlantis yesterday. Second trip there. We adore it. Cheaper eats at Atlas Grill in casino and Murrays by the marina. We stayed at the older Beach Tower facing pool. We like that location closer to beach, but will consider Coral Tower or Royal as long as facing water. So much to do there. We took the Thriller fast boat trip. Don't make the resevations at the hotel tour counters, it adds another $20, just pick up the brochure and make a reservation by phone. It was $80 per person for l hour for us. We loved it going 50 mph. The trouble with Atlantis is not enough info given about the place. Be sure to pickup a daily activities sheet at the conceige (sp) desk. The Thriller zipped us around the Blue Lagoon Island and I would say no big deal there.

The water slides are outstanding, as well as the river pool. The property is so big it's a hike around. Another well keep secret is they have a shuttle bus that goes around the towers. If you want some privacy and good snorkeling like us go as far east as possible on the beach up over that hill where the palm trees are. This is the sight of the old snack bar and Paradise paradise hotel...they are using it for the construction workers now. Saw all kinds of fish, a barracuda, and filled my bag with tiny shells while snorkeling.

My hubby fished off the rocks some evenings (brought his own stuff), had some he did go deep sea fishing.

Remember it's a 8-10 minute hike down to the bridge to the ferry boats, fun boats, fishing boats. I took a taxi into town one was $10 one way. Came back on a ferry boat $3.

All the marine life at the royal tower is worth a daily visit, just follow signs to digs (below water) or ruins(above water). Shark bites by Royal pool seems to have only outdoor entertainment. Also the hotel did away with those big showroom show.

Room service continental breakfast only gives you one roll. The room service peperoni pizza was real good. Only rolls and coffee available at bars downstairs. We had the $19 buffet one day. Watch the sometimes 19% service charge they add to bills before you tip. We got it in the Blue Marlin Restuarant down the hill.

Jun 11th, 2000, 07:30 PM
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Thanks for your post....
I'm visiting Atlantis ( beachtower were the rooms?...I take it from your post that you didnt take the meal plan..may I ask why you chose not to.?....I'm still up in the air weather to take the meal plan or not....Can you share with us what kinds of meals you had, resturants,prices.comments.etc
Jun 12th, 2000, 07:04 AM
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We never use meal plan cause we may not be on the property, may skip meals or just eat twice, plus we are not into dressing up. For example, we were at Royal Tower area for snorkeling and did not want to hike back to Beach Tower to change clothes. We knew we could grab a bite at Shark Bites or Murrays in beach casual clothes. We ate lunch at Seagrapes first day and they had alot of food, but I was searching everywhere for some cooked vegetables. While we were around the Beach Tower pool the second day, my hubby went over to the cave cafe and brought us back drinks and nice salads. He did the same at Royal when we were on big circle beach. The 2 places I would have eaten were Fathoms and the restaurant in the Great Hall of Waters facing the Digs. They looked the best.

Actually I took a great writeup from here with me on the trip and covered many more restaurants.
Jun 12th, 2000, 07:09 AM
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The Beach Tower is the oldest part and the rooms are nice, not outstanding. The first day our smoke detector went off, wow is it loud, but they came quick to fix it. The birds can be messy. Also is was rainy down there last week.
Jun 14th, 2000, 01:09 PM
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Thanks for the advice on Atlantis.

We are leaving on June 24th and will be
at Atlantis till June 30th. We have
reservations in the Coral Towers. Do
you know anything about them?

This is a trip I won so I had no choice
of accomodations and I don't know alot
about the resort, just what I have read
in this forum and a little feedback from
people who have been there. Everything I
have heard is so conflicting. Some folks
say it is wonderful (but too expensive)
and others hate it (too expensive).

Thanks for recommendations on less expensive restaurants. We will have breakfast everday provided and three dinners while we are there. Do you know
is there a grocery store or liquor store
close or maybe just across the bridge?
We thought we might be able to save a little by stocking our own mini bar with
beer and Vodka.

How much did the deep sea fishing cost
your husband? Did he enjoy it? Was it
worth the money? Did he catch anything?

I understand that the golf course at
Atlantis is undergoing renovation. Do
you know anything about courses elsewhere
on the island?

Thanks for your help.
Jun 18th, 2000, 01:05 PM
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Not sure about grocery stores, but there are alot of liquor stores in town. Drinks are cheaper out of your minibar than at one of the hotel bars by the way. At least beer is. Atlantis is an expensive place.
Jun 19th, 2000, 02:35 PM
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Hey, my direction for the good beach was backwards. Go "West" not east past Royal tower over the hill with the palm trees.

Fishing trip: Boat is Kingfisher, $70, caught fish, more like party boat.

Coral towers is between Beach and Royal...good location. Someone I spoke to there said they liked it better that beach tower. What is preferred is to be facing some water.

We couldn't even buy a coke in the beach tower shop. One of the other tower shops had them. I say bring some snacks with you.
Jun 19th, 2000, 02:54 PM
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Andrea, Atlantis is not too expensive, it is expensive. That's what it is supposed to be. You can't have an 11 million gallon aquarium with 5,000 different species of marine life and charge $.50 for a coke or $3.00 for a drink. The rooms are average. The attraction is the place and things to do. Also, that bridge between the royal tower sections is the bridge suite, it is not a walkthru area. Have fun
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