Niagara Falls Canadian Charges

Jul 24th, 2006, 12:10 PM
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Niagara Falls Canadian Charges

hi! we are going to canada for the first time and i have spent hours online trying to "shop" hotels, attractions, etc. the days inn in welland looks nice like good quality for the money. hope they have a shuttle into the falls area.
my question: the various websites keep saying that the prices do not include canadian taxes, charges, fees, etc. other sites have had reviews of people complaining about the "final cost after all the charges, taxes, and fees". i am feeling confused on how to figure our finances.
can anyone help me? thank you!!
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Jul 24th, 2006, 01:09 PM
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The GST & PST combined is about 15% of the price. For hotels, rental cars, etc., there are other add-on charges that vary.

For hotels, you can get a refund of one or both of the taxes - just make sure to get your receipts stamped at customs. You can get refunded for purchases (souvenirs, gifts) depending on the amount of the receipt - in this instance, it's better to buy all your gifts in one store at one time. If I can find the link to the refund process, I'll post it for you.
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Jul 24th, 2006, 01:19 PM
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My friends stayed in Welland and said it was confusing getting to the Hotel as they had to go through a tunnel and locks. Not sure what they mean by that making it complicated.

As for fees I think they mean taxes and any charges ie. for movies rentals, phone calls, etc. Here is some of the tax rates: GST is 6%

The general retail sales tax rate (RST) is 8%.

The other RST rates for certain goods and services are:
accommodation for a period of less than one month - 5%
admissions of more than $4 to places of amusement - 10%
alcoholic beverages sold through licensed establishments - 10%
alcoholic beverages sold through retail stores - 12%
alcoholic beverages taken from your inventory for your own use or provided free of charge - 12%
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Jul 24th, 2006, 01:20 PM
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Here is the link for the refund process on the PST (Provincial Sales Tax):

On that first page is a link for the GST refund process.
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Jul 24th, 2006, 04:30 PM
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GST = (goods and services tax is 6%
PST = Provincial sales tax is 8%

The second poster would have been correct up to awhile ago but just recently the GST has recently been reduced to 6% from 7%.
The following is from a government website for visitors:

As a visitor you will be charged:
GST -- the federal Goods and Services Tax of 6 %. This is a value-added consumption tax that applies to most goods, purchased gifts, food/beverages, and services, including most hotel and motel accommodation.
PST -- the Ontario provincial sales tax of 8% on any goods you buy, but not on services or accommodation.
Room Tax -- a 5% provincial tax (in place of PST) on most tourist accommodation charges, as well as the 6% GST.
Food Service -- In restaurants, 6% GST and 8% PST will be added to the food portion of your final bill, as well as . . .
Liquor Service -- a provincial tax on alcoholic beverages (10%, in addition to the 6% GST).

Now as for your hotel choice:

I drive students to Welland from Niagara Falls and back each school day. The drive takes about 20 - 25 minutes each way. There are several ways to get to Welland and you must cross the Welland Canal in order to get there. This involves crossing a lift bridge at Allanburg or going through one of the tunnels.The lift bridge is busy this time of year and the wait has been anywhere from a few minutes to 45 minutes for me recently depending on the ships etc.
It's not confusing if you have a decent map.
I am not sure if the Days Inn Welland has a shuttle but even if it does you really don't have to stay so far away. Welland has really nothing to attract people (sorry Welland) so if Niagara Falls is where you want to be you may be frustrated by the drive there and back each day. There are cheap hotels just on the fringes of Niagara Falls or along Lundy's Lane that are served by the hotel shuttle bus or local bus service.
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Jul 24th, 2006, 06:48 PM
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Wow! thanks for that information! that is exactly what i needed. makes more sense and i've noted it to help me while we are there anticipate cost. thanks so much!!

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Jul 25th, 2006, 06:21 AM
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thanks for the heads up about drive from welland to niagara. ugh. oh well. will have to deal with that. any advice to make it smoother and faster? more direct? any advice to avoid the confusion of the locke or how to avoid long waits? i would greatly appreciate any advice!!! Thanx
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