Aruba (help?)

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Aruba (help?)

We are thinking of going to Aruba this fall (October) We've been to Hawaii (Maui)last year and wondered how Aruba compares to Maui?
What type of things- sightseeing, etc.. is there to do in Aruba? We are into snorkling, diving etc.. Is Aruba a fun place to visit? We are in our early 30's..
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Aruba is a desert. Quite barren, except for the foliage planted at the resorts. Weather is always great. Snorkeling, jeep adventures, scuba. Fabulous restaurants. Casinos but very little entertainment. If you are looking for a place to just relax and enjoy the sun and have good dinners, I highly recommend. I have not been to Hawaii, but I think you are comparing apples to oranges. Been to Arube 7 times mostly in January. If I can be of further help please write.
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My husband and I went to Aruba in April and stayed at the Hyatt. We thought it was ok, we previously went to Maui and there is absolutely no comparison, Maui wins hands down. Aruba is ugly, and has 1 long beach, there is no charachter, there was no snorkelling at the hotel either. We would not return although others go every year. If you do go, go to El Gauchos steak house.
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bulls eye arlene.but 5 hrs from ny is alot closer than 12-13 hrs to hawaii.
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But you fly over a whole lot of wonderful islands to get to Aruba!! There is absolutely no comparison of any part of HI to Aruba! Not much sightseeing since it is an arid island. You can do it in half a day on your own. For snorkling and diving I would definitely head elsewhere!
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Been to Aruba about 8 times. There is plenty of snorkeling and diving if you know where to go. SNorkel at Malmok---Baby BEach (beyond the break in the wall) - - and best of all DePalm ISland - reachable by short ferry won't be disappointed. There are also plenty of dive trips
with Red Sail Sports.
No - Aruba is not Hawaii - but I can go to the beach, gamble, eat at wonderful reatuarants and shop for a week for less than $1000 total from Boston. Hawaii would cost triple that!
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I agree with all the comments. Aruba is definetly not HI, but it is alot closer and a lot cheaper. Out of all the islands that I have been to excluding Jamaica, and I have been to most, Aruba was the place I felt the safest and had the most fun. The people were friendly and I did not get that begging scene like the other islands.

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