Travel time in Newfoundland


Jan 28th, 2009, 01:24 PM
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Travel time in Newfoundland

After having our whole 2 week trip planned to NL for last summer and having to cancel because of DH surgery, I'm starting again. This time, 6 adult friends are joining us because they heard how wonderful NL is.

We had originally planned to go across the province, but now I'm starting to rethink it.

Please tell me your thoughts.

St John's late night arrival 3 nights
260 miles to Twillingate 3 nights
250 miles to Rocky Harbour 4 nights
380 miles to Bonavista 3 nights
180 miles to Witless Bay 2 nights
20 miles to St John's 1 night

It seems like a lot of driving. We like to walk/hike and poke around areas (not shop!) Gros Mourne sounds so wonderful, but is it really pushing it?

Am I right in thinking driving on Rt 1 may average 50 MPH? Of course, we'd probably make stops along the way, but I'm figuring driving time. So thinking 5, 5 ,8,3 hours between towns.

I know folks may say we have to come back and hopefully we will....
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Jan 28th, 2009, 04:56 PM
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I would think this sounds reasonable, unless you really hate highway driving. The Rocky Harbour-Bonavista day is the only looong drive.
You can easily do 55-60 on the TCH (Rte 1), as it goes through very few communities. The speed limit is 100 km almost everywhere on the TCH. Once you leave it (to branch off for Bonavista or Twillingate) your speed will drop drastically. However, a chance to drive through the tiny villages, and along the seacoast, is one of the main reasons to come here.
These are all great places for walking/hiking, and I assume you'll arrange a boat tour in the Witless Bay area. The summer theatre in Trinity (near Bonavista) is worth a look.
And, for the love of heaven (and your pocketbook), don't come here to shop!! Those of us who live here--and love it -- still LEAVE here to shop.
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Jan 29th, 2009, 02:49 PM
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Hi Clousie,

Wow! It's a lot of driving but certainly possible. And there'll be lots to see and do, including beautiful walks, in all the areas you've chosen. I particularly like the Skerwink Trail near Trinity as well as a (moderate) section of the East Coast Trail near Witless Bay. I'd also second nfldbeothuck's suggestion for the summer theatre in Trinity ... fabulous!. You may also want to consider staying in Trinity ... lots of nice B& B's and it's a gorgeous community. The boat trip in Witless Bay is also great.

The only thing I might change is the amount of time you've chosen to stay in Twillingate. I think 2 nights is enough especially given that you want to include Gros Morne. The driving times you've estimated are reasonable.

I love Gros Morne, Lanse aux Meadows and other places along the Northern Peninsula. It's beautiful ... different from the rest of the island. However I think this area deserves a separate trip. Perhaps you might want to consider the west coast for a return visit. There'll be so many things you'll enjoy doing in the other areas and you won't feel rushed.
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Jan 30th, 2009, 01:55 PM
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Thanks for the comments/suggestions. As you both mentioned, we really do hope to spend time in small villages, soaking in the scenery and doing lots of walks along the coast. We like to savor our time, take time to relax, but still see the main sights.

While staying in Twillingate area, I thought of going over to Fogo Island for a day to walk and enjoy scenery. Any thoughts on this idea?

Before I wrote this reply there were 3 replies listed. Did a third person post and it not show up? Maybe it's just a "Fodor's thing."
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Feb 1st, 2009, 09:02 AM
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Hi Clousie,

Yes I've noticed the discrepancy in posting numbers too on occasion ... not sure why.

I think Fogo Island will be a lovely day trip. It's been receiving a lot of attention lately with BIG plans to promote and revitalize its culture and traditions. It'll probably take a couple of hours to drive and get onto the island from Twillingate and as there are 11 small communities it'll take all of your day to explore. Be sure you know the ferry schedule particularly when the last one leaves to return to Farewell!

Another beautiful community is Change Islands which attracts a lot of artists 'from away'. This may be easier to explore than Fogo Island and just as lovely. You take the ferry from Farewell to access Change Islands too. However that's another day trip!

About 20 minutes prior to arriving in Twillingate you'll see route 345 on your left. This leads to a gorgeous area, more than worth a visit if you enjoy unspoiled scenery along the ocean. The tiny historic communities of Moreton's Harbour and Tizzards Harbour are about a 20 minute drive along route 345. Moreton's Harbour also has a small museum. Visit Taylor's Room to your left as you enter and see lovely ocean views from the hill. Tizzard's Harbour, a liitle further along, is an undiscovered gem and particularly pretty. You can easily spend a relaxing morning here in these two communities while based in Twillingate ... perhaps taking along a picnic lunch and enjoying lovely walks.

Lots of choices ... Hope this helps.
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