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Which direction is nicer? Driving in or out of Yoho through Glacier/Revelstoke?


Sep 19th, 2003, 02:53 AM
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Which direction is nicer? Driving in or out of Yoho through Glacier/Revelstoke?

Having a tough time figuring out which way to approach & leave the Rockies from Calif.
*Thought* we had it settled...
then, spent a lot of time tonight debating again. :-\

First thing that would help is:
Which way do you think the scenery is more striking, as far as the Transcanada 1 goes? Do you like driving East on it, or West on it...Revelstoke through Glacier to Yoho...or, the other way around?

We think we may drive one way via Cranbrook & Kootenay Nat'l Park. The other direction (whichever one you all recommend)...we'll go through Revelstoke...and then? Who knows? Debated about down through Nelson...
seems like that could be take a *lot* of time, but be scenic. Other choices are...through the Wine Country.
Or...further west, & cut down through Seattle (or up)...again, depending on *which* way you seasoned drivers recommend for the Transcanada 1...as far as around Revelstoke/Glacier goes! (or any roads you'd like to share preferences for) Thanks for your guidance!! We could sure use it as we got more than a bit 'burnt out' tonight trying to make a plan. We need to decide very soon, due to lodging needing to be booked. Time period wise?
We'd be driving the area from the end of Sept. to Oct. 10. Thank you!
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Sep 19th, 2003, 08:29 AM
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As an (amateur) photographer, for the best "views", I would say to drive whichever way that suits your plans best, as long as the light (sun) is behind you !!
Seriously though, either way is great. The only advantage of "east to west" is that as you arrive at Roger's Pass Summit, the Illiciliwaet Glacier (I think that's spelled wrong??) is in front of you.
We drove both ways just last month - aha - just thought of another reason to drive east to west - the little museum and gift shops at Roger's Pass Summit are on the right hand side of the highway (easier access).
Anyway, while we were in Revelstoke, we stopped for the night at a cute little B&B Inn called Wintergreen Inn. It has about 10 rooms, all individually decorated. It was very clean and comfy, and the breakfasts were tasty, and served in the dining room whenever you get there (you don't have to "reserve a time" the night before). The nicest room seems to be "The Columbia" (we stayed in "The Garden Room" which was spacious and decorated with plants and wicker, and had a big bathroom, and then on our way back from the coast we stayed in "The Summit" which was smaller with just a shower in the bathroom but very comfy.). Our only problem in Revelstoke was that we had trouble finding a good restaurant for dinner in the evening - everything seemed to close very early.
You must be getting excited with your trip coming up so soon!!
Good luck with the planning.
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Sep 19th, 2003, 06:26 PM
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Thanks, Borealis! It's great to have your input & recent experience, too, with driving this section of the road. Now, we just have to decide whether to attempt to cut down near Revelstoke, past those lakes & Nelson...maybe overnight there, before hitting Portland the next night & then, home. OR....should we stay on 1 & cut down instead through the "wine country" area...passing through Kelowna, etc.? Not sure.
Seems like that route would look more like Napa Valley, Calif...
wonder if the Nelson/Kootenays would be more unique? (but *much* slower, it seems?)
Thanks again for your advice...and yes, we *are* getting truly excited, as it looks like this trip is going to become a reality, soon!
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Sep 19th, 2003, 11:43 PM
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Hello again Rosemary,
I'm looking at a map while I write this!! There are so many routes that you could take. Decisions! Decisions!!
Here's the thing - some of the "minor" highways are narrow and winding and will take you much longer to drive than the distances by themselves would indicate.
We have never traveled highway 23 south of Revelstoke. It's probably a very scenic drive, but I'm not sure about the condition of the road.
It has been quite a few years since we last drove through Kootenay National Park to Radium Hot Springs, Kimberley, Cranbrook etc. to Creston (just north of Idaho). It's interesting country and very scenic in places, but a long drive. Radium Hot Springs, Fairmont Hot Springs and Invermere are touristy places, especially in summer (golfing, the hot springs) and winter (for skiers). If you are not in a rush, and have time to stop over in some of the towns and points of interest, it might be worthwhile.

Personally I like the Okanagan region. The lake is beautiful, and there is some lovely scenery along that route. It's amazing that in a province that's mostly green and lush, there's this whole central area that is very dry, the hills are golden in color, and the farther south you go the drier it gets.
At the beginning of October there is a wine festival (see http://www.owfs.com/ for details), of course not nearly as "big" as Napa Valley, but lots of good white wines and some nice reds.
Kelowna is the biggest city in that area, that's where there was a forest fire at the end of August, there are quite a few resorts on the lake (and golf courses).
Penticton is further south and is nicely situated between two lakes (Okanagan and Skaha, which has a nice beach).
Osoyoos is right on the border with Washington, and is actually in a desert area.
But if you are hurrying back home, the fastest route would be highway 1 to Kamloops, and then the Coquihalla (toll) highway to Hope, southwest to Abbotsford and into Washington.

I hope that some of this helps. Maybe someone else out there in "Fodorland" could give you their perspective??
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Sep 22nd, 2003, 01:08 PM
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I don't think the route Yoho to Revelstoke will leave you disappointed regardless of which way you go.
I have driven it both ways and have no preference.
The detour by the Okanagen and towns like Kelowna and Vernon is pretty.
If you are headed west, turn south in Revelstoke and drive along the Columbia to where the route turns west over the mountains to the Okanagen Valley.
That is a little more scenic than the alternative, but takes a little more time. Depending where you go you may have to cross on a ferry.
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Sep 23rd, 2003, 01:55 AM
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Thank you *so* much for the additional ideas...they sound terrific & I can't wait 'til our trip. It's long overdue! Appreciate it, Rosemary
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