Are the Steps that Steep

Aug 12th, 2003, 03:43 PM
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Are the Steps that Steep

Just booked the Pompano for October and we are staying in a deluxe Ocean Front Room. It looks like a suite. Large bathroom, bedroom with a sitting area and balcony. I have bad legs and I was wondering if the walk is that steep. Also is it walking distance to the Ferry and Bus Stop. I was concerned about getting around. Plus give me all of the info you can about the Pompano beach and the transportation situation and if it is easy to get around the Island. For instance how would you get from Pompano Beach to St George??

Looking forward to many replies.
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Aug 16th, 2003, 08:28 AM
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I've only visited Pompano for dinner on a dine-around. I'd call the hotel and specifically ask about how you get to the bus stop -- the driveway to the main road looked rather long, but I think there is a bus stop there. While it looked okay for someone who walks well, I'd be cautious. I'm a real hiker, but I wouldn't want to do this frequently in August heat. Ask ask specifically about the ferry. I know that there are stops within the bay, but Pompano faces the ocean, i.e. you'd have a walk of ? distance.

Frankly, you are at the opposite end of the island(s) to St. George from Pompano. In season (it stops sometime in October,) the orange line ferry will go from the Dockyards, not too far from Pompano by bus, to St. George's. Otherwise, you need to take the bus across island, stopping in Hamilton. While no place on the island is THAT far, it will take 45 minutes or so (?) to go by bus from your area to St. George's. Again, you are about as far from St. George's as you can get on Bermuda.

I would not necessarily rely on taxis. While we use them , it can get expensive. Also: on my latest trip the first week of August, 2003, there were some complaints about the lack of taxis willing to go out to the Somerset and western end area.

To sum up: this may be worth a phone call to Pompano to specifically ask about the number of steps to the beach, and specifically how long a walk it is to the bus stop. Who knows -- they may have a little shuttle service?

If this doesn't work out for you, may I suggest a few places: (1) While not the Bermuda experience of a cottage colony like Pompano, the Southampton Princess and Elbow Beach are large hotels with complimentqary shuttles to their own beaches. The S. Princess also has a complimentary ferry to its property in Hamilton. (2) While I have not stayed there, the Ariel Sands is a cottage colony on its own beach, and a fairly level walk to the beach from teh clubhouse area. The downside: it has a long driveway for someone who does not walk that well. (3) If you don't mind being in Hamilton, my senior citizen parents love the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. This newly-refurbished hotel has the complimentary ferry to the S. Princess, which has a shuttle pickup that will bring you to the beach. This was great for my mother, who does not get around very well, but a good location for walking into town to Hamilton for its shops and entertainments. Dad also liked the on-site salt water pool (there is also a freshwater one.) We've also stayed t the Reefs, which is a very nice small hotel, but there are some steps -- this would be a matter of degree in terms of trouble getting to the beach.

I'll check back in a few days if you have any other questions. We stayed most recently at Horizons & Cottages, which is wonderful, but the hills would make it difficult for someone with difficulty in walking. Even with a shuttle to their sister beach club, Coral Beach, there are a lot of steep steps to the beach. We are repeat guests at H & C, and are happy there, but I know my mother couldn't handle the hills, epsecially in hot weather.
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Aug 17th, 2003, 05:33 AM
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Madam X

Thanks for replying to me. I can walk but has a bad right knee. I know the hotel has a shuttle that takes you to the bus stop. They also take you to the Rockaway Ferry stop which goes directly to Hamilton. St. George will be a one day visit which is the furthest point we will travel. I thought we could take the Ferry to Hamilton then take the bus. The Pompano is close to Somerset and Sandy's parish has taxi's. I did hear that the bus service is very good in Bermuda. When you were at the Pompano for dinner what did you think? We are getting a Delux suite right near the ocean.

Any other informatio you could give me would be appreciated.
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Aug 18th, 2003, 06:42 AM
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It's been a few years since I was at Pompano, so it's hard to say what your experience might be. I only vaguely remember that the food was good to very good. I haven't avoided it, but the hotels we've booked into in recent years either had a meal program with very good on-site dining (Horizons and Waterloo) or we just didn't want to go as far as Pompano (a little too lazy?)

I remember that Pompano has a nice dining room with large windows that overlooks the ocean, if you wanted air conditioning. There is also a balcony of outdoor tables if you wanted to be outside. At the time, Pompano required jacket and tie for men, so steamy evenings in August sometimes made indoor dining more comfortable for my husband. This rule MAY have changed, as it has at its dine-around partner at the Reefs (now "smart casual.")

A recommendation about the dine-around, which I believe it still shares with The Reefs and other properties: the plan is sort of a "fixed exchange," i.e. if you want to dine at other properties, there are specific days when you can trade with any specific property, e.g. The Reefs might be Tuesday and Fridays, Stonington on Wednesdays, or whatever it is. If you'd like to try another property for dinner, I'd make reservatons NOW since there is a one-for-one exchange, i.e. a couple from The Reefs will come to Pompano on the night you want to go to The Reefs. It's not a "Where do I want to go tonight?" situation, especially in more crowded seasons. This may not be a concern in October, but we usually go in crowded August.

Also: it looks as though Pompano is very helpful in getting you to the bus stop and ferry. Also: if you are like me, I actually like the bus for just looking around. Consider taking it just to tour around. We've always found them very comfortable and easy to use, and I THINK they are all air-conditioned. Again, this may be less a problem in October, but it's nice to know in August. Similarly, the ferries are well-located in the towns for easy excursions, and the trip around the bay is nice in itself.
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Aug 18th, 2003, 06:48 AM
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Is hould have also mentioned that Pompano itself looks like a lovely property and location -- a nice "old Bermuda" experience, which we like. the emphasis is on quiet and comfortable luxury on a private beach, not marble bathrooms and in-room coffee makers (ubless they decided to put them in?) This is more like an old money resort (I grew up in the Northeast) where things might not be shiny-new, but reflects the days of quieter comfort. I didn't see the guest rooms, but I'm sure your view will be nice.
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