Confusion regarding Jasper

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Hi Sheri - glad I could be of help - I recently sent off a bunch of maps and accomodation guides to a friend in Melbourne. Whenever I travel now, I stop at AAA and get their maps and trip ticks as they show every road and also have other tips for travellers.

Again, feel free to email me with any other questions.

Cheers - Denise
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Miette is about 30 miles east of Jasper townsite on Highway 16 (the Yellowhead).
Then about ten miles up a pretty good ,but narrow and winding, road to the hot springs. There is an outdoor pool complex there. You can park here, then walk down the hill to the old pool. From there you can hike back in along the miette river canyon. It is not one of the better known trails and isn't as spectacular as some, but its charmong and less crowded. The road I was refering to out of Banff is just the old highway. It runs on the other side of the river from th trans-Canada. The road has narrow shoulders but is extremely driveable, although the speed limit is only 80k(50mph). It's not the way to go if you want to make time, but it is easier on the nerves and much more scenic.(Also it is closed to semi's) The only reason I mentioned it is that is the recommended route for cyclists and is usually free of tourists stopping every 50 feet to see the elk or bears. There are some pullouts along the way. Also a good place to stop on the drive north to Jasper, is the Bow summit. It is north of Lake Louise on the Jasper Banff Parkway. There is a short self guided tour showing the difference in the vegetation at the tree line on a mountain. For first timers this can be an easy and pleasant little hike to break up the drive.
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I checked the map rather than relying on my memory. The back road is highway 1A and you pick it up just west of Banff.
For the record, ignore Al's remarks about the parks. He is right about it being pricey, at least by local standards. Many Albertans avoid the parks because of the prices, but by international standards of resort areas in U.S. currency, its about on par. Canmore is an alternative and used extensively by locals, but for a new visitor, the National parks present a lot of simple options and alternatives. I have found that the cost of things in Jasper are less than Al has suggested. There are several nice cafe's in Jasper that offer good fare at reasonable prices. the thing to remember is Jasper has a short tourist season and has to make it up in the time available. Waterton is a beautiful park, as Al suggests, but so is Jasper. I don't get why some people are so negative. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Post again if you have any more questions.
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Forgive me fore sending three postings in a row, but I keep rereading all your postings and have some other comments. Don't worry about the mountain driving. The roads you will be on are not very windy, there are no hairpin turns, there are no cliffs or driving on the edge. Once you have driven here, you will wonder whar you were worried about.
By the way, what did the grandchildren think about the mountain biking on trails.
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Bob Brown
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I think Mr. Godon is full of mud.
The town of Jasper is a residential and business center within Jasper National Park. It provides the services that most of us need to enjoy the national park. Unlike American national parks, where some concessioners have a divine right to gouge the public (spelled AMFACS), the Canadian park system allows private enterprise to exist within the park boundaries. Some of the hotels in Jasper are quite expensive, but accommodations in private homes are available at generally lower prices.

There are some exceptions to my statement above about accommodations.
Emerald Lake Lodge and Lake O'Hara Lodge in Yoho seem to have hereditary rights.
But the situation is much more competitive in Banff, Jasper, and Yoho parks than is the situation in Yellowstone where AMFACS has a license to profer services with the same divine right basis as the Kings of France -- at least until 1789!!

I think the route described that runs in concert with the Trans Canada in Banff NP is the Bow Valley Parkway. It extends from a few K west of Banff to Lake Louise village. Obviously, it stretches along the Bow River.
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There's a website where people post up their travelogues of their vacations. One woman (named Sharrie) put up a travelogue of her vacation spent in the Rockies and the surrounding area. She has tons of photos. This might give you a realistic idea of the area (except for the pictures with snow - there won't be snow in July)

(Sharrie's website)

Another travelogue of the Rockies:

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Dear Friends: I am printing out this page, of course, because of all the great advice all of you congenial, dependable, admirable travelers have given. Just like the ad for American Express says..."I won't leave home without it"!
Randy...I didn't mention the mountain biking to my grandsons yet because where we will be staying in Jasper is the Pyramid Lake Resort. The owner said they have bikes to rent right there. I am very happy with what I have reserved there and the price is extremely adequate for an Executive Lodge that will sleep 8 (for the six of us). It has two bathrooms and a full kitchen..fireplace, etc. for $325CAN a night. Where can you sleep 6 people for that price and get two bathrooms too? I understand they remodeled this establishment and people who live in that area have told me it is really nice. I'm only sorry that we will only be staying for one night in Jasper, but I had to made the trip only 8 days long because of so many people traveling and everyone's commitments. I'm sure we will all wish we could stay there longer. Bob...thank you again for all of your wonderful help. I'm sorry you were so disappointed in Yellowstone. May you always have wonderful journeys to write about in your future. Robyn...I will certainly look up Sharrie's Web site as you suggested. Thanks again everyone...Happy Journeys!
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Island Girl
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I agree and disagree with so many points in this post that I won't even get started! The only 2 things I will say are: the mountain parks are a privilege, not a right, and Canada needs to continue to take the steps necessary to save the animals and their habitats in those parks. Those are the top priorities, in my mind, not whether or not you can buy Tommy Hilfiger. The second thing I will say is: for that price I hope your room in Jasper is excellent! Oh, to have American dollars to exchange! Sigh!

Just teasing you Sheri, and have a great trip!
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Bob Brown
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Let me just say one or two sentences in amplification of my comment about AMFACS, the concessioner in Yellowstone.

My comments about the quality of lodgings provided by AMFACS relative to the dollars charged have nothing to do with my love of Yellowstone.

Those are two totally different issues.
Yellowstone is a natural wonder that fascinates me every time I go there.

But I reached a limit with my tolerance of the prices AMFACS charges relative to the value received.

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