Calgary for 2 days


Dec 31st, 2017, 03:15 PM
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Calgary for 2 days


I'm in Calgary for a Sat night, Sunday and Monday morning this January and could use some suggestions on where to go.

I'm going solo as a single 40's male, wouldn't mind a couple fun bars, good food with good wine list suggestions please. Definitely looking for a breakfast spot too, I always love a good diner.

And of course perhaps a good museum or must see anything. I do have a car and don't mind driving.

Thanks for your help
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Dec 31st, 2017, 08:14 PM
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If you have nice weather, then I'd suggest you spend Sunday in Banff National Park. This is about an hour's drive from Calgary and the winter scenery will be absolutely magnificent. Spend the day in and around Banff. Sunday brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel is wonderful, with terrific views and a historic setting. Perhaps a dip in nearby Sulphur Mountain Hot Springs -- nothing like sitting in hot water in a gorgeous valley of snow-capped peaks. Nice place for dinner is a pub in nearby Canmore. The Grizzly Paw is a microbrewery and has some good food.

Friday night in Calgary I'd explore the downtown area, perhaps with a nice steak dinner at SALT. Alberta beef is among the best in the world. Monday morning you might want to visit Calgary Olympic Park. Another option is the Glenbow Museum in downtown.

I'm not big into night life, but there are many hot restaurants and bars just south of downtown on 17th. Regarding wines, BC's Okanogan Valley is Canada's premier wine growing area. Try something grown there.

And remember to pack warm clothes. It gets pretty chilly in Alberta during the winter.
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Jan 4th, 2018, 02:45 PM
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One of my favourite breakfast restaurants is 1886 Buffalo Cafe ( It only does breakfast. It is very popular with runners after their run, so there may be a lineup, especially if the weather is mild. Head down to the basement if you want to view some historical photos, artifacts.

I think DrFumbleFinger means Saltlik Steakhouse ( which I do recommend. There's no restaurant called SALT in Calgary.

Not really into the bar scene, so can't make any personal recommendations for those.
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