Niagra Falls to Quebec? Suggestions?

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Niagra Falls to Quebec? Suggestions?

This is our first trip to Cannada. Tentative reservations at Niagra Falls, Marriot Hotel on the first night. Our trip is for 12 days starting Nov 13. Planning to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal...debating if trip to Quebec should be made, or spend more time in the other cities? Any suggestions on how many days to spend in each city, what is a must do and see, great places to stay and eat?
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How are you travelling, by car, train, flying? That will affect how far you want to travel. Also, when you say quebec are you talking about the city or the province? Anyway, here is my reco:

Spend a minimum amount of time at the falls, I usually find 1/2 a day enough, then head through Niagara on the Lake as you make your way to Toronto. consider having lunch at the Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake - great pub, beautiful town. Plus at this time of year they will be playing Christmas music in the streets. For Toronto the critical sites to see are: Chinatown (Spadina & Dundas), the Beaches (Queen street east of Woodbine, plan to go for a coffe and poke in neat shops); the Danforth (especially at night - great Greek restuarants); Harbourfront (for the lake front, bundle up though); you can even consider Toronto Island (catch the ferry to Wards Island at the bottom of Bay Street); Yorkville & Hazelton Lanes (some of the most expensive shopping in Toronto, great place to watch people); Queen St W (just east of Spadina; the funkiest in shopping and restuarants).

Lastly, I do recommend some part of your trip be spent in the province of Quebec. It is a whole new experience - a part of Europe in Canada. The cultural experience is well worth it. Ottawa is a very nice city, parliment buildings are very interestiing, but if you had to chose between Ottawa and the province of Quebec, I would chose Quebec.

Please feel free to e-mail me with more specific questions. Good luck. And if you are coming from somewhere that is not as cold as Toronto - bring lots of warm clothes - dress in layers, as you will be going in and out a lot and need to adjust easily.
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Thanks for your suggestions! We are driving all the way...coming from Hawaii. We'll be sure to bundle up as much as possible, currently it is mid 80's F. I've been reading that South Landing Inn is a great place to stay (considering instead of Marriott), but could not find a email address. Would you know? Also, what is your recommendation in currency exchange--possible to convert US dollars at each location, or should we purchase Canadian dollars ahead of time? Aloha for your response!
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Personally I agree with the 1/2 day comment on the Falls (too touristy although everyone should see it who visits Canada). Try to spend your time at Niagara on the Lake (expensive but lovely). Try to tour the wineries, most are near each other just outside of Niagara on the Lake. I recommend "On The Twenty" (restaurant) in Jordan if you want an AMAZING (also expensive) meal - their menu includes local produce. I also love The Prince of Wales Hotel for a good meal.
Toronto can be kept to a minimum! Make sure you visit Ottawa the capital of Canada. Lots of good restaurants -- stroll the Market, the canal (a skating rink in winter), visit the Parliament Buildings, see the museums. Ottawa is a very beautiful and historic city. Make sure to visit Montreal also very beautiful and cosmopolitan, last but certainly NOT least...visit Quebec City!! Quebec City is spectacular! All of these cities are very different and give you a real smattering of what Ontario and Quebec are like.
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Brian Kilgore
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American money is accepted at most restaurants and major stores, and you'll get about $1.40 -1.50 for each US dollar. If you use a bank card on the Cirrus or Plus network, just use that card in Canada and withdraw Canadian money right from your US bank account, at good exchange rates. Drive in a circle, Niagara to Toronto to Montreal along the St. Lawrence, stopping in Kingston for a while, and then back to Ottawa and, if necessary, return to Toronto.

Think of Quebec City as two-three days. One from Montreal to Quebec City, with evening in QC. Most of a day in QC, then leave for Montreal is mid-afternoon.
Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake is one day. Toronto is three days. Toronto-Kingston - Montreal is a long day. Montreal is three days. Quebec City is two days, Montreal to Ottawa and a day in Ottawa is two days. Ottawa to Toronto is a day. A day in Toronto at the end is one day. Therefore, skip Quebec City, which, unless you really care about history, is just a bigger version of the Old Montreal neighborhood in Montreal.

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