AIs in Aruba for Honeymoon?

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AIs in Aruba for Honeymoon?

We're planning our honeymoon for July 17-22 and we still can't figure out where to go! I'm pretty sure we want AI since we like to drink and would appreciate not paying premium prices for alcohol and nice dinners. We do NOT want to stay in a high-rise, but we want a romantic room on the beach. Is Aruba the place for this? I've looked at Bucuti, and I like it a lot- minus the fact that it's not AI. Thanks so much for your help!
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If you are interested in Aruba, go to There are many reviews on hotels and restaurants at this website. You can also post questions here. There are several all inclusive options on Aruba. I must say that one of Aruba's best attributes is the fact that the restaurants are so good. So all inclusive would not necessarily be the way to go. Bucuti (I have not seen), but have heard very nice reviews on this property and their new tara suite rooms. I have stayed at the Marriott in the high rise section and I have seen the Hyatt. Both are very nice properties. Aruba is a fun, sunny, hot destination. It is a great place for a honeymoon.
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Aruba is a great location, but as the previous poster stated, one of the attibutes of the island is that it has tons of wonderful restaurants. If you're set on Aruba, I'd recommend NOT doing AI.

If you have to do AI, I'd actually recommend a different island, where you will get the most bang for your buck with the AI.
For example, Jamaica is a great island to do AI, as there aren't a lot of accessible/high-quality restaurants near most resorts.

Also, you'll find that top quality food and AIs don't go together. Hope that helps.
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If you go to Aruba- don't do AI. Way too many great places to eat. Bucuti was amazing & super romantic. They have happy hours & a steeldrum player.
If you are insistant on AI go somewhere else.
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We are also looking for an all inclusive in Aruba for our honeymoon - August 8- 15. I understand the restuarants are great; but we really want AI. We have decided against jamaica - our first choice because of the hurricane season. We have narrowed our AI choices in Aruba to : Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive, Aruba Grand Beach Resort and Casino, and La Cabana All-Suite Beach Resort and Casino. And feedback on these places - are they true AIs?
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go to They will give you great information on these resorts. Ask in the forum. There are people that will love certain places for different reasons!
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bt718- I don't know about Manchebo's AI program, but I had dinner at their restaurant, The French STeakhouse, which was mediocre at best. I can't imagine going AI there and being stuck with that food. Although their breakfast was OK. Bucuti, next to Manchebo, is a *great* place to stay but their food leaves a lot to be desired as well.
Aruba is not the place to do AI - there are some great restaurants and it's so easy to get around the island.
If it's drinks on the beach you want with the AI then my suggestion to you is to bring a soft sided cooler and fill it up with ice and drinks of choice from one of many grocery/liquor stores in Aruba.
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The Tam and the Divi are the only all-inclusive resorts. The others have AI programs. Several of the hotels also have drinks only plans. You can still go AI and go out to dinner once or twice during your stay. Divi and Tam have reciprocity (they are next to each other). They are located in the low-rise section which isn't as crowded as high rise section.

Go to for a sampling of packages.

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Just a word of caution on's windy! When we were there, we felt sand blasted. And I don't think it was just that time or year. Check out the trees and bushes. They are growing at a 90 degree angle from the constant wind blowing strong.

I'd suggest checking out the British Virgin islands or Anguilla instead.
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I hae to disagree w/ the "sandblasted" comment. It is so hot in Aruba year round & we would have melted if not for the slight breeze.
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dear sks - thank you for the great idea. you have changed my mind - we are not going to do AI - and are bringing a cooler - we will also check out the drinks only progam. We appreciate your candor and expertise! cheers. bt
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We stayed at the Bucuti and just loved it. We had one of the rooms right on the beach. Although not AI, honestly I think we made out much better for it not being AI. We got to try out several wonderful restaurants and do other things. I think you will really enjoy it!

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Good choice bt! But now you have the tough job of figuring out which restaurants to go to. My husband and I went for our honeymoon and he joked that the hardest part of the trip was spending all day at the beach deciding which restaurant to try for dinner that night and having the concierge at Bucuti make our reservation. I just have to recommend Marandi for dinner. Most romantic atmosphere and best food we had our whole trip. So good we went back a second time and had the best lobster. Have fun!
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