Elevations in the Rockies

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Elevations in the Rockies

Is there much of a difference in elevation among Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise and Jasper? Are these a concern for people with high blood pressure?
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Bob Brown
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I think this is a question for your physician; not for a bunch of lay folks like myself. How the heck should I know?

I am on blood pressure medicine and I have no concerns. But, I feel that way because I visited my cardiologist and got her analysis.

I think it depends on how high is high and what you are taking. My cardiologist told me to take my medicine and get moving for exercise.

But, notice, I am following my cardiologist's directions. And she did a complete stress echo electro cardiagram before she said anything!!
She watched the images pulsate with my heart rate around 150 on a treadmill with me hooked up like an astronaut, and then ran a computer analysis on the whole set of figures. Then she gave me her best judgment after studying the facts.

Of the four places, Lake Louise is the highest.
But unless you walk along the trail toward the glacier that forms the backdrop for the lake, you will not have any serious elevation gain.
Lake Louise itself is about 5700 feet.
The tea house toward the end of the trail is 2100 meters, or 6890 feet

Jasper itself is about 1200 meters or about 4000 feet. The Whistlers gets on up there a little, at 8100 feet.
Banff, as near as I can find, is about 4700 feet.
It is more of an exertion question than one of altitude. Below 7,000 feet thin air problems don't usually materialize unless you really tackle a steep slope.
But, on the other hand, my cousin bombed out on a little hill at 4,500 feet because she is not a very fit person.
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Thanks for the figures. My husband's doctor has given no definitive answer other than to say, if I remember correctly, flying in a pressurized airliner cabin is equivalent to about 6000 ft and that "should" be ok. So I just began to wonder if we should choose one of those towns over another based on elevation.
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Bob Brown
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It depends on how much exerting you plan on doing. I quit when I am gasping too hard for breath, or the slope is so steep my legs are not equal to the task.

A second opinion might be in order. I had similar questions, but I am not sure my general care physician could have answered it. Therefore I consulted a cardiologist and asked her point blank: "How hard can I push myself." No one knows for sure without measuring what the heart and blood vessels do under stress.
Those kinds of questions led to the power treadmill test battery.
After the examination, I felt confident that I knew my limits.

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We've had differing and vague answers from doctors. But when one initially said flying might be iffy, I wondered about altitudes in general. My blood pressure is low-low so this is all a new subject for me. Anyway he won't be doing any serious hiking so that shouldn't be an issue. I think I can quit worrying.
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Bob Brown
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I was initially put on blood pressure medicine by a general care physician.
After my examination by the cardiologist, she told me that the dosage I had been taking was not correct!
I have learned a few other things, too, about colon cancer. But this is a travel forum. Just suffice it to say that my surgeon told me that a flexible sigmoidoscope was not an adquate screening tool!!
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I won't even ask. Happy hiking
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