Feb 9th, 2015, 06:40 PM
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I'm so sorry to hear the fires are still burning!

I find few things more terrifying than forest fires - they are just so out of our control.

I will keep you and your beautiful country in my thoughts.
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Feb 15th, 2015, 09:33 AM
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I am sorry but even though tipping a hotel maid is not required (is there ANYWHERE that it IS "required?") I suspect that person would be appreciative if you left something. Tipping shouldn't be intimidating to anyone, least of all the people who say they NEVER do it or that they think by doing so you are going to change the attitude of an entire country.
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Feb 20th, 2015, 01:18 AM
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Dukey1, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to change your mind on this, as everyone else before me has already said that tipping is not expected (or required)...but...

It's not because we're intimidated (okay, I'm speaking for myself here), it's because:
- it's not the culture
- service staff are paid the going rate (ie. minimum wage or better).

If you get good service in a restaurant or whatever, it's because AU/NZers are nice, and we like to do a good job. The good service is sincere. It's not because a tip is expected.

That's not to say that it never happens, but in many cases it would be for convenience (eg. rounding up if you are paying cash, so you're not carrying change, or getting rid of any change you are clanking around with. I have never in NZ tipped a taxi driver (apart from rounding up) or anyone in a hotel (ever).

Would it be easier for you to understand this cultural difference if you think of the bill in a restaurant or a hotel as 'service included'? Eating out and hotels are reasonably expensive anyway - and the regular wages paid will be part of the reason for this (and that taxes are included). I'm pretty happy to see it stay this way.

Just saw this article in the Daily Fail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/tr...tte-world.html
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Feb 20th, 2015, 01:34 AM
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Maybe knowing that the national minimum wage in 2014 as set by Fair work Australia is $640.90 for 38 hours might help some see why tipping is not the usual thing here.
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Feb 20th, 2015, 11:17 AM
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Never ceases to amaze me that some of the most insistent tippers are the same people who whinge & grizzle about how expensive meals are in Australia.
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Feb 20th, 2015, 03:12 PM
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For a hotel cleaner the minimum wage for 38 hours is $680, this is for Mon to Fri, if they work 2 hours of overtime they get $27 per hour anymore then it goes up to $36 per hour. Similarly Saturday work is $27ph,Sunday $36ph and Public holidays $45ph. so I'm sure the hotel cleaner would appreciate a note of thanks for a job well done rather than being treated as a charity case by leaving $3 on the pillow

FYI Wait staff are paid roughly the same
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Feb 20th, 2015, 06:57 PM
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That's the thing that people who are used to tipping don't seem to get. To me tipping someone is like you are treating them like they are not as good as you, that they are subservient and should be grateful for every little handout they receive. I once tried to explain this in a US Fodors thread and no-one seemed to understand what I was getting at.

In Australia and NZ at least there is no need to tip, they are getting a living wage!!
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Feb 20th, 2015, 09:31 PM
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I get it nelsonian.

It's simply ignorance and arrogance.

Those who insist on following the customs of THEIR country in total disregard of the country they are visiting are the worst kind of visitors IMO.

Sorry Dukey, but insisting to tip in a non-tipping culture is borderline offensive. It's no different than if someone from a non-tipping culture were to visit the US and refuse to tip because it wasn't part of THEIR culture.

When in Rome...

I can only hope that one day the US will pay their service staff what they are worth and forgo this whole insane tipping BS. It's really gotten out of control.
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Feb 20th, 2015, 09:44 PM
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Bravo! Melnq8. Thank you.
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Feb 25th, 2015, 07:57 AM
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Thanks, Mel.

I'm just about to make my first trip to the US and this tipping business freaks me out!

And y'all talk funny!
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Feb 25th, 2015, 04:07 PM
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Margo, I've only been to NYC, up to the Hamptons & WashingtonDC - and I loved it.

The tipping thing is a pain, but nowhere as annoying as the sodding extra tax at the cash register! We don't know what % it is, so that $90 shirt could be $100 or godonlyknowswhat - the only guarantee is that it won't be the price on the swing tag!

Likewise hotels - they add this tax, that tax & the other. God forbid they'd just publish the full cost! Love the mystery hand in my wallet !

That grizzle over - love the place & would go back in a heartbeat & explore more of it.

The "rude New Yorkers" must have all been away - everyone I met was charming & helpful - and a lot of them weren't in positions to be tipped

How long will you be there?
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