9 days in Montreal/Quebec

Jul 25th, 2005, 06:52 AM
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9 days in Montreal/Quebec

We are 2 adults w/ 2 children (14 & 11) we are flying into Montreal on the 2nd week of August. We will spend 2 nights there and then drive over to Quebec for 2 or 3 nights.
We enjoy bike riding, hiking and horseback riding as much as strolling through old Quebec. Any recommendations on "must see" sights in that general Montreal/Quebec area?
Any routes to travel, small towns to visit, or events to see is greatly appreciated.
Pete & Wendy
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Jul 26th, 2005, 05:31 PM
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I just got back from both places with 2 girls 14 and 17 and my wife. Montreal= (3 nights for us) The kids were quite tuned in to the subway experience so buy the 3 day tourist pass if they never did the subway before. And it is a great way to get a round. Go to the Mountain top they were in awe of the Chalet size. We climbed to the cross the hard way from Mont Royal Street area after catching 10 minutes of the Tam Jam hippy thing. They liked the climb. And then came down the steps that are torn out - DO NOT GO DOWN LIKEWISE - at your own risk! They did not care for the tretcherous desent. It is a long walk otherwise. They found the Lock operation facinating in the port. They also really like the Shed 16 Labrynth on Clock tower pier. I did not get into like they did. Walking through the neighborhoods (beside old town) was quite interesting like when going to and from the Mountain. They did not connect with China town walk though. They did not connect with the street performers like I thought they would. Old town is lively to 1:00 am or so but not until 11am or so. Simply walking through it frequently is enough. Such as in the evinings after dark. That is why I Housed where I did. (we housed on Saint Paul so I could frequently walk/watch) The kids are too young to appreachiate the nostalgic "stuff" but even so it was ok/cool for them. The Bacilica was so so OK but visulally grand. IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE TAKE THEM TO LARONDE via subway AND GET SEATS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL FIRE WORKS COMPETITION. IF IT IS STILL GOING ON. kids and amusement parks need no comment. Words can not describe the fire works that I witnessed put on by the Chech Republic. Did I say words cannot describe? Do the wooden roller coaster Monstere as a family, very cool!
Quebec City = Enter the City via ferry from Levi for about $9.50, priceless view. But my wife and kids wanted to have a sandwich below decks/DUH! So prime them for what they are about to behold so as not to miss the oportunity. I should have primed in advance. I highly recommend an over night in Tadoussac. On the way there catch Chute MontMorency and Canyon Sainte Ann. (relatively easy 3 1/2 hour or so drive) Sleep over and do a 3 hour Zodiak whale trip or do the Zodiak and then sleep over and then return to Quebec City (check zodiak Times) Priceless experience. Web search and investigate Tadoussac. we also did a 2 hour horse ride at Ranch du Fjord just before ferry to Tadoussac-recommended. But back to Quebec City. I did it in 1 day and 1 afternoon. (2 nights) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE Gite Cote de la Montagne IT IS RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE BREAK NECK STAIRWAY WITH A ROOF TOP PATIO VIEW THAT IS PRICELESS! That being said however my wife and kids were less that captivated by the roof experience as I was. I could relax there forever just looking up at the Chateau. My only regret is that I could have had more time to explore the neighborhoods out side Youville sqare. Do all the interpretation centers, very efficient time and money expenditures. Do the guided Chateau tour. Mind blowing lushness. Find the Subway restaurants and cheap eats right away - not hard/not far. Walking the walled city requires very little time actually unless distracted by every little thing. I read a lot about the "most beautiful villiages in Quebec" but found them not to have warrented my detour, but to each his own. Trip in and out of Montreal can be confusing. I found the non intuitive freeway sytem to throw me for a loop so study well in advance, get current detailed map. I made a round about path comming and leaving. Study research and Plan well before hand as to open hours etc. and you can cram these places in a few days easily. Meaning leaving out what you are not interested in. PS I hauled 4 Bicyles from Wisconsin all over eastern Canada and never found the need for them. Other options were prefered. I gave them away in Tadoussac so I would not have any misshaps on the way home. But if you would like to do the Mountain in Montreal there maye be a bicycle application for a more speedy transport. Since the more direct route stairs have been removed.
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Jul 29th, 2005, 02:12 PM
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Thank you very much!
Do you remember how much the horse back riding cost?
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Aug 8th, 2005, 10:55 AM
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It was $103 and some change. They are hard to e-mail due to language biz. The Check in "hut" is between house and camping area-a bit confusing but easy now to know where to check in. Looked like they are booked so reserve in advance. very good experience other wise
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Aug 8th, 2005, 11:37 AM
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Montreal is a big city so not the best destination for hiking, cycling, etc. Mount Royal Park is a nice oasis in the city, the view from the chalet is the best view there is of the city. Ile St. Helene also has a nice large park for a picnic and a stroll(accessible by subway). Frome Ile St. helene there's also a shuttle to La Ronde, very good amusement park. The aquarium is also there - not the best but not bad either.

There's a really good attraction by the Olympic Stadium called Biodome which has huge indoor exhibits of five very different climatic regions from tropical to antarctic (complete with pengiuns). The botanical gardens are very good, also close to the stadium. There's an elevator ride to the top of the tower at Olympic Stadium which is a must for the view.

There are raft rides through the Lachine Rapids that leave from the harbour, this will be huge fun for the kids. St. Joseph's Oratory is a very worthwhile trip about five miles from downtown (all the tour buses go there if you don't want to try to navigate - besides Montrealers are notoriously terrible drivers). It's the largest religious building in the Americas, really impressive.

Do Old Montreal in late afternoon, that's when the buskers are out in full force which is lots of fun to watch. Great place to stroll around, tons of restaurant options. Also, try rue St. Denis and rue Prince Arthur which are really popular with locals, not as well known by tourists.

If you're kids like football, see if you can get tickets to a Montreal Alouettes home game. They're always sold out but you may have some luck if you try early enough. (Canadian Football has different rules including only three downs which makes it a passing game). The stadium is small by American standards (20,000) but the fans are exhuberant and the location is awesome, sitting on the hill with excellent view of Montreal skyline as dusk turns to night.

Not as familiar with Quebec City, I just remember it as the most beautiful North American city I'd been to.
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Aug 8th, 2005, 01:59 PM
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Hi, I am also researching a trip to Montreal 3rd week in Aug with teenagers. I have been told an absolute must activity is jet boating. My son has already tried this and flipped over it. You get wet so bring a change of clothes but well worth the activity (if you think the kids would like it). Go to "Saute Moutons" website.
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