Anguilla vs. Antigua - info please

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Anguilla vs. Antigua - info please

Just returned from a glorious week at Cap Juluca and we are in the process of planning our next trip! We loved Cap and Anguilla, the people were wonderful. We liked the flexability of Anguilla as we rented a car and explored the island when we got tired of sitting on the beach. We also loved going to different restaurants but loved the fact that Cap had 3 great ones on premisis. We have never been to Antigua but interested in Jumby Bay or Galley Bay . Can anyone give us info on these resorts, or suggest something?
What we are looking for:
5 star luxury accommodations on the beach
beautiful beach
great food and restaurants
an island to explore during the day - shops, beach bars, places for lunch
Thanks a bunch!
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Carolyn, You may want to do a Anguilla vs. Antigua search. I remember reading a bunch of posts regarding these two islands. Good Luck!
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Hello Carolyn,
I have been to both Antigua and Anguilla, and my opinion is that you might do better at Four Seasons Nevis or Grace Bay Club on Provo.
Both of those resorts and the islands are more along the lines of what you had in Anguilla than Antigua - particularly Provo.
Either one is easy to get around, very friendly locals, safe, great places to eat and hang out, and Provo has the nicest beach I've ever seen - Grace Bay.
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Jumby Bay is lovely and will be reopening December 15. A number of people often combine a time at Jumby with time at Cap although they are very different in some ways. Jumby being all inclusive might not be what you want but the main island is just a short boat ride away for exploring. You won't find the same Anguilla ambience once you are there though. I didn't care much for Antigua other than some of the outstanding restaurants and couldn't wait to get back to Jumby. You might explore Meridian Club if you are at all interested in Turks and Caicos. It is truly lovely with wonderful beaches and avoid the hussle and bussle of Provo which is becoming very developed. But in the TC you won't find the dining options as you did on Anguilla nor some of the other things that you mention you like like shopping. I wonder if 4Seasons might disappoint because of the beach there but if you like golf, it would be great. I would look at St. Barth's and there are several places there that might come close to the ambience of Anguilla. Might want to check out Sandy Lane on Barbados. It is a dynamite property and there is lots to explore including day trips to the Grenadines if you feel the urge.
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Thank you for the great info. Cap was hands down the best vacation we have been on. It was not only the resort that was so wonderful but the island of Anguilla can't be beat. It's very easy to get stuck in a rut and go back to Cap every year (I know many do) but it really has everything we were looking for. Jumby Bay always looked beautiful but we are not the types to stay put, we like to try different places to eat and have drinks in the local beach bars. Your information was very very helpful and I appreciate it. There's nothing like spending lots of money on a vacation only to be disappointed. I have always found the opinions of everyone on this board to be exactly right.
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We have not been to Anguilla although it's on our list, but have been to Antigua.

We went there for our honeymoon, and I would not go back to the island. I found the people (other than at our resort) rude, and unhelpful. We rented a jeep for the week since we also don't like to stay put, and after one day turned it in. None of the roads were marked, and we got lost, lost, lost. We followed what we thought was a main road to a restaurant, and ended up in a cow pasture with an angry-looking man wielding a machete. He just glared at us. On the way home we stopped at a small store for Cokes, and while my husband was in the store, natives reached in the jeep and grabbed me. Our day in St. John for some shopping we encountered raw sewage running down the street, and the taxi driver we hired was high most of the time.

Antigua has beautiful beaches, some lovely people, and I loved where we stayed (Hawksbill). But it's not enough to make me want to go back.

I would definitely chose another island. We went to St. Barths a couple of years ago and despite being in the middle of a hurricane (!) loved the island.
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Hi Debbie,
Thanks for the info! I loved St. Barts as well but Anguilla is spectacular. You must go you will love it. We stayed at Cap Juluca, but from what we saw there are many hotels in all price ranges and they all looked very nice. The island is clean, safe and the people are the nicest and friendliest I have ever seen. The food is wonderful, with many choices and price ranges. The roads are only slightly rough in areas but are clearly marked (something brand new) and well lit. There is no such thing as traffic and you can only go 35 mph. I hope you get the chance to visit Anguilla you will love it. I guess I just answered my own question - with some help. Thanks
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As usual, this thread is a complete JOKE!! You loved St. Barts but Anguilla is "spectacular?!?" Compared to what -- a swamp?!?!!!
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Tim, Take your silly ass back to Hawaii and leave the rest of us alone. We don't care what you think you pompous prick.
Old Nov 19th, 2002, 05:51 AM
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Thank you Carmine for giving it to Tim like he deserves. I don't think he can help his behaviour - he is totally idiotic and a complete waste of time.
Old Nov 19th, 2002, 06:00 AM
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Whenever someones posts about how wonderful Anguilla is, along comes Tim with his nasty comments. Nobody takes his posts seriously so I think in the future we should all ignore him. I know it's hard since he is obviously an idiot, but we don't need to fuel his fire! Silence is golden!
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Hi Carolyn

I stayed at Cap for my honeymoon in February, and went to Galley Bay for a week at the end of August. We loved Anguilla and Cap, and would love to go back -pity it costs soooo much!

We enjoyed Galley Bay, but would not return. The beach is very nice, but a bit rocky in the water (not like the smooth white sand under the sea at Cap). The rooms were fine (the premium beachfront suite was excellent, although just a hint below the junior suite at Cap). Service was good, but we found the all inclusive food service to be too boring (drinks, on the other hand... LOL!!) - the menus didn't change enough, and the quality was only good, rather than excellent. We missed the dining around we did, and the excellent quality we experienced, on Anguilla. The other negative for us was the island - we liked Anguilla and explored a lot in our little jeep, finding beaches and feeling safe wherever we went. By comparison, we found Antigua to be dull (even though it is a lot greener) and the beaches to be inferior. We also didn't care for the locals - it felt a lot "bigger" than Anguilla, and not in a good way.

We had a good time, but would not return to Antigua for these reasons.


PS We sailed past Jumby Bay and thought it looked okay, but were glad we hadn't stayed there as it would have been even more isolated.
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