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7 mile beach vs Rum Point vs Cayman Kai - swimming area on beach


Jan 13th, 2014, 10:55 AM
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7 mile beach vs Rum Point vs Cayman Kai - swimming area on beach

We're traveling to Grand Cayman late April with our (then) 20 month old little one. We've stayed pre-baby at Christopher Columbus Condos on 7 mile beach and loved it but I always like to mix things up a bit. I've found some beautiful condos in Phase II over by Cayman Kai.

My concern is the beach/swimming. I want sandy beaches but also with sandy swimming (small area is fine). My husband and I enjoy snorkeling but for the little one, we want calm, clean waters. And a pool.

I've heard Rum Point is calm but water can be stagnant which obviously is no good. I guess we can stay on 7 mile beach again but price wise, rum point and cayman kai seem to afford us a better condo...suggestions?

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Jan 13th, 2014, 04:29 PM
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I am not a fan of the turtle grass in the water around Rum Point. I much prefer 7 mile, have you checked out other places along 7 mile other than Chris. Col.? Try Villas of the Galleon, but Aptil wiill still be a high season figure deal if I remember correctly. Oops no pool..you'll find something though.
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Jan 13th, 2014, 05:23 PM
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Rum Point has a nice sandy beach and decent swimming. Unfortunately, the cruise ship crowds have discovered this. You will find the beach which is relatively small to be congested. On Sundays, the locals use the beach. The North Side and East End have great to snorkel but if you want a sandy beach area the choice of Seven Mile Beach is obvious. The off season for condo rentals usually starts April 15.
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Jan 14th, 2014, 09:22 AM
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I would stick to 7 mile beach. Rum point is far from the main town. I agree the beach is small and gets quite crowded.
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Jan 14th, 2014, 02:34 PM
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we stayed in one of these units for our last night on island. it was very nice. the pool was good. you can walk to kaibo yacht club's 2 restaurants in 2 mins. it is ocean front. you do need a car and it is approx 45 mins drive to georgetown grocery shopping/airport. it is under 5 min drive to rum point. also 2 mins down the road you'll find access to an area known as starfish point which has lots of starfish and gorgeous sunsets.
these are on the other side of kaibo yacht club (closer to starfish point). did not stay in one but we walked over & they looked nice

these condo's are right beside rum point. a short walk down the beach (away from rum point) will give you access to good snorkeling. these are ocean facing too, but i don't think there is a pool. has easy access to the beach bar & beach grill at rum point & the rum point restaurant (which has great food!)

we spent 2 delightful weeks in a house called thatch hill which is just down the road from rum point. has a pool, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, good sized enclosed, covered porch. also ocean facing.
if you search thatch hill you'll find a lot of other sites showing this house.

the stagnant water you've heard about is the bay facing water. if you look at a map of the area you'll see that many of the rental houses face the stagnant water - i would not like to swim in it either - boats are using these waterways too so...
rum pt is on the map where it says cayman kai. kaibo yacht club is all the way down water cay road where it turns right. lots of houses are on the first section of water cay road as well as on sand pointe road and finger cay road & most of them face the narrow waterway
hope this helps 8-)
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Jan 15th, 2014, 10:35 AM
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Here is my take on the whole Rum Point/7MB deal.

First of all, there is a very good reason why the condos are cheaper on the east end. The beaches don't compare to 7MB. They are small, and in the case of Rum Point, way over-crowded. If Rum Point wasn't so over packed with people, had a better beach, and actually allowed you to bring your own water, then maybe I'd take a 2nd look. Sorry, but Rum Point is a tourist trap, and is big time over-rated. Too bad, it's a nice setting, but maybe for 1/10 of the people who actually show up. Being forced to buy their water from the bar is a joke....I honestly have never been to a beach that doesn't allow you to bring water.....never again.

You have been to 7MB, and you liked it. I wouldn't give this a second thought. 7MB has everything you need from calm waters, tons of condo choices, all the activities you need, restaurants, etc. Why go to a spot that has a tiny beach, way over-crowded, and forcing you to buy over-priced drinks? For what you want and need....stay with 7MB, you be happy you did.

I understand some people like the Rum Point area....I just have yet to figure out why....yuck!!
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Jan 15th, 2014, 11:12 AM
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I'm with you Bassguy..Rum Point years ago was a place to go, kick back and have a great burger and rum punch but not any more. 1st someone started a ferry, then overdeveloped the area, tried to dulicate the bar after a fire and the prices shot up!! Never again.7 mile is the place to go when on Cayman!!! Yuck is right!!!
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Jan 15th, 2014, 07:44 PM
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Rum Point is a general location, with the private Rum Point Club being referenced by many posters here as the "tourist trap" or "packed with people". There are no rental or living quarters there.

Many of the folks who enjoy "Rum Point" as a stay-over destination actually like to get away from the crowds and tourist trappings of Seven Mile Beach and thus choose Rum Point for its scenic beauty and tranquility.

My general take is that Rum Point vacation rentals are more for the self-catering type that does not need to be pampered, where watching the sunset is considered evening entertainment, can do without eating at a different fru-fru restaurant every night (or Burger King for that matter), does not need to keep up with the latest American Idol episode and can do without having many "neighbors" around them on the beach.

That stated, the beach and swimming immediately off the Kaibo Phase I&II condos is not somewhere I would want to regularly sun or swim ("imported" sand, murky water, thick grass laden and squishy "mud" bottom)
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Jan 16th, 2014, 01:34 PM
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The above last paragraph would say it all for me...Stick to 7 mile!!! the sunsets there are awesome also!!
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Jan 16th, 2014, 02:44 PM
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as a different perspective - i would not like to stay on/near 7 mile beach at all. in fact we only went over twice. we felt it was crowded, way to much traffic and way to busy.
we loved where we stayed! if i go back i will stay on the north side again.
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Jan 16th, 2014, 04:13 PM
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Different strokes for different folks..with a 20 mo. old I still would go to 7 Mile!!
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Jan 16th, 2014, 05:56 PM
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People enjoy different things on vacation. One of the pleasures of traveling is going to good restaurants. Because someone enjoys eating well has nothing to do with watching American Idol, probably the opposite is true. Most Cayman restaurants are not overly elaborate or heavily oriented, just good food and service.
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Feb 21st, 2014, 10:22 AM
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Rum Point is a wonderful spot-- NO FERRY anymore; but it is not the only spot with a nice beach. Many people forget that all beaches in Cayman are public. The beach area near the Kaibo is dodgey...soft bottom and grassy. Stay on the northern part of the peninsula for best beaches.
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Feb 22nd, 2014, 04:55 PM
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We have only ever stayed on 7 MB, Plantana or Avalon. Love to day trip to Rum Point but not sure how we would fare for a week there. Gorcery and resturants are so close on 7 MB we like the conveinece.
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